Monday, September 29, 2014

Easy Like Monday Morning

I'm about 10 seconds away from jinxing myself, but I am having an oddly good Monday morning. Having said that, it's still 6:45am on a Monday morning, and my list of things I need to accomplish before going to work is a long one. So I apologize, but we're going with a quick and easy post today.

1. I noticed in a mirror last night how awful and terrible my posture currently is. No wonder my back hurts so bad after long work days at an athletic event when I'm on my feet for 9 hours. Or why it hurts so bad when I'm at the office sitting in a computer chair for 8 hours. So I'm on Operation Better Posture. I found a few Pinterest articles like this one and this one that I might try, but I'm always open to suggestions. I vaguely remember about a year ago that I mentioned my posture and Brooke told me to do planks. Planks could be good for a lot of things I'm working on, so I might do a plank challenge for the month of October if anyone wants to join.

2. I'm up before the sun an awful lot, but I'm usually doing a million things in my apartment so I rarely actually see the sunrise, but Saturday morning I was in a hurry trying to get ready for a long, long work day at IU for the football game and I just happened to glance over and I saw the most beautiful sunrise out of my living room window. I even took a few minutes to get my phone, go outside, and take a picture. Pretty, pretty.

3. I feel that especially since I started blogging, I'm on my phone way too much. It's a natural hazard for this whole blogging thing, you always need to be connected. I've talked about the term "unplugging" back in March and what it meant for me. Personally, one day a month "unplugged" would not be beneficial or fix my problem. In March I said that every day I just wanted to be on my phone less every day, and that still applies. I did okay with that for a while, but like anything else, it's time to reevaluate. I have this hugely long list of Netflix shows and movies I want to watch and an even bigger list of books I want to read, but I "don't have time" for any of them. Last night I gave myself 90 minutes to read and just leave my phone alone, then I went straight to bed. Usually my morning routine consists of flipping through my social media, emails, and news for at least 30 min before I even think about actually getting out of bed. Today, I didn't. I still haven't checked my phone. And it feels good.

4. I'm not that girl that is addicted to Starbucks, in general. I mean, I think their coffee is good, but I'm usually just as happy, sometimes more so, with the coffee I make at my apartment - in my old fashioned coffee maker, by the way. No Keurig for this girl. Coffee also isn't something I drink every day like most people. I do not want to become addicted to it the way some are and I think, for myself, that coffee (and caffeine in general) would continue to be more effective if I saved it for the days I really needed it. BUT I am very addicted to Starbucks' Passion Tea Lemonade. For over a year now I've been trying to make it at home, but I just can not seem to get it just right! Part of my problem is that I'm trying to use the least amount of sugar possible, so I can't get the taste just right. If anyone has the perfect Passion Tea Lemonade recipe, throw it at me!

yes, this is the same damn picture i used in last thursday's post. i'm a terrible blogger.

5. I forgot to mention on the blog last week that I got my hair colored. I had been itching to do something drastic for a long time and so I just did it. I really like it, but I don't actually love it. To me, it's just hair, so I'm not too broken up about it and since I do like it, I'm not rushing back to change it. Probably in early November, before the holidays I'll go back and maybe do something different, who knows, I haven't really thought about it yet. As I was growing up my mom had every color of hair, long hair, short hair, permed hair, straight hair, etc. etc. Seriously, she's done it all, so I not afraid of hair color or change and I'm not days away from my wedding or anything, where I'd want my hair to be perfect. I'm mostly just damn glad I did something crazy, because I was getting a little stir crazy in my routine/life.

I know people do "Five on Friday", but I think we need to work on making "Five on Monday" a thing. Who actually has time to put out a thoughtful or thought provoking blog post on a Monday morning? Bravo to those people - teach me. Remember when Sami did a Weekend Recap linkup? Ahh, the good ol days.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weird Day.

I had zero intentions of blogging today, because STUFF, but I need a second to regroup and I'm going to use blogging to do that.

Today has been weird.

I've not been sleeping well. I wake up a hundred times in the middle of the night, then when I finally get into a good, deep sleep, my alarm goes off and I'll press snooze every 9 minutes for over an hour, sometimes almost 2 hours of pressing snooze. No, I'm not kidding. OR I'll sleep okay, but then wake up at 4am and not be able to fall back asleep, but I'll also feel very lethargic and not want to actually get out of bed to be productive with those extra hours. This has been an ongoing problem for over a month now and I'm pretty sure I know all of the causes. There just isn't a quick fix to any of them at the moment, so I'm just hanging in there.

So, naturally I didn't sleep well last night. Actually, last night I woke up twice in the middle of the night, but then also woke up at 5:15am and couldn't fall back asleep. I entertained the idea of going to the gym, but instead I turned on Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. That's the HP where Aragog dies, by the way.

So then I got into my car, where I had left the windows halfway down all night, and there was a giant, huge, enormous spider just chilling on the passenger seat. I named him Aragog, obviously, and freaked the hell out. Spiders don't really bother me so much, not like ants do (omg i can't handle ants), but this was a big, scary spider.

Also at work today I've been listening to Glee songs on Spotify all morning. I have no idea why. Every time I hear a song with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith singing together my heart hurts a little. Especially when it's some cute love song. Ugh.

Oh and this morning I was included in an email that I had no business being included in. Way above my pay grade and I don't understand at all why I was included. Especially when none of my peers were included. I mean, if the email came with a raise, I'd be all for it, but unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

I didn't intended to be a Debbie Downer and complain-y today, but damnit, it happened anyway. Sometimes I put so much effort into making sure my stress doesn't show for others that occasionally I come crashing down. Right now I'm sitting at the office by myself and I'm just tired of being stressed.

But a couple deep breaths and plastering a smile on my face and I'll be good as new.

Monday, September 22, 2014

That Time I…

Last week I put so much work into my blog posts that today I'm not sure what to do today. I feel like this gif.

So, let's just talk today. I feel like I need to catch you guys up on my life because I spent a week just forcing you guys to love my TV shows. Did I mention how much I loved last week though? Seriously, I need to find a way to get paid to watch and review TV shows. I'd have a perma-grin.

That time I was super obnoxious and force fed you old blog posts.
Yea, I'm going to link my blog posts from last week again, because I loved them. I mean, I bookmarked my own blog posts, so I'm either super vain or they're super legit. It's really quite the toss up. Regardless, here they are again:
Monday - Pretty Little Lying Bitches
Tuesday - So many September premieres! Lots happening this week!
Wednesday - October premieres and I'm freaking out waiting on some of these shows!
Thursday - The newbies! Fall's new shows! Lots of potential in the ranks this year.
Friday - NETFLIX BINGE-ABLE SHOWS. Guys, seriously. Some of these are on my actual, real life, list. Because of course I have an actual list of shows I want to watch.

That time I got angry at a small town festival parade.
I went to two different small town fall festivals this weekend. I made chit chat with adults I haven't seen since last year's festivals, I watched high schooler's sing and dance on the same stage I sang and danced on in my day, I avoided as many people that I went to high school with as possible, I smelled a 1,000 homemade candles, I bought a fake Michael Kors wallet, and most importantly, I had a banana and red raspberry snow cone.

