Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Shenannies

Monday already?

The only good thing about this morning is that my blog post will be easy to write because Monday morning blog posts are always the easiest thanks to Sami.

Follow her. Link up with her. Love her. Trust me, children.

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1. Took a walk on some new trails with my best friend.. found a field in the middle of the woods and a big red barn.. Typical Indiana things.
2. Worked a track event Friday night. The only thing exciting about this is that a guy (Cory Martin) from my high school and a family friend competed for Nike at this event and he broke the track record in shot put. He's 11th in the world.. IN THE WORLD. Olympics here he comes!
3. Ended Friday with a 2+ hour phone conversation with my sister. Standard.

 photo 5-5weekend2_zps3f514480.png

4. My new $4 flower. #nofilter
5. I worked/attended IU's Commencement ceremonies on Saturday! Congrats Grads!
6. Restored my Aunt's old and forgotten sewing machine so I can bust out a couple Pinterest projects!

 photo 5-5weekend3_zpsa7d6d5a3.png

7. Guacamole Salsa ingredients! (ps. tomatillos are weird.)
8. Guacamole Salsa! Seriously, jump over to Steph's blog and get this recipe and tell her how much you love it! Because you will love it. I promise!
9. My favorite new toy and some homemade salsa!
10. Cinco de Drinko essentials.. Guac Salsa, Homemade Salsa, white cheese dip, and Beer-ga-ritas!

I hope everyone had a super fabulous weekend and I hope you're having a better Monday than I am! Don't forget to stop by Sami and Steph's blogs today! Good luck this week! See you around these parts tomorrow!
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    i am loving the flower too!

    PS I know this is random, but how do you get the little note above the comment box that you leave for all your readers, how do you do that??

    i am tech retarded/

  2. that mexican food looks AMAZING! so fun and festive! I love hearing about your weekend. I am big into walking too! A new follower! :)


  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Super impressed by your high school friend!

    Totally want some of that guac! Yum!!

  4. Omgosh why are you soo sweet?? Also, where was my invite for Cinco de Mayo celebrations? ;) YUM. Everything looks delish and I'm a big fan of the Guac Salsa!

  5. Looks like you had another awesome weekend. Love that you stumbled upon a barn in a field in the middle of the woods. Kind of sounds like something that could happen up here in Wisconsin!

    That flower is beautiful. What kind is it?


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