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SPD {Jello Shots}

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know what today's Saw it, Pinned it, Did it is going to be.

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Yep, how to make Jello Shots.

Here's the Original Pin
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Truth be told, there are about a thousand different pins on Pinterest about this very same subject. I just happened to find this one the most useful this past weekend. Ya know when I made approximately 125 of these babies and they were all consumed while watching cars turn left.

To make these you're going to need the essentials..
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Alcohol and jello being the most important players in this game. Flavors, brands, types, etc. are all based on personal preference.

The portion cups and lids aren't totally essential, but I recommend them. I got mine from Sam's (same thing as a Costco) and they weren't exactly cheap. But do you see the box? 2,500 count. These puppies will last me forever and ever. And I plan on using them for more than just jello shots, no worries, Mom.

Another item that isn't essential would be the syringes. I actually only got them based off of a suggestion from a reader, Amy. I must say though, they turned out awesome and everyone loved them! I got mine at a local farm and feed store. I live in Indiana, guys. We have some kind of farm and feed store about every 5 miles. If you don't live in farm country have access to one of those stores, I found these on Amazon!

Oh and here's my secret ingredient..
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I know what you're probably thinking. But trust me. Adding extra sugar cuts some of the alcohol taste out of the jello shots. So they taste way more like jello and way less like rubbing alcohol/children's cough syrup. If you're worried about the extra calories the extra sugar will add to a jello shot.. Well maybe you shouldn't be having jello shots in the first place. They aren't known for being low-calorie to begin with.

1 C. boiling water
1 3oz package of jello
1 C. alcohol
1/4 C. sugar

Pour boiling water, jello package, and sugar into a bowl and stir for 2 minutes. Seriously, stir for the entire 2 minutes or they will be grainy and disgusting and no one will invite you to any more parties.

 photo jelloshots8_zps02a5b724.jpg

Then add the cup of alcohol. My recommendation is to use some kind of flavored alcohol. Or 1/2 C. of plain alcohol and 1/2 C. of flavored.

Then you can either transfer the liquid into the little cups (i highly recommend pouring it out of the bowl and into a smaller measuring cup with a spout for ease of pouring into the 2oz cups. this is one of those tips i learned along the way.) or suck it up into the syringes.

Each batch (using the 3 oz packages of jello) made 15-20 jello shots. Depending on how much you filled the 2oz cups and how much you put in the syringes.

Then pop them into the refrigerator for approximately 4 hours. I left mine alone overnight.

 photo jelloshots7_zpsc0dc10d8.jpg

And YES, I did label the red ones so that I would know the difference. I'm that girl.

I also recommend clicking on the Original Pin and checking out that website. They have a ton of different combinations you could do to make different kinds of jello shots. I made an Orange Creme version that everyone LOVED.

 photo jelloshots6_zpsa1d195d7.jpg

Basically these were a huge hit and super simple. And the extra sugar secret is a must! Everyone told me they could definitely tell a difference in the ones I put the sugar in and the ones I didn't. The ones I didn't tasted a little too strong, even though I followed the same steps, just minus the sugar.

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Now, that I've got you liquored up, hop on over to Steph and Katie's blogs and tell them THANK YOU for hosting this link up that I'm completely obsessed with.

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And then come back tomorrow because I'll be linking up with Whitney AND Venus/Sarah. Stop it. Craziness, I know.
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  1. I needed this in my life! Thank you = )

  2. This is awesome!! I love the syringe ones!! Will have to remember this after the baby arrives or when planning a party!

  3. EPIC IDEA... Great job on that. Now send me one ;) I'm new over here; just saying hi! xo

  4. who doesn't like jello shots?!? haha! love that you did this :) thank you for linking up girly!

  5. I love jello shots! And pudding shots :) So glad it's finally summer so I can start making them again!

  6. Who can say no to a Jell-O shot! Love the syringe ones!

  7. Orange cream jello shots sound delicious! I made Champagne jello shots recently, perhaps that would be a good SPD post, thanks for the idea :)

  8. I could survive off jello shots all Summer long - my favourite ones are Cherry Whiskey and lime flavoured jello... Mmmm

  9. Thanks for the mention about the syringe idea! I love how easy they are to eat rather than having to work at getting the Jell-O shot out of those cups. But maybe I just don't have the right technique? Haha.

    I love your SPD posts because it makes me want to actually start trying stuff I see on Pinterest.

  10. I hope you are comfortable being my hero, because this is a great recipe!! I cannot wait to make these and be the star of my next party!
    Hopefully I will have it mastered by next years Indy500!

  11. I have been making jello shots for a long time now and I always get compliments on how delicious they secret is not sugar to cut the alcohol taste. As I am boiling my water to make the jello as directed I throw jolly ranchers into my boiling water to match as closely as I can to the flavor of jello for that batch and let them dissolve in the boiling adds sweetness and more flavor to the jello shots and are soooo good!

  12. Hi there....I love this !!! The syringes are awesome idea!!! Can't wait to try them. Jello shots are always such hit, but I hate when they taste like rubbing alcohol. Just curious, how many Jolly Ranchers do you add to the boiling water??


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