Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh You Fancy, Huh? - St. Louis (Part 1)

On Friday morning, bright and early I hopped in my car and drove the 4 hours to St. Louis to visit my bff (who you've technically met here) who moved there in August.

Then Monday morning, bright and early, I was forced to return to my normal life here in Indiana.

I may have teared up when we said "see you later" and I definitely cried big crocodile tears when I crossed the river into Illinois.

It was just the perfect weekend. I can't even begin to talk about how much I needed it. I also have to split the recap into 2 posts, because I have too many photos. Which is odd, because I kept feeling like I wasn't taking enough photos and half of the ones I did take will never grace this lovely blog. Ever.

So let's begin Part 1:
Immediately after arriving Kayla took me to meet one of her new friends, Matt. We had lunch at Zia's on The Hill.
Then he took us to Sump Coffee and we had fancy drinks. This is where I started singing Drake's Fancy and had it stuck in my head ALL WEEKEND LONG. Oh I should mention that Sump Coffee was super awesome and delicious, but it is NOT a Starbucks. Matt and the baristas mentioned multiple times that there were not "fro-fro" drinks there.

 Walking in some pretty parts of St. Louis!

 Friday late afternoon/night we went to the Taste of St. Louis! Loved it so much!

 Beer x3 || Arch prettiness || Kayla in the Beers of The World tent! || Me + Free Beer (it pays to be the guest) + The Arch = Happiness.

 Friday night we went to "Wash Av".. Aka Washington Avenue where all the bars are. And we maybe have drank quite a bit.. Including a Fireball shot that I definitely should've passed on..

 "Wash Av" as the locals call it || oh my.. || Rooftop pregaming = Happiest girl!

After a rough morning, where we discovered that Kayla left her phone in the cab and someone else took it home, but they were good samaritans and called her mom.. at 5am.. to let her know that Kayla had lost it. We decided to head to a late lunch (breakfast was not an option) at Bailey's Range!

I can not recommend this place enough! Seriously I had bacon jam on my hamburger, that was 100% grass fed Missouri beef, with local ingredients. And homemade ketchup. Yea, that happened.

Oh and we all split this..

Homemade brownie with homemade ice cream and homemade caramel sauce. Using local ingredients and nothing artificial.. Yea.. It actually was that amazing. I almost licked the bowl clean.

And then we may or may not have done some window shopping for wedding dresses.. Oh we did. Guess which one is my favorite! (Hint: the middle one)

There's no reason for this picture other than I was sitting in the back seat and we were stuck in traffic and I looked over, saw him standing like that and thought it looked artsy.. So I snapped a pic and edited it.

I'm a photographer, duh.

Saturday night consisted of more going out, but this time we went to Soulard.. ? I don't know. Either way, I rocked my wine pants, black heels, and mustard purse. And I loved it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

And now this is the end of Part 1. Part 2, aka Sunday in St. Louis, will be on the blog on Thursday.

Now I'm officially starting my Post-St. Louis detox. Wish me luck!
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  1. I went to college in St Louis, but I haven't actually MISSED it until i just read this post. It made me feel all weirdly nostalgic for doing the things that I did in college (like going to brunch, enjoying Wash Ave, doing Taste of StL, and walking by Art Hill and the park). Next time you go, you must eat at Dewey's. Best pizza ever.

  2. St. Louis is the halfway point for me and my college bestie (KC for her, Nashville for me) and we reunite there. It's been too long since I've seen her and this post makes me want to go back stat!

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time!!! I love visiting friends!!!

  4. no fro-fro coffee is the best coffee

  5. I need the brownie, the wine pants and all the beers right meow. St. Louis looks really fun. Can I come?

  6. YESSSSS SOULARD :) I am going to the farmers market NEXT weekend when i get to town!! The night life there ain't bad either!


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