But I also went to the parade with my dad and my grandparents, because we're obsessed with people watching. We all wear sunglasses so we can people watch without being too obvious. Honestly, we have the whole situation down to a science. If you've never been to a parade, let's me school you for a second - It is parade etiquette and just down right respectful to stand when the color guard passes at the beginning of the parade with the American flag. AKA - get your ass out of your chair and stand up. My blood pressure soared when I noticed how many people were still sitting. Grrrrr.

That time I missed Vegas.
I watched all of the Ocean movies this weekend. Ocean's Eleven was on TV late Friday night. Ocean's Twelve was on TV on Saturday morning. Ocean's Thirteen was on TV on Sunday afternoon. I watched them all. All of them. I love those movies and I have for a long time, but can I just say that watching them now, after having been to Vegas, I love them so much more. Every time they showed something that I recognized or the hotels I went to, I got excited. I want to go back already. My sister agrees. My parents have created monsters.

That time I woke up at 6am on a Sunday morning.
Not really sure how it happened, but I woke up and oddly couldn't fall back asleep. I stayed in bed for a half hour trying to force myself to fall back asleep, but just couldn't. I ended up going to the couch and watching A Cinderella Story, because I love Chad Michael Murray. Then after it was over, Another Cinderella Story started, with Selena Gomez. I had never seen it, so I kinda just started half watching it and then when it was time for me to get ready, I DVR'd the rest of it so I could watch it later. Turns out, I love teeny bopper movies, a lot. I refuse to become a boring adult.

That time I realized I have too much alcohol in my apartment.
So, after the parade on Saturday, I went to a Harvest Wine Festival. So I actually attended 3 festivals this weekend. Anyway, we did a little wine tasting and listened to some of the live bands, but then we noticed they had bottles on sale. So I bought 2. Then I got home and noticed that huh.. I have a lot of alcohol going on at the moment.

In my defense, a lot of that liquor I have because I had bought it to mix in jello shots or other drinks I've made in the past, so I just haven't finished the bottles. I have a lot of wine, because some of them were gifts, some of them are for last minute gifts, and sometimes I just buy a bottle when I go to the store. Because I live in Indiana and you can't buy alcohol on Sundays, so you stock up the other 6 days a week. Ya dig?

That time I spent hours going through my phone so I could download iOS8.
Listen, it says it needs like 4.6GB to download. I have 1.1GB available. Screw you, iPhone. So I'm deleting approximately 600 photos/videos, deleting all of my music, and deleting all of my apps, so I can download this POS update. Then I'm going to have to take the time to redownload my apps. I'm so annoyed. But I did find lots of things on my phone I had forgotten about. Like a video of the waves from NSB, that I watched 3,239 times yesterday and also these pictures of my sister and I.

Obviously, she's adopted and we look nothing alike and we definitely aren't similar when we're drinking, at all.

That's all I'm going to leave you with today. I'd hate to bombard you with too much on a Monday.
Catch ya on the flip side!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Netflix Binge-able TV Shows

It is the final day of TV Week! This week has been my favorite thing I've ever done on the blog. Which probably says a lot about me. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me this week, I appreciate you more than you know! Things should go back to "normal" on Monday. #LaughingOutLoud

Today we're talking about Netflix shows that you can binge watch. Now, obviously you could technically binge watch every TV show currently on Netflix and then watch the new episodes as they aired. So I had to narrow down my criteria. I've decided to share with you shows that are either Netflix Originals or shows that are completed - meaning you could watch the entire show beginning to end as quickly as possible.
P.S. If you don't have a Netflix account (or if you don't have parents who have a netflix account that you have the password to) then you need to get one immediately. Best thing you'll ever do.

***P.S.S. because someone asked - NO, I'm not getting paid or perked or anything at all for talking about Netflix today OR for talking about TV shows all week. However, if someone could find a way for me to get paid for talking about TV and telling you to purchase Netflix, please send your ideas my way. Because #dreamjob***

30 Rock
7 Seasons - 2006-2013
I've only ever seen random episodes, but Tina Fey.. Do I need to say anything else? It's funny. You'll laugh. End of discussion.

5 Seasons - 1999-2004
The Buffy spin-off. I recommend this as much as I recommend Buffy, which is a lot. However, I don't recommend that you watch this without having watched Buffy. You'll miss so much if you do. I liked Angel, not even close to as much as I loved Buffy, but I did like it, especially once Spike was back.

Breaking Bad
5 Seasons - 2008-2013
I mean, come on. What are you doing with your life? Why haven't you already watched this? Get it together.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
7 Seasons - 1997-2003
This was the first TV show I ever really watched and I watched the last few seasons live with my mom. It was our thing. I've seen every episode an embarrassing number of times. Buffy is SUCH a good binge-watch show! Do it, do it!!

8 Seasons - 1998-2006
I've never seen it, but the reruns are on TV ALL OF THE TIME. Three witchy sisters, battling evil, etc. etc.

CSI: Miami
10 Seasons - 2002-2012
I used to love all of these CSIs. I DVRed them for years and in high school when my parents came home they'd catch me watching reruns of CSI all the time. CSI Miami is my favorite one to make fun of though, because of the ridiculous puns that Horatio makes and his sunglasses! I love it so much! I don't usually get grossed out or squeamish, but there is one episode where one of the detectives gets a nail shot through his eye and I CAN'T HANDLE IT. I seriously can't handle that episode at all.

CSI: New York
9 Seasons - 2004-2013
This was my favorite CSI of all of the CSIs. I've actually rewatched a ton of these episodes on Netflix already, because they are the perfect background noise! Seriously, love this show!

Desperate Housewives
8 Seasons - 2004-2012
I've actually never watched this show? I don't really have a good reason why, I've heard excellent things. When I went to LA in 2005 I got to see the set of this show though, so that's kind of cool.

8 Seasons - 2006-2013
I've only really season the first 4 seasons of this show, but I did watch most of the final season, because I'm weird like that. Anyway, I did really like the show, especially the first 3 seasons, but I hated the ending. Hated it. So if you binge watch this show, just beware that you'll probably want to throw a brick at the TV when it's done.

Ghost Whisperer
5 Seasons - 2005-2010
I actually loved this show. Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't always the best and there are definitely some very obnoxious story lines, especially towards the end, but overall this is a show worth watching.

Gossip Girl
6 Seasons - 2007-2012
Oh this show is so good! Definitely binge-watch worthy! Although, I wasn't impressed with the ending and the "reveal". I felt that maybe the writers didn't have a real plan, so they just threw that one out there and tried to make it work. I wasn't a huge fan, but I got over it.

4 Seasons - 2007-2011
So many people have told me I need to watch this show and I just keep forgetting about it! Has anyone seen it? What did you think?

Hemlock Grove
Netflix Original - 2 Seasons
This show is not for everyone. It's different and a good show, but definitely not for everyone. I've warned you. Also they've announced that season 3 will be the final season.

House M. D.
8 Seasons - 2004-2012
House is a goodie. I still haven't ever seen the last 2 seasons, but I've seen the other 6 and they're good. I get into medical shows like that though, so I could be biased.

House Of Cards
Netflix Original - 2 Seasons
No one who has watched this show hasn't liked it. I'm pretty sure that's an actual fact. Everyone likes it.

