Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Apologies & An Announcement!

OH! Hello little blog! It's so very nice to see you!
I've missed you.

It's been a weird few days.
But I'm not going to waste a blog post on it.
Honestly, not worth writing about. I'm not being vague or secretive or anything else, it's just not worth it.
You'd be yawning and clicking away 3 words in.

However, today I do have a few things to discuss..
Obviously there was no Blogger Book Club link-up yesterday.
*bangs head on keyboard*

I feel awful about it. Especially since I got a few tweets about it.
People actually read my blog, I forget that a lot.

SO, because I have a guilty conscience, I've decided to do something fun for BBC this time.

I had already decided that we would NOT be having a December book, because I just don't have time and I know I won't be reading one single book in December because:
  • I have a big family, so I have about 14 Christmas events to attend
  • My sister will be home from school and she's a major distraction.
  • There are many IU basketball games during December that I'll be working and/or watching.
  • My best friend's little sister will be turning 21. We're obligated to get all 90lbs of her hammered.
  • My best friend's birthday is also in December. There will be an epic celebration.
  • It might snow and I might need to spend the whole day watching Netflix in bed.

See? No time for leisure reading.

SO, if you read November's book The Book Thief and had wanted to link up your review, I have an alternate fun thing that'll bring you better exposure! Instead of linking up, any time in December, whichever day you choose, you can GUEST POST on my blog your review instead! My blog is your blog for the day!

AND if you've read the book and see the movie and want to do a compare and contrast post, you can also GUEST POST that! Yay for fun things!!

If you're interested in guest posting and you read The Book Thief, please feel free to email me at! 

I hope this makes up a little for me totally bailing on everyone yesterday.

Now, have a happy, HAPPY Thanksgiving, everyone!

I won't be posting again until Monday.
By then everything should be back to normal.
*crosses fingers*
*knocks on wood*
*strokes rabbit's foot*

Friday, November 22, 2013

Things I Do When I'm Bored

People Watch.
- How someone treats someone else.
- What someone does when they think no one is looking.
- How couples interact.
- How families interact.
- The things people do with their hands when telling a story.
- The way a person's face changes as they watch a tv show or sporting event.
- I'm a creep.

Stalk Blogs.
- Ashten @ Always Ashten
- Brooke @ Babbling Brookelyn
- Erin @ Love, Fun, and Football
- Kate @ Another Clean Slate
- Helene @ Helene In Between
- Sarah @ Venus Trapped In Mars
- Honestly, I could go all day..

- When was the last time my shower was scrubbed?
- How does all of this dust get everywhere?
- Why can't I just put my shoes away when I take them off?
- When was the last time I changed these sheets?
- Why don't my clothes fold themselves?
- Why don't my clothes come out of the dryer already folded?
- Why hasn't anyone invented that yet?

Make Lists.
- Life Goals
- Monthly Goals
- 30 Before 30
- Top 5 Christmas Movies
- Things I Do When I'm Bored

This shitty post was brought to you by a late night of IU Basketball.
But we got that Dub-Ya though.
Uh, that means we won. We won the game. In case there was confusion there.
Which would be totally understandable, since I just tried to make "dub-ya" happen and it's not going to happen.
Have a happy weekend, ya'll.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Things We Don't Blog About..

Last night I started thinking about all of the things that happen in my day to day life that I don't blog about.

Last weekend I got super ticked/upset at work.
There's this guy I had a confrontation with last year. I was mad because I knew I was right about something and he was mad because he thought there was no way I could be right about anything. When he was forced to admit I was indeed correct, he was incredibly rude. Since then we usually just avoided each other and when that was impossible he just attempted to be as rude as humanly possible, which then forced me to be sickly sweet. I love the entire "kill 'em with kindness" concept. Well last weekend there was another situation where I knew I was right and he spoke to me like I was incapable of understanding something that complicated. He spoke to me with zero respect and I let him. Then I marched my happy butt into my boss' office and totally blew up. The situation has since been handled, but I was in a tizzy all night at work.

