Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

I'll say it loud and proud - I'm a bookworm.

I'm a bookworm who happens to love TV and movies just as much as I love books. So movies or TV shows that started as books?! I'm so game.

Usually, if there's a movie coming out that is based off of a book, I'll make sure I read the book first. TV shows based on books are a little different, they're usually based on a book series and sometimes I don't read those books. Movies, almost always yes, I've read the book.

This tends to create a problem. In my experience, 98% of the time the book is better than the movie. It's just fact. The book wins 98% of the time. I say 98% because I actually know of one movie/book that I preferred the movie. I know, I was as shocked as you are.

But sometimes the movies fall short.
And sometimes I get really frustrated.
And sometimes I walk out of the theater wanting to injure someone for screwing up a great book.

I know, I KNOW that to make a movie exactly like a book, the movie would have to be 6 hours+ long. Books can hold more content, so to make the movie, I know things need cut. I also know that movies flow differently than books, so sometimes things need rearranged or changed entirely. I know, okay? I really pride myself on being able to separate a book and a movie and thinking of them as 2 different things. This usually allows me to love a movie just as much as I love a book, even when they're different. But sometimes this doesn't work.

So today, here's a small sampling of books turned movies/TV shows and I'm asking YOU which you preferred..

 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book vs. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie

The Help book vs. The Help movie

My Sister's Keeper book vs. My Sister's Keeper movie

The Hunger Games book vs. The Hunger Games movie

Something Borrowed book vs. Something Borrowed movie

The Sookie Stackhouse series vs. True Blood tv series

P.S. I Love You book vs. P.S. I Love You movie

The Notebook book vs. The Notebook movie

Pretty Little Liars book series vs. Pretty Little Liars tv series

The Twilight Saga books vs. The Twilight Saga movies

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud book vs. Charlie St. Cloud movie

Harry Potter book series vs. Harry Potter movies

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones book vs. The Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie

Just curious what everyone thinks.

Also for a really good list of books turned into movies, check this out.

AND a super awesome list of books that are about to turn into movies! I'll be using this list to add books to my "Need to Read" list!
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Date, Pay It Forward, and Breaking Bad

Started off at the dentist. Yay..

Then I had a dinner date with this handsome devil!

My baby brother is such a cute boy! Best date around too!

Then something fun happened. We decided to run to WalMart on our way home to grab a couple things. As we walked in, an older woman was standing outside next to an empty shopping cart handing out flyers. As we walk in, I start reading it. It's a food drive.

About that time my brother asks me "so what are we getting?" and I just kinda looked at him and said "this" and handed him the flyer. So then he picked out a few things on the list for us to get and we bought them. Then he got to give our bags to the woman outside. He was excited about it and damn if it didn't put a big ol smile on my face too. #payitforward

I spent the entire day with my sister-in-law. There are no pictures, because I barely had my phone all day. We went to a golf benefit, then shopping and dinner, and then to see We're The Millers. Highly recommend that movie by the way, hilarious.

So anyway, Saturday I was a bad blogger because I was out living my life. Sue me.

I worked all darn day. That's typically what school starting back up means for me. Le sigh. Then I spent the night reading all about my girl Nina and watching Breaking Bad.

Don't forget to link-up with Sami!
Sami's Shenanigans

And now, I'll leave you with this. Happy Monday, loves!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Baseball Phrases - Fan Friday!

It's Fan Friday with Sarah, so let's talk about baseball.

Venus Trapped in Mars

For those who haven't seen my tweets, I've been watching a lot of the Little League World Series lately. I can't flip over to a game for more than 20 seconds without getting completely sucked in and staying awake until 11pm to finish a game. I don't get sucked into any Major League game the way I get sucked into the LLWS.

It's just.. the kids. These are (mostly) 12 and 13 year old kids. Who are smart and athletic and are still at the stage where they play because they love to play. They love the game and they respect the game. A lot of guys lose that as they get older and get into the big leagues and so it's just so nice to see. These kids don't get paid to play and they aren't trying to get a college scholarship yet. They're just playing to win, playing to play. I love it. I'm addicted to it.

Anyway, as I was watching I noticed the announcers saying a lot of phrases. I knew what they meant, but I started thinking that if I'd been watching this with some of my friends, I'd be explaining every other sentence to them. So I started writing them down and today, YOU lucky people get that list with some SIMPLE explanations. So if you're ever watching a game with a potential boyfriend or husband or whatever, you can attempt to know what the heck is going on!

*Update, I just alphabetized them for you. Type A alert*

3 batters come up to the plate, 3 batters go back to the dugout. With none ending up on base.

