Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wishin and Hopin..

As you're reading this I'm either driving home from St. Louis or I'm already home and missing St. Louis. (read about my spontaneous adventure here)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
I interrupt this blog post with an announcement.. The October Blogger Book Club link up will be this Thursday, October 31st. I know it's Halloween, so you can link up on Friday or whenever. It'll stay open for 2 weeks (assuming i can get the linky thing to work this time).

I just finished the book and I loved it!
I also think I might have chosen the book for November already. I'm a little excited because it seems to be a little bit more of what everyone wants to read! (although, i've loved stepping outside my box)
Back to your schedule programming.. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Since I'm a little sad I started thinking of things that make me happy.
The holidays make me happy. October-December are the best months, ever.
Everyone is all full of holiday cheer and there are tons of opportunities to see you families and there's CHRISTMAS MUSIC in every store and on every radio station.
Ah, I'm already cheering up just thinking about it!

Because it is holiday season, it's time to make a Christmas List..
Now, this isn't necessarily my whole list, but here are a few things I'm LOVING right now and wouldn't mind finding under a tree.. I'm just saying.. Hint hint to my family who reads my blog. Hint freakin hint.

Left: Kate Spade mug, because I mean.. duh. 
Right: I love so many of these Society6 iphone cases, but for some super strange reason I love this one the most. I have no idea why and I can't explain it to you, so don't ask!

Left: The mall in my city is currently waiting on the H&M store to open and I want this sweater. Like yesterday.. I really kind of want it in a mustard color, ya know, to pretend I'm fashionable.
Right: I've been looking for a reasonably priced gold watch for forever! Steph posted about one similar to this one and I fell in love! I need it, want it, gotta have it!

Left: I pretty much have to have this pillow cover. Actually, they have some of the best pillow covers ever. I laugh every time I think about having this one on my couch. I'm laughing now.
Right: I need this because I am such a Harry Potter nerd.

That brings us right into tomorrow's post!
Tomorrow I'll be joining some lovely ladies and we'll all be posting about Harry Potter.
Because.. duh.

Here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's post..


  1. I love that iPhone case too- just something about it! And the Kate Spade mug is already on my wish list :)

  2. I love that mug and iphone case! I've gotten a lot of cases through Society6 and it's amazing!

  3. Now I'm singing the song from My Best Friend's Wedding heheheheh

  4. My dad has been listening to Christmas music since August! I am soooo ready. & It's never too early to start your christmas list! That pillow is soooo cute, I've been eyeing that as well! :)

  5. That sweater is gorgeous! I have been really into red lately, and I think I need that sweater in my life!

  6. Iphone case is so beautiful love it!

    Also that sweater is lovely and I might have to pop down to my local H&M (too close to my house less than 5 min drive) and have a look at this see what colours I can get to brighten up my wardrobe!

    Excited for Harry Potter link up as it's a total favourite of mine!

  7. want that pillow. and all of the christmas music :)

  8. Christmas lists yay! They make me happy too haha :)

  9. Oh gosh. This post just made me realize I need to get a Christmas list started so I can actually give people a chance to shop for me before the month of December for once! That mug is fabulous...makes me wish I liked coffee!

    I'm glad you mentioned you liked the October book club book...I'm struggling to get into it but am trying my best so that I can link up on Thursday. And I cannot wait for November's book to be announced! I'm just loving this book club. Thanks for putting it all together!


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