Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals!

I had really high hopes for July and he she it let me down a quite a bit, so here's me welcoming in August with big, open arms!

I honestly don't even want to look at my July Goals list because I'm really worried that its going to be as big of a bust as my June Goal list was. Ugh. But here goes nothing.. July Goals recap..

  • Have a yard sale. Done! Thank goodness.
  • Read THREE books. Uh nope. I read 1. What has been going on with my reading lately?!
  • Job Search until I find one. Rawr. Done, technically. I've been searching, been writing resumes like crazy, but I still don't have a new job.
  • #payitforward I'm going to call this done, even though my pay it forward won't go into effect until next week, which is August.
  • Paint gallary wall frames. Done!
  • Install a new shower head. Done!
  • Hang something on my bedroom walls. Nope. Totally forgotten.
  • Do something spontaneous. Done!
  • Continue 5k training. Done!
  • Celebrate my sister's birthday and attempt to surprise her. Done!
  • Do a Pinterest project. Done! Reese's Cup Martini!
  • Cook THREE new recipes. Done! This one was easy, peasy!
  • Limit fast food to ONCE a week for the whole month! I really want to count this one as done, but I had fast food twice last week. Otherwise this was easy too! I'm giving this a half done.
 FINAL TALLY:  10.5/13 ...Well hey! That's not too shabby, I'm sort of impressed with myself.

Okay, so next up.. August Goals. (side note: i don't know what it is about corn fields that makes me so freaking happy right now, but i love them. must be the indiana girl in me)

  • #payitforward
  • Do something spontaneous
  • Complete #Running4Maggie 5k (August 6th-11th)
  • Hang something on my bedroom walls
  • Organize a new daily planner for myself
  • Don't use the snooze button on my alarm clock for the whole month!
  • Get completely caught up and up to date at the CPA office
  • Create a weekly tradition to do with my best friend.
  • Take the time and effort to really "nurture" my friendships. 
  • Limit fast food to once a week, for real, this month!
  • Really work on simplifying things in my life. (sometimes i can make things a much bigger ordeal than they really are)
  • Do things the minute I say I am going to do them or I would like to do them. No procrastinating.

So obviously, this month I'm focusing a little less on tangible goals like Pinterest projects and reading books and a little more on bettering myself as a person, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a coworker, etc.

I'm not perfect and I truly have no aspirations to ever become perfect, but I can be better than I was yesterday. I can be better than I was in 2012 and I can be better than I was in March. I can be better.

Who else is making August Goals? Share them with me! I love hearing them every month! 

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  1. i think you didn't give yourself enough credit for july. i see a lot of DONES up there!

  2. I have goals for the year but I haven't done monthly goals. I so need to get on that train. I think you did great for July!

  3. I am going to be super impressed if you manage not to hit snooze for a month!

  4. Good goals! You did great in July. A lot of bloggers have been asking about goals so I decided today that I need to walk/run/elliptical 25 miles in August. We'll see how that goes.

    And did my email scare you? I feel terrible if it did... talk to me and I will try to un-scare you!

  5. my august goal is to get through this month at work without yelling or bitch slapping someone because i work with a lot of complete asshats :(

  6. Those are great goals, I may have to borrow a few of them!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I hope you share about your planner goal. I'm always into new ways to organize and such. And not using the snooze button all month is a great goal. I need to work on doing that myself.

  8. no snooze button?! O my gosh I just don't know if i could do it...but it may be fun to test myself! lol great list!


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