The best starting pitcher on the team.
It's a call against the pitcher by the umpire. Typically balks are called when the pitcher doesn't "set" before making his throw or when he doesn't step toward the base he is throwing the ball to. For instance if a pitcher steps towards home and appears to be pitching to the batter, but then throws the ball to first base to pick off the runner, that would be called a balk. In my years of watching baseball and being best friends with a left-handed pitcher, this is one of the trickier calls an umpire has to make.

When the batter begins to swing at the ball, but stops his swing before it cross home plate.

When the batter slides his hands up on the bat toward the barrel for better control of the bat.

The 4th batter in the batting lineup. For more info on batting order, click here. This explains it way better than I ever could.

One of my best friend's dad used to say this all the time. It's when there are runners on 3rd and 2nd base. Or when the bases are loaded.

A pitching term for when the ball appears to be in the strike zone (therefore hittable to the batter) but then ends low and out of the hittable zone.
When a batter has 2 strikes against him so he purposely fouls off the next pitch so he can keep batting.

This is when the hitter has 3 balls and 2 strikes. Meaning with the next pitch (unless it is fouled off) the batter will either advance to first (if the next pitch is a ball or a hit) or strike out (if the next pitch is a strike)

A home run with the bases loaded, earning 4 runs.

When the pitcher (or occasionally the catcher) throws the ball to an infielder at a base (typically 1st or 2nd base) and catches the base runner off the base, resulting in an out. 

This is when a team comes back from behind. Say the blue team was down 4-1 and then in one inning scored 4 runs, so the blue team was now up 4-5.
When the pitcher doesn't like the pitch the catcher calls, the pitcher might shake his head, indicating that he wants to throw a different pitch. He's "shaking off" the catcher.

Left handed pitcher.

Typically you will hear the phrase "walk off home run" meaning the home team hits a game winning (and ending) home run, so the visiting team (the losing team) has to "walk off" the field.

Batting terms:

The next batter to bat. If Johnny is batting, and Larry is "on deck", then that means Larry is batting next.

The next batter to bat after the batter on deck. If Johnny is batting, and Larry is on deck, then Trey might be "in the hole", meaning he will bat after Larry.

There you go, some baseball terminology to impress the guys in your life. You're so very welcome! Also, LLWS is on tv tonight and the rest of this weekend, check it out! 
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY {Pencil Holder}

I'm fully aware that this is about to be the most ridiculous DIY post, ever. But you're getting it anyway.

I mentioned that I moved my sister back to college on Monday. While we were unpacking her room, I noticed what she was using as a pen holder. Do you know when you buy those economy sized pack of pencils and they come in that little plastic box? That. She was using that.

So I proceeded to make fun of her. Then she said "Well I'm not using money to buy a new pencil holder when that works just fine!" Touche.

But I couldn't leave it alone. So I used her initial she made for her door as inspiration..

So to make her a pencil holder, I needed a can. This is where my recycling habit comes in handy. (reason #2453 why you should recycle - for crafting)

Remove label and clean can well! Make sure there are no super sharp, dangerous edges.

Gather your supplies. If you're like me, you stole the exact same supplies your sister used to make her initial letter.

Then I just used a foam brush to apply the paint. I used the super professional technique of sticking the can on my hand so it was easier to cover the whole thing without being covered in paint and leaving smudges.

It will need 2 coats. This is an aluminum can and basic craft paint we are talking about here. Suck it up and wait the 30 min for the 1st coat to dry (or watch the episode of Breaking Bad you missed) and then do a 2nd coat.

Then I'd wait at least an hour before the next step. I waited until the next day and let the paint dry overnight.

Take your pretty can outside and spray the heck out of it with glitter spray.

It's really hard to photograph glitter using your iPhone5, but it's there, I promise.

Then decorate.

I took it outside to try to show you what it actually looks like it person, this is the closet picture I could get to show you what it really looks like.

It's not perfect, but it's very much my sister and her taste. I think she'll like it when she gets it in the mail as a little surprise!

Oh and because I used a can from my recycling bin and I stole the rest of the supplies from her, this project cost me zero dollars and zero cents. Boom.

And in case your wondering where my pens and pencils reside, here you go.

Wine glass. Because I'm classy.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

90's Boy Bands Were Filled With Naughty Boys

So during my 4 hours in the car alone on Monday, I was jamming. Full blown American Idol audition in my car.

And of course, for a good hour I was jamming to my 90's playlist. I mean, duh.

I remember being 12 years old and knowing EVERY SINGLE WORD to some of these songs. My parents have a video, hopefully hidden, of me at 10 singing and dancing to Genie in a Bottle. Swear. I knew every word to these songs and even now, I sing them and I know all the words. But have you ever really listened to the words? Listened to what you're saying? Because it's dirty.

90's boy bands were full of naughty boys! I can't believe my parents let me even sing some of these things. For example..