A few weeks ago my sister and I got into a fairly heated argument over the phone. Honestly, I think we were both wrong. For every similarity we have, we also have a difference and that's just the way it is. We ended up not speaking for a 6 days. That's a really, really long time for us. Regardless who's fault the original argument was, the not speaking was pure stubbornness on both of our parts. Being the big sister sucks sometimes. SUUUUCKS.

I went to my parents house on Monday night after work. My stepdad was out of town and my mom made lasagna and she wanted to send me home with some. High five for moms! It was about 9:20pm. On the way there I had to slam on my breaks 2 separate times because there were deer in the road. By the time I got to my parents' house I was ready to march inside and complain to my mom about the complete disrespect from deer. Then I pulled into their driveway and had to slam on my brakes again! At first I thought it was another deer, but nope. It was my parents' deer sized dog. Miss Pound Puppy had managed to get out of her pen (where she was in timeout) and was roaming around unsupervised. So after I almost ran her over, I took her inside and let's just say Miss Pound Puppy was in trouble before she was put into timeout and boy was she in trouble for letting herself out. Sigh, I remember those days. #IfMommaAintHappy #AintNobodyHappy

What I'm getting at is that a lot of things happen behind the scenes of this blog.
A lot of things happen behind the scenes of EVERYONE'S blog.
A lot of the good stuff gets shared and a lot of the bad stuff doesn't.
A lot of special moments get shared and a lot of random, every day moments don't.

I think maybe we all need to remember that.

Loads of love,
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

$5 or Less Wall Art!

If you read my November Goal list (which you should have) then you know that one of my goals was to finally get something hung on my bedroom walls.

Speaking of, if you've been around a while, then you know my apartment is cheap and I have great landlords. However, the inside of my apartment looks like it hasn't been updated since 1975. Wood paneling, all over the place. You've been warned.

So anyway, back to business.. Hanging things on my bedroom wall.

I only had 3 things I absolutely needed:
1. For this project to be cheap.
2. For this project to be meaningful
3. For this project to incorporate some of the new colors I wanted to add to my bedroom. Aka a color scheme.

So here's where I ended up.

Materials, you ask?

3 Square Wood Frames from Michael's. ($0.99 each.)
3 Martha Stewart paint colors (i already owned them)
3 Photos (free, i printed them on regular old paper, because i'm cheap)


Pretty straight forward.
I painted the frames using a regular old craft paintbrush.
I let them air dry.
I let them sit around for 2+ months.
I printed off 3 pictures on plain computer paper.
I was just going to test those photos in the frames and them go get them printed.
I decided the plain computer paper was going to work just fine.
I hung the frames using 3M strips.

The photos are pictures of my favorite place. New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
2 photos of the beach that my Stepdad took and 1 photo of the best restaurant, ever, Breakers that I took over the summer.

Cheap? Check.
Meaningful? Check.
Color Scheme? Check. (well it's coming right along anyway) (also, the colors look weird in the photos. they're actually pretty in person. fits my grey and white color scheme juuuuust fine)

Bing, Bang, Boom.
Hugs, Kisses, and High fives!

Monday, November 18, 2013

IU, Christmas, and Tornadoes

Good Morning!

One thing I need to get out of the way first..

IU Men's Soccer WON the Big Ten Tournament on Sunday. 

To read about my obsession with IU, clicky here.
To read about the time I took a 24 hour road trip to Alabama to watch IU Men's Soccer win the 2012 NCAA Championship, clicky here.

Other things I did this weekend:

IU Basketball is in full swing! I worked TWO games this weekend at Assembly Hall!!

I hung Christmas lights and decorations at my grandparents' house with my Dad.
My grandparents are the best, best, best! However, my Grandpa has this annoying habit of micromanaging all of our "projects". It's actually like a big thing we all joke about all the time.. And he thinks he's hilarious. That's why my dad looks like he's in pain in that picture. I was taking a pic of him to send to my sister to show her all of the "fun" she was missing out on..

But I got some apple pie out of the deal, so I was pretty happy.

