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Loved It Or Loathed It? My Vegas List

What happens in Vegas.. Ends up on my blog.

I can't remember if I mentioned the reason for this Vegas trip. This Vegas trip was for my baby sister's 21st birthday.

So you could say it was her best birthday ever.

On the plane ride home I started thinking about Vegas and compiling a mental list of things I absolutely loved and things I didn't really like as much. Since Vegas is a pretty popular vacation destination, I decided to share my list. Of course, these are my own bullshit opinions, but you should read them anyway, because.. Pictures. And also, take pity on me and just read it.

Loved It
>> There are so many things to see and do in Vegas. So many things. Even if you don't like to gamble or don't like to drink, there are a hundred ways you could fill your days and nights. There's so much to do and see in Vegas that if someone was there and said they were bored, you have my permission to smack them upside the head.

>> Bellagio fountains. I loved them so much! Well, first I should mention that the Bellagio was my favorite hotel/casino that I got to see. But the fountain shows are out of this world and so fun. At night they have a new show every 10-15 minutes with music and water shooting up everywhere and yes. Loved everything about that.

>> The dry heat. This is a personal thing, because I live in Indiana and we deal with a humidity problem. So in the summer my hair frequently can't handle the humidity and just gets.. unreasonable. My hair loved Vegas. Loved it. It was so glorious. Also, 107* in Vegas is not the same as 107* in Indiana. The difference is almost mind boggling.

>> When you're gambling at a casino, you get free drinks. Well, $1 drinks, because you should always tip them a dollar, but basically a free drink. As many as you want, so.. yea, fun.
>> There are so many things that are exclusively "Vegas". By that I mean that there are so many stores, so many restaurants, so many architectural structures that are only in Vegas. I mean honestly there are just hundreds and hundreds of things that you won't see anywhere except for in Vegas and I love special things like that.
>> Constant entertainment. There are mini shows everywhere, in every hotel/casino or things constantly happening. Nothing stops, no one sleeps, it's crazy!
>> The open container laws! I don't know about other cities and such, but I know that here in Indiana you can't walk out of a bar or restaurant or casino carrying a beer and you can't just walk around on the streets drinking a vodka tonic. In Vegas that's totally legit and pretty much expected. It was so weird for me and completely hard for me to understand. You get a drink in one casino and can walk to another casino drinking it, then put that glass down in that casino. Such a hard concept for me to grasp.

>> Winning. I got a little too excited when I won $20. One time I won $200 and about lost my shit. Winning is fun.

Loathed It
>> There are so many things to see and do in Vegas. I know I said I loved this, but a little piece of me hated it too, because we had some FULL days. We filled our days to the brim and I still feel like we missed out on so much. It's kind of insane how much longer my list of things I didn't do is than my list of things we did do. You could easily go to Vegas 50 times and barely scratch the surface. Which is kind of cool, but also a little bit of a bummer.
>> Casinos and hotels in Vegas allow smoking inside the buildings. I'm not a smoker and I don't particularly like smoking, so that got to be quite annoying. Everything kind of always smells like smoke and you're constantly sitting at a slot machine next to someone who is smoking. Some hotels/casinos did a decent job of pumping fresh air in (i guess that's what they were doing) so you couldn't tell as bad, but for the most part everything always reeked of smoke. I was ready to get home and wash my clothes (which smell like smoke) and breathe some real fresh air.
>> I paid $6 for a water bottle and that just grinded my gears, so I'm mentioning it now. The water also tasted like shitty tap water.
>> Losing. As fun as winning is, losing sucks just as much. I mean, obviously.

Other than those things listed above, I really can't think of too much else to say except that I definitely, without a doubt, think that everyone should Vegas at least once in their lifetime. Just to experience a different world, if nothing else. Because it definitely is its own little world out there in the middle of the desert.

OH, my only other actual comment involves children. Vegas is just not a family vacation type of place for anyone under 21. It just really isn't. Maybe I'm particularly salty because I was hit with a stroller more than once which made me incredibly cranky, but I don't think kids have any business being in a place like that. Especially since they won't be able to fully enjoy it and neither will you. So it's a waste of cash money.
That's my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.
I'm kind of hoping you leave it, because I could always use the 2 cents. #BrokeAsAJoke


  1. I wouldn't think that Vegas would be a place you would want to take your kids? Wouldn't Disney be more appropriate?

    Also, yes I love dry heat! I went on a business trip to the desert several times and it's amazing how the over 100* temps don't feel like that at all!

