Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Date, Pay It Forward, and Breaking Bad

Started off at the dentist. Yay..

Then I had a dinner date with this handsome devil!

My baby brother is such a cute boy! Best date around too!

Then something fun happened. We decided to run to WalMart on our way home to grab a couple things. As we walked in, an older woman was standing outside next to an empty shopping cart handing out flyers. As we walk in, I start reading it. It's a food drive.

About that time my brother asks me "so what are we getting?" and I just kinda looked at him and said "this" and handed him the flyer. So then he picked out a few things on the list for us to get and we bought them. Then he got to give our bags to the woman outside. He was excited about it and damn if it didn't put a big ol smile on my face too. #payitforward

I spent the entire day with my sister-in-law. There are no pictures, because I barely had my phone all day. We went to a golf benefit, then shopping and dinner, and then to see We're The Millers. Highly recommend that movie by the way, hilarious.

So anyway, Saturday I was a bad blogger because I was out living my life. Sue me.

I worked all darn day. That's typically what school starting back up means for me. Le sigh. Then I spent the night reading all about my girl Nina and watching Breaking Bad.

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And now, I'll leave you with this. Happy Monday, loves!

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  1. What a great weekend! I love your pay it forward!

  2. I so just got addicted to Breaking Bad. Love that last quote too, great reminder!

  3. What a good lesson for your brother! And I love Jesse Pinkman. LOVE. Last night's episode was so, so good!!

  4. What an awesome thing to do with your little brother. I love spending time with my little brother. He's 15 now and has been coming to stay with me every weekend and I love how close it has made us.

  5. love that you payed it forward! i need to do that

  6. Love you paying it forward- and teaching your baby bro to do the same! And love me some Breaking Bad!!

  7. Okay I LOVE that quote! I'm going to remember that the next time someone is complaining about something they can change.


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