How I Met Your Mother
9 Seasons - 2005-2014
In case you missed it while it was on, you can now binge was the whole series right on Netflix! I liked this show a lot, it's funny most of the time and the original story concept was so, so good! I'm one of those people that didn't like the ending, along with almost everyone else I know, just saying. Good show, minus the last episode.

Friday Night Lights
5 Seasons - 2006-2011
This has been on my list for forever! I know it's a show I'd love and I don't know why I haven't gotten around to watching it!

5 Seasons - 2008-2013
I am actually currently in the middle of watching this show. I just started season 3! It had been on my list for a long time and I have a friend who swore up and down that this show was so good, so I finally started watching it. It is good so far. There's a whole 5 season series story arch and that's rare and a real treat! So things that happened in season 1 actually had a purpose. My only complaint is with the lead female actress. She's not very expressive, so every emotion she's feeling looks exactly the same. But Joshua Jackson? WOW, so surprised how good he is! LOVE him. But the STAR of the show is John Noble. Holy wow, he deserved an Emmy for his work on this show. Amazing.

6 Seasons - 2004-2010
I never jumped on the Lost bandwagon and I don't have any intention of doing it now, but a lot of people seemed to like the show, so feel free to jump on the bandwagon with all of them.

One Tree Hill
9 Seasons - 2003-2012
I've very attached to this show. I explained it all on the blog a long time ago, you can read it here. But yes. If you listen to one thing I say, binge watch this show. It's amazing.

Orange Is The New Black
Netflix Original - 2 Seasons
I mean, if you haven't seen this show all over every single form of social media and all of the news and TV award programs, then what are you doing? OITNB is in a Buzzfeed article every day. So yea, add this to your list.

Prison Break
4 Seasons - 2005-2009
This one has been on my list for a while too. My sister loved it and Wentworth Miller is a hottie.

Private Practice
6 Seasons - 2007-2013
Where are all my Grey's Anatomy fans at? This is your show, I promise. It was a spin-off with Derek's ex wife. I didn't watch the last few seasons, because I forgot and was busy, but I've heard such good things.
8 Seasons - 2006-2014
So funny. This show is so funny. I haven't seen every episode, but I've loved every episode I've seen. It's got a lot of "smart people humor" in it, if you know what I mean and it's hilarious.

3 Seasons - 1999-2002
Honestly, I don't know a lot about this show and I've heard mixed reviews, but I think I'd probably like it. It's only 3 seasons, so I could easily binge watch it in a week (-end, I could binge watch 3 seasons in a weekend, let's be honest here).

9 Seasons - 2001-2010
My friends and I used to watch this show so much in high school. It's funny, definitely a good show for a good laugh. While I did like the show, I can see why some people don't. Some of the humor does get kind of old and annoying the further along the series goes. I still recommend it though, because it really is really funny.

The 4400
4 Seasons - 2004-2007
Over several decades 4,400 people go missing. Then one day they all show up again, at the same as they were went they went missing. I don't know very many people who watched this show, but I will say my interest is peaked.

The Killing
Netflix Original - 4 Seasons
A murder mystery, so it's my kind of show. It's on the list, I'll get to it when I get to it. I just looked it up though and checked it's rating and it's high. Like oddly high, so now it might be bumping a little higher up my list.

The Office
9 Seasons - 2005-2013
I'm pretty sure I'm one of the five people who haven't seen this show. I know what it's about and I know it is supposedly really, really good, but I still haven't seen it. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I have a lot of other shows I'd rather watch first.

The X Files
9 Seasons - 1993-2002
I don't really have a huge desire to watch this show, except that a ton of movies and a ton of other shows make reference to this show all the time! So I feel like I NEED to watch this so I'll get the references better!

8 Seasons - 2005-2012
I haven't ever seen this show and honestly, it's not on my list either. I had a friend in college who loved this show and always had to be home on the night of a new episode, but she was never able to convince me to watch it, so I don't have a lot of hope for anyone else being able to convince me either.

Above are the only shows I'm going to discuss today. That should be enough to get your started on a good healthy Netflix binge. Of course, I'm always looking for MORE, so if you have one that I forgot, let me know!

Here's a quick run down of this week, just for reference:
Monday - Pretty Little Liars
Tuesday - September 2014 Premieres
Wednesday - October 2014 Premieres
Thursday - Fall 2014's new shows

This concludes TV Week!
I love you people.
Thanks for playing and I'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TV's New Shows - Fall 2014

Holy moly, it is TV Week, Day FOUR. Again, if you don't care, there's a poll at the end of this post that I'd really appreciate everyone who hasn't answered to answer.

Let's recap the week so far:
Monday I talked about Pretty Little Liars and my search for some "A"nswers.
Tuesday I talked all about the returning shows that will premiere this September.
Yesterday I talked all about the returning shows that will premiere this October.
And today, we're going to be talking about all of these NEW Fall 2014 shows! There are actually a lot more than I realized, so I might have skipped one or two on accident. If I skipped one that you're excited about, just let me know so I can add it to the list!

For this list, since I obviously haven't seen any of these shows, I found "show summaries" (mostly from and I added them below. I included some opinions and other things I'd read as well, just to keep things colorful!

A to Z
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:30pm EST - NBC
"A student of the How I Met Your Mother school of television, A to Z is a romantic comedy that chronicles a romantic relationship from beginning to end, à la 500 Days of Summer. Mad Men's Ben Feldman stars as Andrew, a true believer in destiny and romance, while HIMYM's ever-charming Cristin Milioti plays the object of his affection, Zelda. (A to Z, GET IT?) Lenora Crichlow, Henry Zebrowski, and Christina Kirk round out the cast."
This is an Editor's Pick and it's gotten decent reviews. Although, in every single review it compares this show to How I Met Your Mother. I don't know how much I like that, so I'm probably going to wait and see how this plays out. If in December it's still getting good reviews, I might try to catch up.

Bad Judge
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - NBC

"This single-camera comedy stars Kate Walsh (Private Practice, Fargo) Rebecca Wright, one of L.A.'s most respected criminal court judges. But here's (overused and kind-of-boring) catch: While Rebecca totally and completely has it together in her work life, her personal life is the exact definition of a hot mess. She's flaky, she sleeps around without a care in the world, and she parties like she's still in college (so we're guessing she has the world's worst hangovers). She does drive has a sweet van, though! John Ducey, Tone Bell, and Theodore Barnes also star."
I really like Kate Walsh and I really kinda think she could do better than this. Remember that movie "Bad Teacher" and remember how so not good it was? Yea, this reminds me of that.

Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:30pm EST - ABC
"Created by and starring comedian Anthony Anderson, Black-ish explores one man's efforts to establish a cultural identity for his family after he discovers his children haven't got one. Anderson stars as man-of-the-house Dre, and Tracee Ellis Ross plays his biracial wife Rainbow; they've got their hands full working and raising kids Zoey, Andre (who prefers to be called Andy and really, really wants a bar mitzvah despite the fact they're not Jewish), and twins Jack and Diane. Hannibal's Laurence Fishburne appears as Dre's father, Pops, and wears velour tracksuits because he's Laurence freaking Fishburne."
I don't have an opinion on this show, good or bad. I honestly don't know much about it and the reviews are few and far between, so I didn't read any of them.

