Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reliving My 21st Birthday.. Oy vey

Can I just tell you I'm way more excited to read everyone else's posts about their 21st birthdays than I am to write about my own.

But this link-up was too good to pass up.. Adriana, Allie, Brittany, Juliette, and Sami are geniuses.

Feelin' 21 Link Up

My 21st was on a Saturday, which meant celebrating ALL WEEKEND LONG.

However, my birthday is in January. Which just puts a huge bummer on everything. Also I was one of the first people in my group of friends to turn 21. Lame. Really, really lame.

Friday night before my birthday my roommate (who i'm not even friends with anymore) at the time threw me a huge house party. Things got so out of hand. I RAN the beer pong table. Which is odd, because I'm typically just okay, maybe borderline good, but I was excellent this night. Or maybe everyone was throwing their games, but that's unlikely because there were a lot of competitive assholes there.

We took shots. Many shots.

I mostly remember going to bed, but I do NOT remember when my guy friend got in bed with me, but I do remember waking up with him in there.

Fully clothed, people. I know, not what you were expecting.

Then I got up bright and early Saturday morning, the morning of my birth, and went to get my new license. I'm fairly certain I was still drunk, which explains why I look drunk in my drivers license photo. Yay me.

*You will NEVER be seeing my drivers license photo. EVER. So don't get your hopes up.*

Saturday night my parents, the few of my friends who were 21, and some of my parents friends took me out.

OH but not before I drank an entire bottle of wine while getting dressed for the night. Which explains my hideous 21st birthday outfit. I cringe every time I see it. I was not into fashion or dressing up or anything back then.

Then we went to Nick's (a local sports bar and pizza place type thing) and played Sink The Biz. With Blue Moon. Best/Worst idea ever!

I was supposed to go to a winery on Sunday, but I had to cancel because I was sick. So awfully sick. Non-stop drinking for 36 hours will do that to you.

Honestly my 22nd birthday was way better than my 21st. 1000x better!

Can't wait to read about everyone's 21st because mine wasn't that great.. Bummer..

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  1. I'm glad it's not just me that looks back on college outfits and cringes! What was I thinking?!?!

  2. I think 21 is a trial for your 22nd birthday haha but you got some pretty good stories out of it!

  3. My 22nd was definitely better than my 21st as well! There was a lot of tension in my group of friends at the time so my 21st wasn't as crazy as it should have been but we DEFINITELY made up for it the next year!

  4. Your outfit is so not as bad as I thought it was going to be! But I understand, I wish I could go back and edit a lot of my high school and college outfits.

  5. Wine has been responsible for so many of my fashion mishaps. I feel like I should be banned from drinking it while getting ready,

  6. i mean if a 21st bday isn't tragic then you did it wrong.

  7. I hear a lot of people's 22 was way better than their 21st! I am still waiting for a fun birthday since my 21, so I will maybe try and make my next one the best ever! And I liked that dress!!

  8. Teach me your beer pong ways.

  9. We wore the same dress for our 21st birthdays! I look back and am not a fan of it either! but oh well....we were young and dumb...right?

  10. I am laughing because I was about to come and say.. another girl on the link-up was wearing the same dress HA and it looks like she commented.. anddddd I also had that dress! That was definitely a trend the ones that looked like they were two pieces haha.

  11. 22nd birthday for the win! Also, now I wanna play beer pong. and that other fun drink.

  12. My 21st birthday was very different than my 22nd. One I was in a relationship and the other SINGLE both birthdays went well =) No crazy stories. You can definitely tell in your 22nd bday pics you had way more fun!

  13. Ok, but that actually sounds awesome. A whole bottle of wine before even going out is my way of doing things. You win!

  14. I'll give a crappy 21st birthday. Going to a bar to have lunch and NOT ordering a drink! I had been drinking since 17 so 21 was no big deal to me. I genuinely wasn't even in the mood to drink. My 26th birthday, pure awesomeness :)


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