  2. I cannot imagine thinking "Vegas? Yes, let's bring the babies and children!" that makes zero sense.

  3. This totally makes me even more jealous of your trip. I would live in 107 degree weather everyday if there was no humidity. Also. Free drinks = drunk all day, right?

  4. Love all of your photos! I still haven't made it to Vegas, I would love to go one day. That being said I would NEVER bring my daughter. How could anyone think that's a good idea?? lol. Yikes! I think I would get pretty cranky about all of the cigarette smoke too. Gross

  5. Looks like a great time. We have open container laws here too it sucks. LOL
    I am a smoker/ex smoker (working on it) and I hate being in a building that is full of smoke. When we go to the bar my clothes smell so bad and my eyes water. I have 3 kids and totally agree thats a vacation place for adults only.

  6. I've been to Vegas 8 times (and go again next week for the 9th) and still haven't seen or done everything that I want to! The Bellagio fountains are so gorgeous - seeing them from the top of the 'Eiffel Tower' is breathtaking!

    The smoking in casinos is absolutely my least favourite part about Vegas! Yuccck!

    Looks like you guys had a great time! What hotel did you stay at?

  7. LOVE THIS! I have been to Vegas 4 times and love it. Your list is SPOT ON! The water pisses me off...SO expensive and the second it gets in your hand it's warm haha. Looks like you had a great time! See why I keep going back? Never enough time to do anything. I still have things for this next time that I want to do. :) Awesome post!

  8. Celebrating a 21st birthday in Vegas is kind of the dream, right? Pretty nice big sister!

  9. This post has really inspired me to seriously look into Vegas for my bachelorette party! It looks so fun and if the airfare isn't too crazy we miiiiiight do it. Thanks for all the tips!

  10. my favorite part of vegas was the 1.50 footlong hotdogs. BOOM.

  11. I miss dry heat!! Compared to here, it was dry in Dallas and it didn't feel so gross.

  12. I haven't been to Vegas but I think anyone who would take their kids there is asking for a very INTERESTING (and probably stresseful) trip. Awesome job on winning $200! I'd lose my shit too haha


  13. I'm the same way about winning. I freaked out when I won $34 dollars on a slot machine and promptly cashed out. VICTORY. I couldn't agree more with you about the kids in Vegas thing. Really? You want your child seeing those raunchy naked lady cards all over the ground? You don't have to drink or gamble to enjoy Vegas, but you should probably at least be 16, yeah?

  14. pretty sure i have that same stripped shirt. i am also pretty sure there were a lot of other things i could have commented on about this post, but that is the most important thing i took from this #twinning

  15. My favorite part of this whole post is the woman caught in the background of your 107* selfie. Classic.

  16. Seriously want dry heat here in the Midwest. Seriously. Why is that. It a thing?

  17. I lived in Vegas for a very short time as a kid (my dad is a crap dealer at the Palms and Golden Nugget) and it was FUN as a kid .. I also know that I was taken on various occasions when we lived in California. There is soooooo much to do for kids: The magic show, Cirque de Soleil, MGM, Circus Circus - all just to name a few. If you're looking for 'adult time', then obviously it isn't a trip for kids. But for anyone who might be thinking of going as a family with their kids it is fun, there is a ton to do. I'll concede that there will be plenty to 'talk about' and many questions to 'answer' though depending on the age of the children ;)
    Glad you had a fun trip. I love Vegas too. It is my home away from home.

  18. I love Vegas! I've only been there once & I cannot tell you how much I want to go back & all the things I wanna do. What gets me is the shows - I want to see EVERY show there at EVERY casino. Ha! Someday I'll make it back out there.

    Happy belated birthday to your sis! :)

  19. I would love to go to Vegas some day! Thanks for sharing some of your favs and not-so-favs :)

  20. Haha, as much as I love kids, I TOTALLY AGREE. There are just places you do NOT need to bring 'em along. That's what mom 'n dad are for, right?! To babysit over the weekend while the parentos get away for a bit. I've never actually been to Las Vegas, but now I totally want to go. Especially for the $1 drinks. :D

  21. I want to go there one day. MY boyfriend wants to go for his golden birthday but says I'm not invited, it's a boys trip. Boooo.

    I would hate the smoke so much. I don't think I could last more than a couple of days before going crazy and needing to breathe!!

  22. Vegas is on my bucketlist but I totally get what you're saying about loathing it...


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