Ugh, Sunday was terrible (except for the IU Soccer win and the IUBB win and the Chicago Bears win..) because my city, hell, my state was under a Tornado Watch/Warning all afternoon.
While I was at Assembly Hall, so that wasn't stressful at all.. (i'm lying, it was stressful)

It looked like the picture on the left, then 15 minutes later looked like the picture on the right. Then 20 minutes later looked like the picture on the left again, only worse.

Stressed me out. For info as to why it stressed me out, clicky here.

Alrighty, class..
That's all for today.
This was lame.
I'm sorta sorry, but sorta not.. because guess what I have to work tonight, ya know, after I get off work.. Another IU Athletic event.. Sigh.. November kills me.

Catch ya on the flip side!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Monthly Gift I Don't Like {Sponsored By U by Kotex}

I'm a planner.
Through and through and through.

I make lists and I make schedules and I like to follow them, all of the time.
It sometimes gets a little obsessive, but most of the people in my life have figured it out by now and they let me do my own thing.

Do you want to know who hasn't figured out my planning tendencies? Mother Nature. 
That dirty little slut meany just comes along every month (sometimes!) and just ruins all of my plans, all of the time.

I know we're getting close to the holiday season, but this is one gift I don't love getting. 

I was never prepared for her, I never felt protected from her, and she usually created a big ball of stress in my life. I dislike her, a whole lot.

Well, someone (or something) just came along and made this little planner lover a lot happier!
Everyone, I'm pleased to introduce to you U by Kotex!

 *insert screaming and fangirling here*

You know by now I love lists, so here's how I feel about these little beauties in list form:

1. Affordable. I'm not rolling in cash money, so I'm not trying to spend $100 a month, every month on this must-have item. However, U by Kotex does not break my bank! Happy days!

2. Plastic. Applicator. Only girls who have used a cardboard applicator will understand the importance of those 2 words. For me, it's an absolute must-have in a feminine product.

3. Comfort, no-slip grip. This isn't a must-have for me, but it was definitely a very nice touch!

4. Protection. Girls, seriously.. I was very, very pleasantly surprised! I didn't have to make an extra 10 trips to the bathroom throughout the day and I wasn't constantly worried about my underwear or even worse, my pants. I even felt brave enough to wear light colored jeans on day 2. I know, I KNOW, I'm a crazy person! But seriously, I had no worries and rightfully so!

5. The black wrapper. Okay, this is probably only something that I'll get really excited about, BUT let me explain. I work with a lot of guys and usually at a work event (i.e. a college athletic event) I'm the only one that brings (or has) a purse. This means that my purse becomes the community bag. Everyone puts all of their stuff in it and I always keep ibuprofen and band-aids in my purse because everyone always needs those 2 things. Usually everyone knows that they can just dig in my purse and find whatever they need. I trust the guys I work with. This only becomes a problem when Mother Nature (the witch) decides to show up. I hate broadcasting to my whole crew that it's my special time of the month, but the black wrapper totally disguised that, so I didn't have to. None of the guys even had a clue what it even was! Which was made clear to me when one of them was holding it while he was searching in my purse for something else.
Hilarious and a big win in my book!

Overall, I'm a big fan of these little guys!
But you don't even have to take my word for it!
You can get your very own FREE sample from U by Kotex and try them for yourself!

Oh, and you definitely need to check out U by Kotex on Facebook and Twitter for more information and more exciting, super cool, totally awesome offers.

You want them, you want them, you really want them! 

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em..

So I got one of the funniest emails ever yesterday.
I had confused a reader.
She was adorably and awesomely sweet about it, but basically she wanted me to explain what the hell is going on with my family.

Apparently she has been reading my blog for a while and she noticed that sometimes I referred to myself as the oldest and then sometimes I talked about having 2 big brothers and sometimes I talked about having more than 1 sister. 

I do not have that cute little nuclear family that you learned about in school.
So, let's chat about it.

In the beginning my family looked like this..

My parents got married and had myself and then a few years later had my sister.
Ps. Her name isn't Lou, it's a nickname.
Sweet little nuclear family!