Friday, Oct 24th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"One of this season's many new comics-based shows, Constantine is based on the DC Comics series Hellblazer. Welsh actor Matt Ryan stars as the titular John Constantine, a seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult who abandoned his campaign against evil after failing to save a young girl's soul from hell. However, he's pulled back into the fight when the balance between good and evil somehow winds up on the line and an angel named Manny (Lost's Harold Perrineau) tells him to man up and get his act together. True Detective's Charles Halford also stars."
Not sure why this show is on Friday nights, because I've heard it's getting a lot of attention and already building a fan base. I'm not exactly sure what NBC is trying to do, unless they're trying to build off of Grimm's audience on Friday nights, but from what I gather, the shows are completely different. I guess that's neither here nor there. I'm not going to be watching this show, but like I said, apparently a ton of people will be. So let me know!

Monday, Sept 22nd - 10:00pm EST - ABC
"Loan Gruffudd stars as New York City medical examiner Henry Morgan, who harbors an unusual secret—he can't die. Working alongside his new partner, Det. Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza), Morgan studies the dead in an effort to discover the mystery of his own immortality. Also, the ladies in the crowd might want to take note: When Morgan dies (and he dies semi-often for some reason), he always comes back naked. Judd Hirsch, Donnie Keshawarz, and Joel David Moore also star."
Just a heads up, this show is going to air it's first episode on Monday, Sept 22nd, BUT after that it's regular time slot will be on Tuesday. So it's 2nd episode of the season will be airing Tuesday, Sept 23rd. I don't really know the reasoning behind that, so don't ask. ABC actually makes no sense to me this season. Not 100% sure I'm sold on this show either and with it airing on Tuesdays it puts itself up against a lot of my favorite shows. So there's a 99% chance that I won't be watching this show, but feel free to let me know if it turns out to be amazing! Netflix is a beautiful thing!

Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - Fox

"Described as the origin story of future Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon, Gotham is Fox's effort to get in on TV's comic-book craze. Southland and The O.C. alum Ben McKenzie stars as Gordon, the latest in a long line of roles that requires him to punch people. When the series begins, Gordon is just a fresh-faced police detective—but his life begins to change when he and his partner, the brash Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), start investigating the murder of the parents of none other than a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). However, the noir crime drama isn't just about Gordon's rise through the ranks of Gotham City's PD; it also promises to tell the origin stories of several DC Comics' villains, including Catwoman, the Penguin, the Riddler, and more."
Batman's life before he was Batman. I have to say, the concept of this show sounds amazing and I can definitely see it's appeal with the same crowd that loves the Marvel/DC comic shows and movies out right now. However, I've read the review on the first episode (one that a critic was able to watch ahead of time) and it didn't sound like it was living up to it's name. BUT, I think it could get better, because honestly, the concept sounds great.

Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - Fox
"Based on the British series Broadchurch, this 10-episode event series stars Doctor Who's David Tennant and Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn as a pair of cops investigating the death of a young boy in a small seaside town. When the case deemed a homicide, a media frenzy ensues, throwing the boy’s family into even more turmoil and upending the lives of all of the town’s residents. Nick Nolte, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver, and Kevin Rankin also star."
I've decided I'm definitely watching this one. First of all, it's only 10 episodes and that's something I feel like I can commit to. Also, it was a popular British show that got amazing reviews. Well, it wasn't exactly the same show, but basically. We'll see. But I'll probably watch all 10 episodes regardless of how good or bad it ends up being.

How To Get Away With Murder
Thursday, Sept 25th - 10:00pm EST - ABC

"Shonda Rhimes continues her push toward world domination with this legal thriller, which stars Viola Davis as a serious-as-the-death-penalty law-school professor whose attractive students vie for her approval and a desk at her prestigious law firm. But their biggest lessons are learned outside the classroom, when they get caught up in a murder plot and presumably must figure out how to get away with it. Expect Scandal-sized twists and Grey's-like drama!"
I mean, obviously I'm going to watch this show. 1, it's going to probably be the new "it" show. 2, it has a Harry Potter character in it. 3, Shonda Rhimes. 4, Murder.

Jane The Virgin
Monday, Oct 13th - 9:00pm EST - The CW
"Come on, it's all right there in the title: Jane the Virgin is about a young woman named Jane (Gina Rodriguez), and Jane is a virgin! What more is there to know? Well, okay, there is the fact that she's pregnant because she was accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist? Whoops! And to make matters even more complicated, Jane has to decide whether or not to keep the baby after discovering the sperm specimen belonged to cancer survivor Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who's not only a former crush of Jane's, but also her new boss."
I've gotta tell ya, when I first heard the title and summary of the show, back in June or July when it was announced, I was less than impressed. In fact I think I said "I'll never watch that show". But then I read a beautiful speech by the main star, Gina Rodriguez and it was hard not to just fall in love with her. Then I also read so many great reviews on the first episode. So I think the title scared me off, but that this show might be a diamond in the rough! I'm not going to lie, I kind of want to add this to my list..

Madam Secretary
Sunday, Sept 21st - 8:00pm EST - CBS
"It explores the life of Elizabeth, the shrewd, calculating, and extremely determined newly appointed Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy, battles office politics, and circumvents and ignores protocol as she negotiates worldwide issues, She is also a college professor and a brilliant former CIA analyst who left the agency for ethical and personal reasons. After the suspicious death of her predecessor. Elizabeth returns to public life at the President's behest. The President values her apolitical leanings, deep knowledge of the Middle East, flair for languages, and ability to not just think outside the box, but to not even acknowledge there is a box." -
I feel like this show is trying to be Homeland and pick up Homeland's faithful and apparently large audience. Good luck, but I'm not all in.

Manhattan Love Story
Tuesday, Sept 30th - 8:30pm EST - ABC
"This new comedy uses the power of voiceover to broadcast the internal monologues of a New York City dude (Jake McDorman) and a Midwestern transplant chick (Analeigh Tipton) as they navigate an awkward first date and subsequent budding romance. What you'll learn early on from the voices in their heads is that guys like sex and women like purses; but as the series—and their relationship—progresses, we expect things will get a bit more complicated than that."
I don't really have any desire to watch this show, especially since it's on Tuesday, and again, ABC is putting a new show against some of my favorites, so it loses.

Marry Me
Tuesday, Oct 14th - 9:00pm EST - NBC
"Happy Endings' David Caspe is the writer behind this rom-com about a couple (played by Ken Marino and Caspe's real-life wife Casey Wilson) who are well on their way to tyring the knot. There's just one problem: They can't get the marriage proposal right! Is it a sign that they aren't supposed to be together? Or do they need to just stop screwing up their overly inventive attempts to get engaged? Sarah Wright and John Gemberling also star."
I gotta say, the show doesn't sound that appealing to me. But it got on "Editor's Pick" and it's getting good reviews. I'll probably wait to see how it plays out and see if it's worth my time. But again, TUESDAY.

