Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY {Pencil Holder}

I'm fully aware that this is about to be the most ridiculous DIY post, ever. But you're getting it anyway.

I mentioned that I moved my sister back to college on Monday. While we were unpacking her room, I noticed what she was using as a pen holder. Do you know when you buy those economy sized pack of pencils and they come in that little plastic box? That. She was using that.

So I proceeded to make fun of her. Then she said "Well I'm not using money to buy a new pencil holder when that works just fine!" Touche.

But I couldn't leave it alone. So I used her initial she made for her door as inspiration..

So to make her a pencil holder, I needed a can. This is where my recycling habit comes in handy. (reason #2453 why you should recycle - for crafting)

Remove label and clean can well! Make sure there are no super sharp, dangerous edges.

Gather your supplies. If you're like me, you stole the exact same supplies your sister used to make her initial letter.

Then I just used a foam brush to apply the paint. I used the super professional technique of sticking the can on my hand so it was easier to cover the whole thing without being covered in paint and leaving smudges.

It will need 2 coats. This is an aluminum can and basic craft paint we are talking about here. Suck it up and wait the 30 min for the 1st coat to dry (or watch the episode of Breaking Bad you missed) and then do a 2nd coat.

Then I'd wait at least an hour before the next step. I waited until the next day and let the paint dry overnight.

Take your pretty can outside and spray the heck out of it with glitter spray.

It's really hard to photograph glitter using your iPhone5, but it's there, I promise.

Then decorate.

I took it outside to try to show you what it actually looks like it person, this is the closet picture I could get to show you what it really looks like.

It's not perfect, but it's very much my sister and her taste. I think she'll like it when she gets it in the mail as a little surprise!

Oh and because I used a can from my recycling bin and I stole the rest of the supplies from her, this project cost me zero dollars and zero cents. Boom.

And in case your wondering where my pens and pencils reside, here you go.

Wine glass. Because I'm classy.
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. Love the color! Super cute pencil holder for $0.00? You go girl!

  2. Super cute idea! I need to do this in my office...if I ever get around to organizing it :)

  3. crazy what a little paint can do!

  4. Brilliant! I'm all for recycling and spending no money. Every semester I like to buy new pencils and every semester they disappear after a month or two. Or I'll be doing homework and I have to get up for a minute and put the pencil down instead of just walking over to my "holder" and putting it where it should be. I love the wine glass idea for yours!

  5. That came out great and for zero dollars you can't go wrong! Awesome!

  6. What a nice sister you are! I don't really use my desk but some whipe board markers are stored in a can koozie on my desk. If I ever need another pen holder I'm going to look at this post for directions!

  7. SO cute!!! I might do this!!!

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