Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April showers bring May flowers


Does anyone remember or care when I made an April goal list? Well in case you don't remember, HEY.. I made an April goal list! And now, April is over! So let's review my listy mclisterton and see how I did!
  • Survive Tax Season - Done and done! Barely, but I made it! 
  • Cook 4 new meals/dishes/food item this month - Um, not so much. Don't think I made one new dish actually. Whoops.
  • Complete 2 things on my Apartment To Do checklist - YES! Barely snuck 2 in there, but I did! I'll be writing a post about one soon!
  • Complete weeks 2-5 of my Exercise Plan - I'd say I did about half of this. Tax week I didn't do anything other than taxes, so that entire week was a wash, but I did "okay" this month. Towards the end of April I really kicked it up.
  • Limit my ridiculous social media use at least 3 times a week to 2 hours a day. - Done! 
  • Read and finish 1 book.- Also done! Finished a book last night!
Overall, not too shabby! 4.5/6 isn't so bad! Especially since surviving tax season was my number one goal. Now it's time for some MAY goals! 
I really like this whole "posting a monthly goal list" thing! Holds me accountable and gives me more to blog about. Well in theory it will. Now let's get to it..

May Goals
  • Only have 4 rest days max! 
  • Complete 2 things on my apartment to-do list.
  • Read and finish TWO books.
  • Write a blog post at least 4 days a week.
  • Cook 2 new recipes.
  • Do something spontaneous.
  • Re-do my resume and apply for a new job! (this is the BIG goal this month! So exciting!)
I'm thinking those are some pretty realistic May goals! I really like my "do something spontaneous" goal! Oh, and how can I forget my "apply for a new job" goal! Yes, this is news. Basically I have 2 jobs and I wanted to go back to school. Right now things are.. a disaster? Yes, disaster. So, I'm going to change my life plan and work on some other goals. School will always be there and I will eventually go back, but for now I've got to focus my energy and time into something else. So that's what I'll be doing!

Instead of being stressed about it, I'm just going to be excited about it! I had my freak out moment last night and now I'm over it.

So anyway, what are your May goals? Anyone want to give me a job?

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  1. I agree, 4.5/6 isn't bad. Sounds like a success to me!

    You have some great goals laid out for May. Do you do anything special to track them during the month?

    Best of luck to you Kay!!

  2. I found that have goals helps me too!! It may be weird to some but knowing my goals are out here for the world to see really holds me accountable!


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