But then it looked like this..

My parents got divorced. Womp womp.
Truthfully, I'm totally cool with it. Definitely don't need therapy or anything. (at least not for this)
Guys, trust me.. My parents? Totally different people! Honestly, not sure how they were together.
The only thing I'm really happy about is that my parents were brilliant enough to give me a sister. I sometimes like her.

So anyway, my Mom and Dad got divorced when I was very young and my sister was still a baby.
I have very, very few memories of them being together and my sister has none.

Not too awfully long after that my Momma started dating someone new.
And then my family looked like this..

He had 2 kids from his previous marriage too.
Here's a better diagram of that..

To make a long story short my Momma got remarried! To my Stepdad (uh obviously?) and then his 2 sons became my sister and I's step-brothers!
And for a while it's was just that. Just the 6 of us! 3 boys and 3 girls and everything was just so adorable!

always, ALWAYS lined us up in age order!

Then my Momma and Stepdad had to go and have another baby..
So then my family looked like this..

A little baby boy! Who turned out to be the best boy I know! Love that kid to death!

If I had a favorite sibling, it'd be him. But that's okay, because he's also the favorite child, so everyone kind of expects him to be the favorite in everything. All of my siblings would claim him as their favorite too, so I in no way feel guilty about my admission.
(unless of course my sister is reading this and then she's my favorite, obviously..)


Almost forgot..
See here's the thing..
Growing up, my step-brothers lived with their mom (and their stepdad and half siblings) in a town about 45 minutes away.
So growing up we went to 2 different schools (in the same sports conference, so that was fun) and we obviously didn't all live under one roof all of the time.

This is why I flip between talking about being the oldest and then talk about being the middle child all in the same breathe. 
Because I was.
Growing up one weekend I'd be the oldest and the very next weekend I'd be smack dab in the middle. It's a wonder I didn't get whiplash.

I also think this might be why I definitely have the characteristics of being the oldest (my mom probably just laughed at that) but sometimes I have some middle child syndrome going on (my mom definitely just laughed at that).


My siblings and I almost never refer to each other as anything other than "brother" or "sister". We NEVER use that "half-brother" bullshit with our little brother and we almost never use that "step-sibling" bullshit, unless we're explaining this (fun) mess to someone else.

Here's a pretty diagram that better explains our differences in age.

M2 and I are only 13 months apart so we used to get lumped together a lot. Truthfully, we still do.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My dad never remarried, so he's just got my sister and I.
Which I happen to love because that means we're his girls and that's it.
Also, we're the only grandkids on that side of the family too, so my sister and I might be a wee-bit spoiled.

I know I've mentioned that I have a second sister..
Technically, I don't. However, my actual sister and her best friend have been friends since they were in diapers.
I don't mean like they've known each other since they were in diapers and they stayed acquaintances, I mean that they've been best friends their whole lives. They're actually living together at college right now. That girl has been a part of our lives for forever. So yes, I sometimes refer to her as my bonus sister or my extra sister.

Okay, I guess if you weren't the reader who emailed me, then this post was probably pretty boring for you guys.
But shit happens.

Ps. Family Is Forever.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things That Annoy Me.. (Part 2)

I just want to get it out there that I have had way too much coffee this morning.
Way. Too. Much.

I basically main-lined caffeine all morning.
Straight up stabbed my arm with an IV and hooked it up to liquid caffeine.
Caffeine. Caffeine. Caffeine.

So let's talk about some things that annoy me.
Because, obviously, what else would I like to blog about when I can barely sit still?
Nothing. The answer is nothing.
(side note: i tried writing a post already about a diy project and it got totally ridiculous, so i had to postpone that)
Oh, and this is going to be Part 2. Because apparently lots of things annoy me so we're gonna have to make this a series. (read things that annoy me part 1 here)


When Kohl's announces that they're having a "BIG SALE".. Look Kohl's, I'm on to you. You're ALWAYS having a big sale. Which makes me really wonder if I'm actually getting that great of a deal. Know what I'm saying? Good. Glad we're on the same page. So how about you send me some more of those 50%  off coupons..


