Monday, May 20, 2013

babies, wine, and beer - Weekend Recap

Let's give Monday a big shout out today, folks! I know you may not like Monday, but Monday brings us closer to Friday and I'm a big fan of Friday!

Now let's get to my weekend and make this post nice and short and sweet!

Oh and just like every Monday be sure to check out Sami, who's adorable. I'm particularly fond of her fashion posts after big events (such as the VMA's, Oscar's, etc.) and her friday Twitter posts. Check em ouuuuttttt.

 photo IMG_2473_zpsd85a47c2.jpg

 photo IMG_2479_zps0d99aefb.jpg

Friday - Visited my sister at work, aka a daycare, aka I got to play with babies. I love babies and their little baby feet.

 photo IMG_2488_zpsda99c478.jpg

Saturday - Went with my best friend to visit a local winery that we're in love with. Oliver Winery. We call Oliver our boyfriend, daily. Mmm.. wine.

 photo collageupland_zps80d6a00f.jpg

Saturday - Why wouldn't we follow up our wine tasting with a beer tasting? And the most delicious mac and cheese ever. Other than my mom's, but I'm biased.

 photo collage5-18-13_zps84defd14.jpg

Saturday - Why not continue our day drinking with night drinking?

 photo barskkk_zps9bc014f1.jpg

 photo collage5-19-13_zpsca0e42f8.jpg

Sunday - I went home. To my parents house. To do laundry and eat dinner. And help my little bro with his raccoon project. I am the queen of posters. I enjoyed helping him way too much.
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME weekend lady! :)

  2. I like the looks of this pool, this Oliver fellow, and the baby toes. I want to nibble them. I'm normal I swear :P Oh! ALSO! The mac and cheese...which looks like a deliciously appetizing Alfredo, but either is fab :P

  3. Haha, Oliver...we call him our boyfriend. Love. Looks like such a great weekend!

  4. Beer tasting, wine tasting, day and night drinking...sounds like a perfect weekend!


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