NSYNC -  Up Against The Wall

Lyrics -->
She took my hand
We never said a word at all
We starting grinding
Shorty had me up against the wall

**I sang those words as a child. Can't believe I wasn't sent to the Principals office more often**


 BACKSTREET BOYS - Get Down (You're The One For Me)

Lyrics -->
Come on girl and get down
Smack it up
Flip it
And move it all around
Here it is if you wanna get with this
Put you on the top of my list, uh

**Other lyrics worth mentioning: "You're the one for me, You're my ecstasy" Because it totally makes sense for a 10 year old to say ecstasy.**


DREAM STREET - Let's Get Funky Tonite

Lyrics -->
Turn down the lights
And feel the rhythm
I'll give you everything
I'll take you to heaven

**They'll take me to heaven? I wonder what I thought that meant back in the day**


98 DEGREES - Can I Touch You There

Lyrics -->
Let me lick you up and down
We'll make the sexy sounds
If we set if off tonight

**This one is apparently so dirty that I couldn't even find a YouTube video of it. But just look.. the sexy sounds? Can't believe I was in 5th grade singing that**


BACKSTREET BOYS - If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)

Lyrics -->
If you want it to be wild
Gotta know just who to dial baby (that's me)
If you really like it hot
Find someone who hits the spot honey (oh yes)

**I used to JAM to this song. I remember boys singing this song and saying they were bad boys. Hahahah, I die**


98 DEGREES - Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)

Lyrics -->
Give me just one night, una noche!
I'll give you the time of your life!
(the time of you life, ooooh)
(I'll give you the time of your life)
(oooh baby yeah!)

**At 11 what did "the time of my life" mean to me? Good Lordy**


O-TOWN - Liquid Dreams

Lyrics -->
I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just a little touch Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile, throw in a body like Jennifers'
You've got the star of my liquid dream

**I just.. I can't.. I don't have any words. I was actually allowed to listen to this? And what the hell did I think this meant?**


NSYNC - Digital Get Down

Lyrics -->
I love the things you do for me so late at night
So turn me on yeah
It's like I'm right there next to you yeah

**I was beyond obsessed with this album and this song! I know every word to every song on the album.. and this one is about phone sex. Really you need to look up all the lyrics if you don't know the song, because they're classic**

So there you go, the boy band boys were dirty boys! And now I know I didn't fully appreciate them at 12.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quick & Dirty

This is going to be a quick and dirty post today.
Get your mind out of the gutter.

Yesterday was Monday and I took the day off to drive my happy butt 2 hours to take my sister (and all of her junk) back to college. Loved spending the day with my sister and loved having a Monday off..

Except that now it's Tuesday.
And I also took last Friday off because I had a load of appointments. So I have emails and work that have been piling up since Thursday night. No gusta.

So like I said, quick and dirty post.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I had 4 hours total of alone time in my car yesterday and I had some major jam sessions. That's one thing about me you might not know, I have full-blown concerts when I'm in the car alone.. And sometimes even when I'm not alone. One of my jam sessions actually inspired a post coming this week. I'm already laughing about it and I haven't even written it.

in case you were curious what my view looked like yesterday, this is it.. welcome to Indiana

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I had a dentist appointment last Friday.. And LUCKY ME, I get to go back this Friday. Cracked filling (from a cavity I had in like 4th grade and haven't had one since), which means we get to dig out the old filling and put a new one in! Can't you tell how excited I am!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My stepdaddy was feeling a little left out yesterday in my weekend recap post because I did not mention that I had dinner at my parents house on Sunday night and my momma made chicken piccata and greek salad. There's no picture of the chicken piccata because we inhaled it, but it existed. And it was the best in all the land. Also, this is chicken piccata for everyone who's confused. Except my mom's is way better.. and she puts wine it in, so yea.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The view directly behind my laptop is the IU football boys practicing out on the field. Don't be jealous or anything.

my view, old picture, but same view except now there are boys in pads out there

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is all for today because now it's time for me to eat my Chobani Flip. If you haven't had one, you should.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Country Wedding Weekend

Friday looked like this:

The guac and the corn salsa, I'm obsessed || New hair cut! || My 1st Quest Bar!

Saturday looked like this:

Wedding Essentials

I'm a pro (w)rapper || First Kiss!! || Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake || Bride and Groom :)

Prettiest bridesmaid you ever did see || We are cute || In case you needed to see our cuteness again

My person || Wedding ready || The GROOM! || The Brides and bridesmaid's boots

Real cowgirl boots, real || Wine on Wine on Wine || Bests || Upside down teKILLya shots

That thun thun thun was dropped.. A lot.

So Sunday looked like this:

Grandma cooked for me. She rocks my socks.
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