Friday, May 3, 2013

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


How is everyone doing on the fine Friday morning? Wonderful? Superb!

Does everyone remember in April when Earth Day came and went? Well this is my Earth Day project.. only a few days weeks late! This was actually on my apartment to-do list and I completed this on April 29th, right before my April goal deadline was up! Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Basically, I needed a more efficient way of handling my recycling. I mentioned before that I recycle as much as I can. Which is actually a lot.

*side rant* I really encourage everyone to recycle. It really doesn't take that much extra effort from you. Seriously, even on my lazy days I can manage to toss a can into a separate bin. There is no good excuse for you to not recycle. *end side rant*

The only inconvenient thing about my recycling situation is that my apartment has a trash bin, but no recycling bin. So I have to collect my recycling on my own and take it to the recycling center. Inconvenient, but not a deal-breaker. I even had the perfect place to make my own little recycling collection center at my apartment! This random coat closet next to my back door, in my kitchen, that I was never going to use as a coat closet. Insert recycling closet!

 photo recycling1_zps37c85bc9.jpg
A shot of the wood paneling next to the 70's wallpaper. Doesn't get much better than that!

However, during my busy time at work, I never had time to haul my recycling down to my car and take it to the recycling center. So it looked like this..

 photo recycling2_zps0b13c38c.jpg

Not so pretty, right? Those bins weren't working. The opening in the front of the container wasn't containing anything. They were too small, so I just started tossing things on the floor. AND when I did go to the recycling center, I had to transfer everything from the bins into trash bags just for transport. The whole situation just wasn't working for me.

So I marched my little butt into Target and I bought the cheapest, large plastic bins I could find.

 photo recycling3_zpsd4602812.jpg

Then I completely cleared out the closet and re-sorted everything into individual bins.

 photo recycling4_zpsb75d54ea.jpg

By the time I was done it was too late to go to the recycling center, so I shoved everything back into the closet. Also, yes, that is the old carpet that used to be all over the apartment (see photo below). My landlord said he still loved it. #shakingmyhead

 photo recycling5_zps310bf93c.jpg

Anyway, the next day I had some free time at work and ended up making cute little labels for the bins! I even laminated them! Look at me go! So precious.

 photo recycling_zpsbfedd771.jpg

So that night I took the recycling to the recycling center, slapped on my labels, and called it done! Doesn't she look pretty!

 photo recycling6_zpsa6732cd7.jpg

 Now let's see a side by side before and after..

 photo recycling7_zps71545d04.jpg
Beautiful and a much, much better way to handle my recycling and I was so excited to finally cross something else off my never-ending to-do list!

Anyone else supporting the green movement? How about crossing something off your To-Do list? Who laughed during that part of Mrs. Doubtfire? Because I die every single time!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also today's #backthatazzup Friday song is brought to you by Jillian Michaels. Because every time she says "get low" when doing lunges, I think of this song and sing it to her.

You're welcome.
    photo xokay2_zps929f3396.jpg


  1. Mrs Doubtfire!!!! My favorite of all time. I always find something new to laugh at every time I watch it.

    We recycle all the time. We have buckets from the two though. One for bottles/can/glass and one for cardboard. They pick up every two weeks. I can remember when i was younger 'd go with my grandmother to the recycling center. I remember that it could be a pain sometimes to actually go. We also can go to the grocery store and recycle them there and we get 5 cents for every single item so its a good deal.

  2. I try to recycle as best I can. You definitely cleaned up the recycling closet with your little project. Definitely going to keep this post in mind when I move out on my own and need to set up my own recycling area.

    I always think of The Proposal now when I hear (or read about) that song! Hilarious.

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