Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apartment Tour!

Let's talk about my apartment.

You'd be surprised how often I get emails wanting to know what my apartment looks like. Nosey bitches. But before I get to some pictures we need to talk. I have some disclaimers I'd like to share with you guys.

1. My rent is super affordable. Cheap.
2. My landlords are the
3. I didn't have to sign a lease. I can literally move out tomorrow if I wanted to or I could choose to stay there for another 8 months. All my decision.
4. The appliances are brand spankin new.
5. My utilities bills are really affordable.
6. It's really large for a 1 bedroom.
7. All of my friends have teeny, tiny apartments that cost a hell of a lot more than mine.
8. Tons of storage and closet space!
9. My landlords grandson-in-law plows our parking lot when it snows and shovels my car out. He rocks.
10. Its has brand new windows and doors and the outside was just re-insulated and re-done.

Those are the reasons I love my apartment. I felt the need to share those with you before I showed you any pictures.

Let's start with the layout.. I made a diagram. I'm adorable.
The pink lines are the doors and the blue lines are the windows. The green square in the kitchen is the fridge and the green rectangle is the counter/cabinet space.

Okay and now I'm just going to post some pictures. You should know I took these not long after I moved in, so a lot of the actual decor isn't the same now, but I'm not showing you these pics for the decor..

You've been warned..

 photo 01_zpse9035efd.jpg

 photo 02_zpscdfe030b.jpg

 photo 03_zps7d3f88d0.jpg

 photo 04_zpsb0b70f5f.jpg

 photo 06_zpsbe015880.jpg

Why yes, yes that IS wood paneling. A lot of it. And some strange wallpaper in my bathroom that is also in my kitchen. I however do not have a picture of my kitchen for some reason. I've looked all over my laptop for it.

Anyway, you might also like to know that I have carpet in my bathroom and my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen has carpet. Overall a good portion of the inside of my apartment hasn't been updated since 1973, I think.

The lace curtains in my bathroom and kitchen (the lace curtains in the kitchen have ducks on them) are also courtesy of my landlords. His wife makes them. I can't bare to take them down. So even though these pictures are from months ago, those lace curtains are still there. Character.

Oh and yea, that's a drop ceiling.

*Update! I found 2 photos that you can see my kitchen in! One in this post. And this one..

 photo 05_zps1de2c58d.jpg

Mostly, I just laugh at my apartment. It's not my forever home, so it doesn't really bother me very much anymore. I also know that it'll make for a fun story later on in my life. The good outweighs the bad.

So here's the official response to everyone asking about my apartment! Wood paneling, lace ducks, wall-to-wall carpet, and a red back door. You asked for it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oh and in case ya didn't notice, I added a new book to my Book Nook spot! Just started reading this last night! And I've already read 5 different endings!

 photo xokay2_zps929f3396.jpg


  1. hahaha i laughed out loud when you siad why yes that is wood paneling. so freaking awesome. and my apartment (when I had one) was super cheap, just the way i like it. who cares. also i cna't understand how to decorate so it just looks bad. oh well....!

  2. I think it's great! I lived in a few different interesting places in my life and I will always remember them. Especially the ones that were a good financial choice. Who cares if you have wood paneling, you have a roof over your head and you pay your bills and you can enjoy life. I especially love that you have duck lace curtains, retro is in! :)

  3. I do hope you post about that new book once you've finished it. The cover has me intrigued!


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