NCIS: New Orleans
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 9:00pm EST - CBS

For this one, let me just say, I'll of course be watching it. I love NCIS and I love NCIS:LA even more, so I'm positive I'm going to like this one too. Especially since they had 2 backdoor episodes for this show during NCIS' season last year and I loved them. No, seriously, they were the 2 best episodes of NCIS' season. I'm actually really excited for this show!

Red Band Society
Wednesday, Sept 17th - 9:00pm EST - Fox

"Set in the children's ward of a Los Angeles hospital (and narrated by a kid who's in a coma), Red Band Society is a coming-of-age drama that follows a Breakfast Club-esque group of patients as they face life-changing (and life-threatening) challenges like cancer and heart defects. Griffin Gluck, Zoe Levin, Charlie Rowe, Astro, Ciara Bravo, and Nolan Sotillo star as the young protagonists, while Dave Annable, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Octavia Spencer take on the adult roles of the doctors and nurses who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence."
I really, really want to watch this one. It is getting so many amazing reviews! Plus, Octavia Spencer is amazing! Yea, this one is definitely on my list and I can't wait!

Tuesday, Sept 30th - 8:00pm EST - ABC
"Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) drops her adorable Scottish accent to star in this modern spin on Pygmalion that takes place in today's social media-driven world. Gillan's Eliza Dooley is obsessed with becoming Internet famous, but her constant Instagramming and Facebooking has left her devoid of any real friends—not to mention the social skills required to make any. Desperate for a fix, Eliza hires marketer Henry Higenbottam (John Cho) to help her rebuild her image and put down her damn phone for once."
Honestly, I don't want to watch this show. I happen to like the Pygmalion story and I really don't need it destroyed by someone trying to modernize it with the word "selfie". I could be really wrong and this could turn out to be the hit of the year, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Wednesday, Oct 1st - 10:00pm EST - CBS
"This violent and shocking thriller from The Following's Kevin Williamson has already drawn plenty of pre-air criticism, and with good reason. It follows a division of the LAPD that deals with stalkers, voyeurs, and love-obsessed weirdos who target mostly women, often with deadly results. Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott star as our law enforcement heroes who may be more complicated than they seem."
I really like Kevin Williamson, so a big part of me wants to give this show a try. I also like Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott a lot! Also, I'm a big Criminal Minds fan and this sounds just enough like it to peak interest.

State Of Affairs
Monday, Nov 17th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"Former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is making her grand return to television, whether you want her to or not. In this political drama, she plays a top CIA analyst who's tasked with one heck of a job: Put together a briefing for the president (Alfre Woodard) to assess the greatest threats to national security. And just in case that doesn't sound stressful enough, she spends what little free time she has hunting down the terrorists who killed her fiance, who also happened to be the president's son."
I almost didn't add this, because it isn't airing until November, but what the hell, why not! I'm one of the few who actually likes Katherine Heigl, but I'm not sure she's the right person for this role. We'll have to see, but I'm not sure I'm going to love this show. Sounds like another show trying to appeal to Homeland's audience.

The Affair
Sunday, Oct 12th - 10:00pm EST - Showtime
"This more-compelling-than-it-sounds drama examines the emotional and psychological effects of an affair (obviously) on two different marriages. Set in the Hamptons, the series stars Dominic West (The Wire), Ruth Wilson (Luther), Maura Tierney (ER), and Joshua Jackson (Fringe) as the cheaters and cheatees. Bonus: Bunheads' Julia Goldani Telles appears as the teenage daughter of one of the two couples, adding to an already excellent cast."
I do like Joshua Jackson, but I'm not sure how into this show I'd be. It's not on my list, but if it starts getting amazing reviews, I wouldn't mind adding it.

The Flash
Tuesday, Oct 7th - 8:00pm EST - The CW

"The CW's highly anticipated Arrow spin-off stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, a.k.a. the fastest man alive who was first introduced during Arrow's second season, when an explosion at the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator left him in a coma and he woke up with superhuman speed. More lighthearted than its parent series, The Flash is set in Central City, where Barry works as a forensic investigator and uses his special power to help fight crime. He's aided in that endeavor by Det. Joe West (Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin), a cop who also serves as Barry's surrogate father; Barry's real father (TV's original Barry Allen, and Dawson Leery's dad, John Wesley Shipp) is in prison for allegedly murdering Barry's mother. Rounding out the cast are Candice Patton as Iris, Joe's daughter and Barry's BFF; Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes as S.T.A.R. Labs scientists Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon; Rick Cosnett as Det. Eddie Thawne; and Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells."
Uh yea, I very much want to watch this. First of all, I love Grant Gustin. He was in Glee, anybody remember that? Love the guy. Also, since I'm starting to get into Arrow, I feel like this is the obvious next step.

The Mysteries Of Laura
Wednesday, Sept 17th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"Things at NBC are about to get Messing again! This lighthearted drama brings Will & Grace and Smash actress Debra Messing back to the small screen as Laura Diamond, an NYPD homicide detective who spends her days cleaning up the streets and the rest of her time cleaning up after her rambunctious twin sons and soon-to-be ex-husband. Josh Lucas and Laz Alonso also star."
Okay, so this show premiered last night at 10:00pm EST, HOWEVER - It will now be moving to it's regular time slot of Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST starting on Sept 24th. I missed the premiere last night because I had to work, #CollegeAthletics, so I don't know what to say about this show. It sounds okay, and I mean that, it just sounds okay. I like Debra Messing though, so I might give it a try. We'll see.

Whew, that was a long one.
Thanks for sticking with me, guys. Tomorrow is the final day of TV Week!

Do you put noodles in your chili?
Where are you from?

Thanks guys, you're the greatest of the great!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

October 2014 TV Premieres

Hi. TV Week, Day 3! I'm still excited about this week, guys, I gotta tell ya! Again, if you aren't into TV, then please just scroll down and answer the poll at the end of this post!

For everyone else, TV time again! A little repeat of yesterday's intro - I spent some time gathering all of the October premieres that I could find and felt were relevant, except for any NEW Fall 2014 TV shows, because those will be on the blog tomorrow. I obviously don't watch every show airing right now, so for the shows I do watch, I gave you my thoughts on the previous season(s) and my thoughts for the upcoming season. For the shows I don't watch I either asked my friends who watch the show or I spent some time (a lot of time, let's be honest) browsing the internet for information.

Listed below in alphabetical order at the October premieres with their air date, time, and network. Boom.

2 Broke Girls
Monday, Oct 27th - 8:00pm EST - CBS
I used to really love this show and I honestly don't have a real reason for quitting it other than I have to keep track of too many shows and this one got lost in the shuffle. It always used to make me laugh and the idea behind the show amused me, because I can relate, because I'm also broke. Most of the articles I've read have average things to say about the show. It's not going to win any Emmy's, but it's a good watch.

American Horror Story: Freak Show
Wednesday, Oct 8th - 10:00pm EST - FX

The whole concept of AHS makes me ridiculously happy. I completely love that every season is a different "horror story" and I love Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. I loved Murder House and I loved Asylum, but I only liked Coven. I don't know what it was missing, but it felt like it was missing something and I couldn't love it the way I loved the others.
I'm really excited about this season though, because from all of the things I've read, it's totally going to freak me out, which is the point. I've also read that there might be some Nazi things going on and a few other social issues and that sounds a little like AHS is going back to its roots like Murder House and Asylum. Since I preferred those seasons, I'm definitely ready for this one. Also, I'm not afraid of clowns, but I saw a preview for AHS: Freak Show with a clown and it freaked me out.

