Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Peek Into My Notes App

I have nothing to write today.

On my phone in the Notes app I have a huge list of potential blog topics. Anytime I think of something that'd be a good blog post, I add it to the list. I currently have 19 potential topics. Here's the thing, I don't ever think of simple post ideas. They all require a lot of time and pictures that I don't have. So to make a long story longer, you're not going to get one of those today.

However, I DO have other notes in my Notes app (i'm also not sure why i keep capitalizing that). Sometimes if I have a random thought, I'll just write it in a note so I don't forget it and can later add it to a blog post. The problem is that I never have a reason to add these thoughts to a blog post. So today, guess what you're getting? It's sort of like word vomit or an instagram photo dump, except this is a Notes dump.

Something that makes me irrationally angry:
Pretty Little Liars.
Look Marlene, every season, every finale you tease us with "finally find out who A is!" And every premiere, every season, we don't find out who A is. In fact, usually we get it all nice and neat and narrowed down and your loyal viewers (me for instance) think we know FOR SURE who A is. We just know. BUT THEN you throw a wrench in our plans (like killing off a character for instance) and we usually end up back on square one. Not nice. 

My thoughts on crying:
I'm fairly certain that I'm hardwired to tear up when I see a manly man start crying. Never fails, I'm always in tears when they're in tears.

Random thought on May 8th:
I think that we get comfortable. Comfortable with our job or with a person and so we stay, even though we aren't happy. But you read these stories, some real and some fiction, and over and over again you'll read that the big chances they took were the best decisions of their life. They're happier now because they were forced or volunteered to jump out of their comfort zone and into something unknown. The easy way isn't always the better way.

Single girl thoughts:
Why do we consider sitting on the couch by ourselves watching TV for 3 hours unacceptable, but if we were to sit on the couch with our significant other for 3 hours watching TV, it's called quality time? (i mean i just want to watch a chemistry teacher make meth for 3 hours is that so horrible?)

 Religious thoughts:
I believe in a lot of things and I truly try my hardest every day to never judge someone based on the things they believe. But no matter your religion, I think that there is no greater sin than being unkind to someone who deserves your kindness.

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  1. It's working! Yay!

    I wanted to comment and say that I love Walter White. No wait, I love Jesse Pinkman. Bitch! I am so excited for the last eight episodes but I will be so sad when it's over. Great post idea!

  2. but no really, boy tears get me every time. unless they are just being a big baby. then i think that's the opposite of cute

  3. Ummmm Pretty Little Liars. Don't get me started. Every season I tell myself I'm not going to watch because it just makes me mad. And here we are how many seasons later and I'm still watching.....grrrrrr

  4. Love this mesh of a post... Top to bottom its pretty fabulous. Especially loved the comfortable section though -- that was a good random thought. I think I'm going to chew on it awhile and figure out where I can take a leap of faith in my own life..

    Thanks dear!


  5. Oh man, I have a note full of blog post ideas, too. And I never actually write them. Whoops! :)

  6. I do the exact same thing, I have a note with a million ideas! I love your blog & nominated you for a Liebster Award check it out here:


  7. OH. MY. GOSH. I literally have never seen someone so perfectly sum up exactly (!!!!) how I feel about PLL. I am so over it, but I keep getting reeled back in thinking we're FINALLY going to learn something. Of course we never do, but that doesn't stop me from getting sucked in AGAIN. ksjfljfkldsjfkd.

  8. Love the thought about 'getting comfortable'. It's soo true now that I think about it. The decisions I was the most scared or reluctant to make turned out to be the best ones!


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