Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I don't fit into Blog World

If Blog World were a high school cafeteria, I'd be sitting at the reject table. Alone.

Last night while I was tossing and turning in my bed, trying to turn my brain off and force myself to sleep, I started thinking about blogging. I love reading blogs. My number one guilty pleasure, other than Duck Dynasty (i'm sorry, i laugh like a buffoon watching that show), is blogging. I even like writing one. Such a good little outlet so that I don't stab someone.

But I don't really fit in..

I'm not married.
I'm not currently married.. or engaged.. or in a serious relationship. So you won't see any posts about my Hubby or my ManFriend or my Fiance.

I don't have kids.
Haven't managed to create another life yet. And I don't currently have a bun in the oven.

I don't have a furrbaby.
This isn't actually by choice, but you won't be seeing any cute picture of my little puppy or precious doggy. Unless it's my parents pound puppy or my friends dogs. This is actually quite depressing.

I'm not a photographer.
While I would love to maybe dabble (yes, dabble damnit) in photography one day, I currently do not. Most of the pictures on this blog are taken with my iPhone. One day real soon I'll be getting a DSLR, but I currently don't have the funds.

I don't like The Bachelor.
I know. I'm probably going to hell for even typing that, but sorry.. I've never watched it and I don't plan on watching it any time soon. The same goes for The Bachelorette.

I don't watch The Real Housewives of ANYTHING.
Again, never have, probably never will. I just really can't get into watching a show of grown, adult women acting like 15 year olds and blowing money that they probably didn't earn. The whole thing actually annoys me.

I curse.
In real life, I curse a lot. I try to tone it down for my little blog, but in real life I drop the f-bomb all the time. I promise I do know how to turn my potty mouth off and I do when I need to.

I can't put an outfit together on my own.
If I post an #OOTD, then that means a LOT of thought went into that and I probably had help. Otherwise I'd be rocking yogas and a sweatshirt.

 photo ootdcollage2_zps495fb1f1.jpg

I'm not really that funny.
My sister got my dad's hilariously funny genes. I'm decently funny when I try really hard, but I'm no where near the blogs I read every day. That's why I read them.

I'm not from the South.
Or currently living in the South. 75% of the blogs I read are either girls from the South, girls who are living in the South, or girls who pretend they live in the South. I'm over here like, Hi, I live in Indiana. That's all.

I'm not obsessed with Starbucks.
I probably drink Starbucks once every other month. Maybe 6 times a year. I know, I should be taken out back and shot. I'm cheap. Also do you know how much sugar is in most of those drinks? Yikes.

I refuse to comment on every single blog post I read.
Seriously, I'm truly sorry you guys that I don't comment every time I read a post, but that would get exhausting. I comment when I have something to say. Sometimes yea, it's just to say "I really loved this post!" but that's because I really, truly loved it. Not because I want you to notice me and come to my blog and write your own fake comment onto one of my posts. No.

I don't take enough selfies.
I'm probably going to have to work on this because most of the blogs I read, they post a new selfie of themselves.. every day. Every single day they are iPhone photo ready. Well shit, guys. I'm not. But I'll work on it.
 photo selfie5-2-13_zpsf03402cd.jpg

So yea, reject table here I come.

 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. LOL this post cracked me up! I can relate to just about every one of these, especially the OOTD. Sometimes I think, "Yeah, I'll do that." and then 5 minutes later, "Eh, too much work."

    Don't worry, we can sit at the reject table together.

  2. Can I sit at the reject table with you? I agreed with 99% of what you said (I am obsessed with Starbucks, coffee in general), and I constantly feeling like I do not belong in the blog world!

  3. LOL! I LOVE this post!!!!! I probably shouldn't be a blogger either....I'm single and 30 but I do have a fur baby and I live in the south!!! Love your blog girl!!

  4. Thanks for spelling out why I am a reject too! Ditto on all of the above... :)

  5. This post made my laugh. Love it. I agree with everything you said. I'll join you at the reject table. :)

  6. HAHA I'll be right there with ya on half those things sista!!!

    But really...the bachelor is sooooo good!! ;)

  7. When I first clicked don this post and it brought me to your blog the first thing I noticed was your picture change. Beautiful!!!

    I love this post though. While I do have a fiance, a furbaby and watch the bachelor, all the rest of these I have to agree with. Tonight actually, I've been sitting here thinking of a post to write tomorrow. So many will be posting about pinterest stuff. While I love it, I dont pin alot. I dont really have much to write about like others do. I sometimes think to myself "how do they do that". How are they able to come up with posts everyday. While its fun reading all of them, my life isnt as exciting lol

    Please add me to the reject table too!

  8. Absolutely love this. So true. I even have "furbabies" (although that word creeps me out) and love coffee and still don't always feel like I fit in. You just keep doing you. You're from Indiana and therefore totally awesome :)

  9. The only one of these that isn't true for myself is the Starbucks one - I'm obsessed! This is the best post I've read in a loooong time!

  10. I'm TOTALLY sitting at the reject table with you! It's funny because every time I start following a new blog, I look in their "About" section, prepared to see something about being a newlywed/momma/fur momma/southerner -- SO TRUE.

    Also, on the rare occasions I'm even OOTD-worthy, I completely forget until I've already put on PJs. Whoops.

    Glad to know there's good company at the reject table :)

    Carolyn @ http://fitnastyforlife.blogspot.com

  11. We're members of the reject table together cuz a lot of what makes you not fit into the blog world makes me not fit into the blog world either. Rejects unite!

  12. I found this post absolutely hilarious. I've only been seriously blogging for a couple months now and have started to realize that I was in the minority because I wasn't: married, have a kids or a pet, don't live in the south, and have no desire to craft everything in my house.

    Thanks for keeping things really.

  13. This is WONDERFUL! Thank you for reminding us all that there is too much niche-i-ness in the blog world :). If it helps, I don't ever talk about my marriage and don't have any kids. I live in the south - but want to move out, don't take great photos, and never take selfies. I do love Starbucks, though.

    I like you already :)


  14. save me a seat at the reject table! I'm more than half of those things too! And even though I'm from the South, I'm all like "shit, I live in Indiana" now! hahaha

  15. I'm at the reject table too! Totally not from the South, I'm not even a twenty-something yet, and I blog a lot about music and other things that I love...not exactly what everyone else is blogging about!

  16. This is amazing! According to your criteria, I do not fit in in the blog world either, with the exception of having two fur babies, and does thinking oneself is hilarious count as being funny? I just found your blog today, and I can't wait to check it.

  17. Are we twins? I seriously was listing off things that make me a reject the other day. I dont write blogs or anything, i just read them. I usually dont even post comments, like ever. But you spoke directly to me. Can we be best friends, im only a walk away in Michigan :)


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