Wednesday, Oct 8th - 8:00pm EST - The CW

I actually watched the first season of this show and loved it. First of all, Stephen Amell. Holy wow. The 2nd season was halfway over when I finished the 1st season, so I've been waiting for it to get on Netflix so I could binge watch it before the new season. The show has a good concept, which shouldn't be surprising since it was a popular comic. I also follow Colton Haynes on Instagram, because hottie, and he joins the cast in season 2 and at the moment that's reason enough for me to catch up quickly and hope on the official Arrow bandwagon.

Criminal Minds
Wednesday, Oct 1st - 9:00pm EST - CBS

I want to start by saying that I LOVE this show. But, Season 9 as a whole was kind of boring. Which is not a word you should be using to describe a show about serial killers and murderers. Season 8 ended with kind of a dud episode, so I figured they had plans to start Season 9 off with a bang. Then they attempted a 2 episode storyline that was not that surprising or exciting. That pattern pretty much continued all season. There were a few bright and shiny moments - The Garcia centered episode with her ex-boyfriend from her past (The Black Queen, episode 12), the 200th episode with a good storyline for JJ and Prentiss returned which was just the best ever (200, episode 14), and the episode with 2 feuding West Virgina families and the super creepy "villain" WHO IS STILL ALIVE (Blood Relations, episode 20). That was definitely my favorite episode of this season. It was super, super creepy, it was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (who stars in the show as Dr. Reid), and at the end of the episode the team thinks the case is solved, but the audience knows that the "villain" is still alive. So yea, I really thought this was going to come back for the finale and I was really excited.
The finale disappointed me though. Not only because they didn't bring back that particular villain, but also because it felt a lot like last season's finale. In that it just sort of ended. There isn't a cliffhanger for the next season or anything. They sort of, I think, attempted to write off a character, but sadly it was a character that I just didn't care that much about, mostly because she was Prentiss' replacement and this was only her 2nd season on the show, so I didn't really feel "moved" by the ending. Honestly I just miss Prentiss.
Next season we will be adding Jennifer Love Hewitt to the team. I have very mixed feelings about this, most of them bad. I can only picture her as J. Love in The Ghost Whisperer and I'm not sure she is right for Criminal Minds. I'll try to keep an open mind. I've also read they will be adding another team member and that we will be having a bad guy who lasts throughout most of the season. We haven't really had a good storyline like that for a while, could be good.

Thursday, Oct 30th - 10:00pm EST - CBS
I don't watch this show, but I hear good things. In fact, as I was searching articles on this show it was the "Editor's Pick" on multiple websites. That sounds pretty damn good to me.

Friday, Oct 24th - 9:00pm EST - NBC

This show is flying under the radar and that is such a shame! I love this show! You've heard of Grimm's Fairy Tales, right? Well this show uses the Grimm brothers and their fairy tales and puts their own spin on it. I honestly think this show is so underrated! I think the concept is good, the acting is mostly good, and the story lines have been good! It's heading into it's 4th season right now. The 1st season was really, really good, the 2nd season had some big bumps, but the 3rd season really worked to fix those bumps and I was very impressed. I'm very, very much looking forward to the new season and I really recommend checking this show out. Also, it's set in Portland and they film it there too and it looks absolutely amazing!

Sunday, Oct 5th - 9:00pm EST - Showtime
I don't watch this show, but it is apparently the "it" show right now. Every review I read spoke incredibly highly of the show and from what I've seen people are really anticipating the new season. I almost feel like I need to watch it now so I can be a part of the "in crowd".

Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - The CW
I don't watch this show either and I honestly don't think it is a show I would like. Having said that, it's heading into its 2nd season and it was an "Editor's Pick" on, so that must mean something good. It is a period piece, set in the 1550's, which is why it's not really my thing, but if you like historical shows then I'm getting the impression that you'd love this one.

Tuesday, Oct 7th - 9:00pm EST - The CW

I feel like I can talk pretty freely about this show because most of my readers don't watch it. I understand, it's definitely a "cult" type show and I wouldn't have ever watched it if my aunt hadn't practically forced me to a little over a year ago. I started on Netflix and by Season 1 Episode 2, I was totally and completely hooked. I love it. It's about SO. MUCH. MORE than demons and angels and supernatural things. Needless to say, I have a lot of opinions about this show. So let's talk Season 9 as a whole and then the finale.
Season 9 had its far share of ups and downs. Some storylines that worked out (mark of cain) and some that definitely didn't (abbadon). While I was watching the season I personally hated so much of where they were taking the characters, because this is a show where you get very, very attached to the characters, but when we got down to the last few episodes of the season, I had time to reflect and change my opinion. Mostly because it turns out that unlike most of my tv shows, the writers had a plan. So from episode 1 of this season there was a plan and they started laying groundwork for the plan. Even better, the plan involved the previous 8 seasons. I love that, so much. It is so nice and refreshing to watch a tv show where I can trust the writers not to screw their own show up. Turns out, the Supernatural writers actually like their show, a lot, and write accordingly. Yay you!
Let's talk the finale.. Supernatural finally went there. The finale was everything I wanted it to be. The places they could take this storyline have got me so, SO excited and I seriously can't wait for Season 10. I've watched several interviews with the main actors recently and you can just tell that they are so excited about this season and that makes the viewer excited! I feel like maybe someone has blown a breathe of fresh air into the show and for a show about to hit its 200th episode, that's huge!

The Originals
Monday, Oct 6th - 8:00pm EST - The CW
Man, this Vampire Diaries spinoff has gone above and beyond my expectations. It really took a poor backdoor episode and made it into something great. It had it's occasional bumps, but unlike TVD lately, it corrected its bumps quickly. This show did good things and the acting in this show is just fantastic. The writers really got lucky to have such great actors on this show. I'm also loving all of the flashbacks we get. The Originals as a family have so dang much history, obviously, and I feel like we've still just begun to touch on some of it and it's awesome. I also love the relationships between the different characters, particularly Klaus and Marcel. It's so complicated and juicy and so good for storytelling. Also Haley and Elijah for life. But most importantly Klaus and Elijah for always and forever.
The finale was a fabulous cap on a great season. Bringing Rebekah back was just.. everything. Even though I suspected that it was going to happen, it didn't ruin that moment for me at all. The baby was finally born after an entire season revolving around the darn thing. I like how that was wrapped up. I also LOVE the small cliffhanger they left us with. Such potential! I'm excited for the new season and according to the internet, I'm not alone!

