Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spillin Secrets!

Got a secret, can you keep it?

For lack of something better to blog about today, I'm just gonna start spilling my secrets all over Blogland.

Secret ONE:
I have a secret hiding place in my apartment with $100 cash just in case. (because i'm paranoid and watch too much criminal minds)

Secret TWO:
I read the first chapter of a book, then promptly read the last chapter before going back and starting chapter two.

Secret THREE:
I was "the other girl" once and I've never felt worse about myself than during that time.

Secret FOUR:
When I get bored, I write stories. I have since 6th grade when my friends and I would read each others stories at the lunch table. So I still do it, I just don't tell anyone.

Secret FIVE:
My name isn't Kay. It's Kristen. In high school my friends started calling me "KStoll" and then I needed a pen name junior year of high school and I used "Kay Stoll" and it always just kind of stuck. Surprise.

oh, your favorite bartender doesn't make you cookies? weird.
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  1. I was singing the PLL song the whole time while I read your post! I don't know if I'm ready to spill the beans to blogland yet but I liked yours :) My birth certificate name isnt Nini Kat either, it just kinda stuck.

  2. HAHHA I'm with Nini! I was singing the whole time too!! bahahaha

    but I love #4. now, write me a story? :)

    also, how do you live with yourself after reading the last chapter before the rest of the book?! where is the excitement if you already know the end ;)

  3. got a secret, can you keep it... thanks a lot! secret number 3 happens sometimes and it doesn't make you a bad person, you just did a bad thing. i hope you don't hold that against yourself :)

  4. I have to admit I was SO confused the first time I got an email from you and it said Kay. I like the hiding cash idea, although I'd never be able to keep it there.. I'd for sure spend it.

  5. Definitely a surprise about your name not being Kay! Does everyone in blogland assume your name is Kay?

  6. Love this! But whats up with reading the last chapter of books? I feel like it might ruin it, like if someone dies or something!


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