Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thirty before Thirty

As I previously mentioned last week, I've been working on a list.

I love lists with all my heart. If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time now, you've probably figured this out. Sorry I'm not sorry.

This is a special list though. I've been thinking about it for a long time. At first I wasn't even sure I was going to share it with anyone, but I figured why not?! This is my list of 30 things I want to do before my 30th birthday.

I'll be 30 in January 2020 and between now (October 2013) and then, I want to do as many of these as I possibly can. Without further ado... My 30 before 30.

  1. Get my college degree.
  2. Find my forever man and get married.
  3. Become a Mom. (puppy mom or the real deal)
  4. Purchase my first home.
  5. Go to Comic Con San Diego with my mom.
  6. Visit Inn BoonsBoro. (it's a Nora Roberts thing)
  7. Write a book (even if no one reads it)
  8. Girls only vacation with my mom and my sister.
  9. Run a half marathon.
  10. Take a photography class.
  11. Learn to make my grandma's homemade noodles.
  12. Tattoo! (tat tat tat, tat it up!)
  13. Blate (aka meet a blogger)
  14. Send a handwritten card/thank you note once a week for a year.
  15. Go to the Little League World Series
  16. Give blood.
  17. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  18. Learn to golf and complete 18 holes.
  19. Go to North Carolina (and pretend One Tree Hill really exists) 
  20. Start a new tradition.
  21. Go to the Columbus Zoo (one of the top 10 zoos in the US)
  22. Visit 10 different museums. 
  23. Go to Vegas.
  24. Learn to French braid my own hair.
  25. Go vegetarian for 30 days.
  26. Raise $1,000 for a charity.
  27. Learn yoga.
  28. Accumulate $10,000 in savings.

You'll notice #29 and #30 are blank.
I will fill in #29 on my 25th birthday.
And I will fill in #30 on my 28th birthday.

This allows me to give myself time to grow, time to change, and time to figure out new goals for myself.

Anyone else have a 30 before 30? I've read many in my search to complete my own, but I'd LOVE to read more!
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  1. Very doable! Good luck! I am really loving your #14. It is something I would love to do! :)

  2. Well when you make #19 happen, let me know. Cause then you can cross off #13 too :)

  3. I wish I'd made one of these lists before I was 30! I totally think you can get these all done. Maybe in Vegas you'll make the money for savings and charity.

  4. #13 is also on my list! This whole list though, I love it and the whole idea of it.

  5. definitely learn how to make gma's noodles.

  6. I made a list like this on my 25th birhday :) In 8 months i've already filled in a TON! It's so fun! Good luck with your list- it seems very doable yet exciting!!

  7. I totally love this list as well! It is all stuff I would love to do or have done. I am also a list maker. I am working on a bucket list of sorts too.

  8. #25 and #26 - LOVE. Those are on mine too. I wanted to go vegetarian for 30 days and I just hit 18 months meat free :) Turned into quite a wonderful lifestyle change. I love the idea of leaving two blank. I have to alter mine a little with our move to the east coast so I fully support seeing where life takes you.

  9. You have so much time! haha I wanted to do one of these but I has just turned 28 so it seemed kind of pointless. I'm with you on #1 though. Next year I'll cross that off.


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