The Vampire Diaries
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 8:00pm EST - The CW

I have very few good things to say about most Season 5. From the beginning, it was a disaster and just barely corrected itself. First we had Silas as the villain, which I've already mentioned I hated, then we had the Whitmore College situation, which totally bombed, then we had Katherine as the villain again and that was short-lived and really obnoxious for the 89th time, oh and then we had the Travelers. The travelers, much like the rest of the villains this season had a LOT of potential to be great, but now they're gone too? Honestly, that's my biggest problem with the show - SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but they just don't quite get there. There were a few highlights, specifically when the gang was sitting around taking shots talking about how awful Katherine is while she was on her deathbed. Also when Katherine went around the room and told everyone in the gang how she "made their life better". Classic moments and I loved them. Also, I totally ship the Stefan and Caroline romance, so hard. Also, the show needs more of Matt and more of Jeremy. Stat.
The finale was pretty much like the rest of the season for me. I'll admit that I didn't even watch the finale live because I was several episodes behind because I was not into TVD this season. So when I did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nina Dobrev rocks my socks off. When she had her goodbye scene with Damon (sorta) and was sobbing.. I almost started sobbing too. Beautiful acting, as usual.
Honestly, I feel like the finale did a lot of things that the rest of the season couldn't do. I really didn't think I'd be excited for the new season but it turns out, I kind of am. They made some HUGE changes in the last episode and left some pretty big questions unanswered, I hope they can make something of all of that.

The Walking Dead
Sunday, Oct 12th - 9:00pm EST - AMC
Again, I had a love/hate thing going on with The Walking Dead last season. I didn't love that we spent 2 whole episodes on the Governor, especially since in the end we still decided he was a douche, so what was the point? Also, and I know I'm not alone in this, the whole 2nd half of the season when we followed only a few characters each episode because they were all split up. I definitely liked getting a little more background on some of the characters and I liked the concept of splitting up the group, however, it made for several mostly boring episodes in a row. I'm willing to forgive and forget though, because the gangs all back together now! Well, minus Darrell, which is a big no-no, but I have a lot of faith that the fan-favorite is going to find his way back into the show very soon.

Two and a Half Men
Thursday, Oct 30th - 9:00pm EST - CBS
Honestly, this show needs to be cancelled now. And that's how I feel about that.

There you have it! The October premieres! Here are the September premieres, in case you missed them yesterday!
Tomorrow I'll be talking about the NEW shows coming this September and October! - POSTED HERE!

Do you put noodles in you chili?
Also, let me know where you're from!
Thank you to everyone who has already answered! I've noticed some of you have some very strong opinions on this question! ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2014 TV Premieres

It's TV Week, Day 2! For those of you who don't care about TV Week, I do have a little poll going on at the end of this post if you wouldn't mind scrolling down!

For the rest of you, let's talk TV. Now I spent some time gathering all of the September premieres that I could find and felt were relevant, except for any NEW Fall 2014 TV shows, because those will be on the blog on Thursday (posted here!). Now, I obviously don't watch every show airing right now, so for the shows I do watch, I gave you my thoughts on the previous season(s) and my thoughts for the upcoming season. For the shows I don't watch I either asked my friends who do watch the show or I spent some time browsing the internet for information.

I listed them below in alphabetical order, because type A, and I also included their premiere date for future reference!

Thursday, Sept 25th - 8:00pm EST - Fox
Last season I was only still watching this show out of habit. It has been just down right terrible the last few seasons and when this season started and they brought back the same big bad (pelant) from the last 2 seasons before, I seriously thought I was going to need to strangle someone. Just poor story-telling. Then, even though I was sick of this big bad to begin with, they gave him the worst death scene and exit, ever. I mean, really? REALLY?! 3 seasons of him and that's how you end it? Ok. Then we had this Ghost Killer storyline. Which held such promise and then when it all "ended" I was actually just really confused. It didn't measure up to the hype they'd made it out to be, so it actually kinda just sucked. Then Bones went and surprised me.
The finale was one of their best in many years, if not ever. I'm so, so thankful for the twist at the end because I was going to be super shitty if they ended the finale with Booth's life hanging in the balance. That's old and over-done with no real threat factor. What they did end on is some good stuff though that actually has me, dare I say it, looking forward to the this upcoming season. They're in new territory and for a show that has been on as long as Bones, that's important. I'm happy and anticipating fun things. Especially after the network tried to the kill the show by moving it to Fridays last season and that backfired on them. Suck on that, Fox.

Monday, Sept 29th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
I don't currently watch this show, so I don't actually know very much about it. But one of my best friends does watch it and she loves it. I know it's about a man who write murder mystery novels, but that's about all I know. I did hear that the novels that the character supposedly writes actually exist and you can read them. That's pretty legit. My friend says that last season ended on big things and she's excited for this new season. That's about all I got out of her, but since she DVRs this show, I know it means a lot to her, so it must be good!

Chicago Fire
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 10:00pm EST - NBC

So let me just say that I only started watching this show because last year I started watching Chicago P.D. and this is it's parent show. So I spent a good 2 weeks over the summer binge watching the first 2 season of Chicago Fire. I fell in love 15 minutes into the first episode. Really, really recommend this show! Even though it is already about to start it's 3rd season, I still feel like there are so many potential stories to tell, which is good because that means the show has no reason to become stagnant!
Last season ended with the entire cast, minus one, with their life potentially in the balance. My sister and I have read that one main character is going to be dying in the first episode, so we've spent all summer trying to figure out who it will be. I've decided that because Peter Mills is my all-time favorite character, ever ever ever, that he's probably going to be the one to die. Because they would do something like that to me.

Chicago P.D.
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 10:00pm EST - NBC

If I fell in love with Chicago Fire within 15 minutes of the first episode, then I fell in love with this show approximately 15 seconds into Episode 1! They got some dang amazing actors for this show and it shows in every episode! The show is also not afraid to "go there". Things are not black and white in the Chicago P.D. station and all of the characters live in the grey area and it's so great. I love that we haven't quite figured out all of the characters back stories yet too. Which made every episode this season exciting because every episode gave us a little hint of a character's story. LOVE.
The finale was freaking excellent. I'm actually sort of amused with myself, because I thought I knew for sure what the big cliffhanger was going to be. Wrong. I was wrong. I'm excited to see where they're going to take this season, since I'm pretty sure they'll have a full 20-22 episode season, instead of a half season, like last year. My sister and I haven't heard any really reliable news about this season either, so I really don't have much to add. I know Burgess gets a new partner and Atwater joins the team. Other than that, natta. Ps. LINSTEAD. Pss. BURZEK.

Grey's Anatomy
Thursday, Sept 25th - 8:00pm EST - ABC
I'm about to be very unpopular, but I can't help but feel like it's time for Grey's Anatomy to come to an end. On one hand, there were so many things I loved about last season, but on the other hand I was bored. Grey's Anatomy has had a good long run and a run they should be proud of. I've loved so many things about that hospital and I'll miss it when it's gone.
However, I think it would be wise of Shonda to give Grey's this one last season to wrap up story lines and send the series off with a good, solid finale. Instead of dragging the show out longer to the point where it's a shell of it's former greatness. Do you know what I mean?
This season is going to be weird for me to watch without Cristina. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about it yet. I think I'll be distracted the first few episodes though with the new Meredith storyline. Another sibling? Really? Haven't we already done this? I've heard they're teasing MerDer drama. Haven't we also already done that too?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:00pm EST - NBC

Yea, did you know people actually watch this show as it aires new episodes? Instead of just watching the reruns for hours when they air on USA? Who knew. This show is in it's 16th season, people. I heard nothing but really good things coming from it's season last year and based on the ratings, it's 16th season won't be it's last. I wish I had time to catch up and watch the seasons that aren't on USA as much, so that I'd know a little bit about what is going on and I could watch the new episodes as they air. Alas, that probably won't happen for me.

