Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mornings. Ugh.

Yesterday morning went so well, especially for being my first morning back to work after vacation. I mean, I hated everything about it, but things ran smoothly and I started the day in a decently good mood.

Today was exactly the opposite.

First of all, this happened this morning -

Yea, my phone rang at 3:48am. It scared the shit out of me and once I realized it wasn't a call I actually needed to answer, I was instantly pissed off. I just not finally Google'd that number and it turns out it's a scam. Which isn't that weird, I get calls like that all the time, but at 3:48am? I wish I had answered just so I could give them a piece of my mind. That's F-ing ridiculous. I'm getting crankier just thinking about it.

ANYWAY - I need to bring my blood pressure back down before I injure someone.

So yesterday morning I woke up without hitting snooze, which is weird, then I went straight to the gym without thinking angry thoughts on the way. I came home, got ready, made eggs for breakfast, packed my lunch for the day, got to work early, and just in general it was a pretty decent morning for a Monday. I had even written my blog post the night before, so I didn't even need to worry about that! Bloggers understand what a huge weight lifted that is in the mornings.

But today, apparently during the 3:48am wake up phone call craziness I managed to turn off my alarms. Which resulted in me waking up late, miraculously on my own, and having another mini freak out that I was late. I wasn't, but there wasn't any extra time for the gym OR a shower. So I had to dry shampoo my hair and make the best of it (it actually turned out mostly ok, so i shouldn't complain about that too much) and I only had time for a banana for breakfast and I didn't make my lunch, so I'll have to go home and figure that out at lunchtime, which annoys me. ALSO, I didn't write a blog post last night because my DVR is still 80% full and I really need to start cleaning it out, so I forced myself to start working through the TV shows that I only DVR and watch later (as apposed to the shows i watch live weekly). That's a lame excuse not to have a blog post ready, but it's the truth.

So no blog post was scheduled for this morning, which meant that the entire time I was getting ready I was trying to plan out a post in my head. Clearly I didn't do a very good job of that because now you guys are stuck with me complaining about my morning.

Mornings are unfair. 
They're either really good or really bad and there isn't really any kind of in-between.

I do have something fun for you today. Yea, I was supposed to post this yesterday, because it technically started yesterday. Yea, I forgot all about it. I'm not a very good blogger, you guys. Welcome to the shit show.

Becca is a good blogger though. Very good. Really, really good. So good that she's great. And she put together a giveaway. $110 paypal cash giveaway. Yea, $110. Ugh, I need $110. Shoot, I need $10.
Anyway, ENTER ---> This giveaway ends next Monday night!

I'll see you tomorrow, party people.
Thanks for sticking with me even when I don't deserve it.


  1. Girl I can relate and you're right there isn't an in between!

  2. I am totally with you! And how odd, my husband got a call in the middle of the night! I will have to check the # to see what it was. He said he didn't know the # and rolled over and went back to sleeping, LOL.

  3. Weird! My husband got a phone call in the middle of the night! I will have to check into that!!

  4. It is so true that there really isn't an in between when it comes to mornings. I hope the rest of the week is better!!

  5. My mornings are always bad...I hate mornings, they are the worst! Ha!

    I actually have a block mode set up on my phone & only certain numbers can get through & I love that especially with my accident prone family. :\

  6. i would be livid if someone called me that early in the morning.

  7. Seems like this morning was more like a Monday morning. Hopefully you don't get any more ridiculous calls!

  8. "forced" yourself to go through your tv shows? you ain't gotta lie. We both know you loved that shit.

  9. Oh I hate when people wake me up super early with unnecessary calls but 3h48 is ridic - boo!

  10. You know my thoughts on that caller. I do have to mention that I thought you looked exceptionally pretty today AND I have 30 post ideas for you for the next 30 days. YOU'RE WELCOME.

  11. "HOOOOOOOOOONK. you've won a cruise".

    every. damn. day.

  12. I always have to google weird numbers that call me! Lately my fiance has been getting phone calls night and day from an inmate at a jail and we have no idea who it is haha.


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