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 9:00pm EST - ABC
I don't watch this show, but my mother does. She's into all of that DC Comics/Marvel stuff. From what she's said, she likes it. I've heard it ties into all of the other DC/Marvel movies that are out right now, so I think it's important that you've seen most of those, but maybe not necessary? To be honest, I was just looking and it didn't really get good reviews last year. However, some of the reviews I'm reading think this season will be better. Here's hoping.

Modern Family
Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:00pm EST - ABC
Not a show I watch regularly, but I have seen several episodes and I've laughed through every single one. I really like Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch) and Eric Stonestreet (Cam). They just totally make the show for me.

Wednesday, Sept 24th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
Again, not a show I watch, but a show I think I would like. I like country music and I love Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere and I love the premise of the show. As I was looking for info on the upcoming season, I found a lot of articles suggesting that this is on the chopping block and it might be cancelled. Right now it is airing on the 24th for it's 3rd season, but I'm worried it might be it's last. You never can tell though, because if this is a powerful season and picks up in ratings, then it'll easily get renewed! So don't worry yet, Nashville fans!

Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 8:00pm EST - CBS

Season 11, just.. Ugh. I have many mixed feelings about all of the things that happened last season. For one, Ziva's send off felt incomplete. In a lot of ways, I really liked that episode (Past, Present, and Future, episode 2), but in a lot more ways I totally hated it. The whole season pretty much follows that same pattern. They introduced a new main character last season, Bishop, whom I actually don't dislike, but they tried to change Tony's character which at first felt refreshing, but quickly turned annoying. Almost all of the comedy seemed forced this season, making nothing that funny. I did enjoy the 2 backdoor episodes for the new NCIS spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans (which i will discuss on thursday - discussed here). Fresh and new and I liked those episodes a lot. But in a way, the whole season just felt like a mess.Which I can forgive them for because they were thrown for quite a loop a week before Season 11 shooting had to start and re-writes had to quickly happen, but the whole season just spiraled out of control from there.
The finale however, was wonderful. The episode honored the memory and life of Ralph White, who was a recurring character on the show, but passed away in real life this year. It was good and ended up being a really sweet send off for the character and the man. They even tied up a tiny, small loose end from earlier in the season, which was probably a little unnecessary, but still nice storytelling for the most part. Also, NCIS did something it's never done. It didn't leave us with a cliffhanger. Which felt very appropriate considering the main storyline of the episode (the death of Gibbs' father) and also because it's something different. A show going into it's 12th season could use a little bit more of "something different". I think starting Season 12 off completely fresh is just what NCIS needs. I haven't heard a thing about the upcoming season as far as story lines goes and I'm glad. I need NCIS to surprise me to keep me interested.

NCIS: Los Angeles
Monday, Sept 29th - 10:00pm EST - CBS
High five for Season Five! Last season was the best season ever. Every single time I wrote about NCISLA last year I had good things to say and that's because it had been such a good season. I honestly don't have many complaints. My biggest complaint is how annoying I find LL Cool J's character. Not because it's acted by him or because it's acted poorly, but just because that character kinda drives me crazy. No good reason, just how I feel most of the time.
Ironically, the lowest point of this season was the finale. Not much of a real cliffhanger and quite frankly it was a boring "case of the week" if you know what I mean. I do find the whole Hetty thing interesting and I wonder if NCISLA is really going to pull the trigger and remove her from the team. Probably not, but it'd be a nice change up to get Season 6 rolling. The cliffhanger was basically them ending the finale with "to be continued" which wasn't a cliffhanger, it was actually just really annoying.  I forgive them of course, because I was so in love with the entire season last year. Please don't disappoint me NCISLA.

New Girl
Tuesday, Sept 16th - 9:00pm EST - Fox *Tonight*

I don't currently watch this show, but I really, really want to! I happened to catch one episode in the middle of the season last year and I loved it! It's going into it's 4th season tonight, but Netflix only has the first 2 seasons on there right now. Once they put the 3rd season up, I'm going to watch them and catch up! Everyone I know who watches this show absolutely loves it. I definitely think it is starting to gain it's well deserved popularity and I'm excited!

Once Upon A Time
Sunday, Sept 28th - 8:00pm EST - ABC

I don't watch this show, but I'm going to have to start. My best friend, who doesn't ever watch TV or get hooked on TV shows, is obsessed with this show. Obsessed. In that she must be home every Sunday night and watch this live. She tells me she loves Rumplestilskin almost weekly. That's reason enough for me to watch the show, but also the characters of Frozen will be appearing on it this season, so I think that means I need to quickly catch up and add this to my DVR ever week.

Thursday, Sept 25th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
Not a show I watch, but my sister and her friend love this show. I did watch a few episodes with them last year and it was ok. Just ok. I didn't love it like they did, but they now claim I didn't watch good episodes, so who knows. It's going into it's 6th and final season, which means it could be a very emotional and big season for the show. My sister said something about someone maybe being pregnant and she's still stressed over whether or not a certain couple will get back together or not. If you watch Parenthood, I'm sure you can decipher that. I told her to let me know how this season goes and maybe I'll binge watch the whole show once it's all on Netflix.

Sunday, Sept 28th - 10:00pm EST - ABC
I don't watch this show and honestly, based on the reviews I just read, I'm kind of glad I don't. It seems like a general consensus that the first season was phenomenal, the 2nd season was good, the 3rd season was barely watchable, and no one is excited for this 4th season. It also seems that the 3rd season made the viewer really dislike the main character and therefore no one wants to watch a show where they don't like the lead. Of course, I'm basing all of this off the the 4 or 5 articles I read, but since they were all discussing the same things, I'm very apprehensive about adding this to my watch list.
Anyone else really watch this show? Thoughts?

Thursday, Sept 25th - 9:00pm EST - ABC

This one is on my list! I don't currently watch this show, but my friend and I have decided we're going to start watching it on Netflix to catch up and then watch this season! I've heard so, so many good things about this show and Olivia Pope and I am so, so excited to watch!

The Big Bang Theory
Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - CBS
This isn't a show I watch, but my aunt and my dad watch it and they seem to love it. I will say that the reviews I read seem like this show is nearing it's end, but who honestly knows?

The Voice
Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - NBC
I only watch this show sporadically. My favorite parts are the blind auditions and then once it gets to the final few contestants. I'm not at all excited for this season though with Pharrell and Gwen Steffani. Mostly because the judges are what makes the show fun. Adam and Blake together are the best and I really like them with Usher and Shakira, so I'm not excited for the 2 new judges. I probably won't watch much of this season, if I watch any of it. However, my dad is obsessed with this show for some reason, which amuses me because it is so not his thing. Anyway, I'll be getting regular updates from him, so it'll still feel like I'm watching.

And those are you September 2014 premieres!
I wish I could get paid to do this shit, because I love it! 
Tomorrow, the October premieres! - POSTED HERE
Thursday, the new shows for Fall 2014! - POSTED HERE

Do you put noodles/pasta/macaroni in your chili?
Also, let me know where you're from!

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