#MCM.. Which stands for Man Crush Monday, in case you aren't as hip and up to date on the current trends as I am (hair flip). The actual act of #MCM doesn't annoy me. What annoys me is when homegirl posts a picture of her boyfriend and says #MCM. Once, that's fine. I'll even except it twice. However, now, we're on week 15 and your boy has been your #ManCrushMonday for 15 Mondays in a row..
I'm going to vomit all over you and your #MCM.


The people who are tweeting and getting crappy straight up shitty at those of us already getting into the holiday season. Listen Grinch, I'll fight you. EXCUSE ME for being happy and liking happy times and happy things. If you really want to fight me on this, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll give you the extensive list of reasons I think you need to chill out. I'm not sure I'd email me today however, because as I mentioned above, I've had a lot of caffeine.


Everyone who's complaining about not having Monday, Veteran's Day, off of work. Unless you are in fact a veteran, quit whining. Do you know who also didn't have Monday off of work? The men and women out there fighting for your freedom. They didn't have Veteran's Day off, so why should you? Have I made you feel guilty yet? Because you should. (can't wait for the hate mail i'm going to get for this)

Special shout out to everyone who IS a veteran and who did earn to have Monday off of work. Veteran's Day is YOUR day and I hope YOU enjoyed it! Also, extra special shout out to those who didn't have Monday off of work because you're out there defending my freedom. Someone who would give their life so that I can continue living mine? Doesn't get much better than that. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Heroes, all of you.


Its college basketball season. This isn't what annoys me. What annoys me are these lovely new rules that the NCAA has declared. Do you know what its doing? Causing whistle-happy refs to call lots of fouls. Lots. Now, I work A LOT of these college basketball games. All of these fouls are adding at least an extra 30 minutes onto game time. Which means my nights at Assembly Hall are getting longer. Which annoys me. For obvious reasons, I hope.

Now that we've gotten totally out of control..
I'm going to go get some more coffee.

As always, please, PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know what is annoying you lately.
Vent sessions are my favorite.
No really, love a good vent sesssion!

However there's a good chance I'll regret this post this afternoon when I've come down from my caffeine high.. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blogging Is Weird

Blogging is weird.

One of my most popular posts is an entire post about candles.
Not a DIY How To Make Candles post, which would actually be understandable, but no, it's a post about my obsession with candles.
Nothing else.
There's nothing in the post other than a bunch of iphone pictures, poorly edited of my candles.
It got 16 comments.

Blogging is weird... and I like it.

Bloggers are weird.

Half of the bloggers I "know" write about their lives every day, and yet no one in their lives actually knows they even have a blog.
Including me.
Well my parents know. And my sister. And my aunt. And Marion. (HI MARION!) (she's gonna snapchat me this)
Other than that? I just don't talk about it.
But then I went and had brunch with someone I met online. (aka a blate)
But any other blogger reading this doesn't see anything weird with that at all.
Ashten drove 5 hours in the middle of the night to stay with Megan this past weekend. They'd never met before. Totally normal.

Bloggers are weird... and I like it. 

And with those happy thoughts, I see all you fine and happy bloggers tomorrow!
And you too mom.. And Jeff.. And Tina.. and Marion.. But probably not my sister, because she's "busy".

Friday, November 8, 2013

I Watch Too Much TV

It's Friday.

Also, I'm in a damn good mood.
I have been all week and I'm starting to wonder if that means something bad is about to happen..

Anyway, because I'm in such a good mood I decided I wanted to talk about something that makes me happy today.
Ya'll know I love books (Blogger Book Club for the win), but I love TV shows just as much.

Back in August before most of my TV shows started I wrote a post about the upcoming seasons. Then I wrote a post about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode and it's new spin-off Ravenswood.

So today, let's revisit some of my shows and talk about a few others.
PS. I watch too much TV.

As I mentioned above, today I'm talking about TV shows. So there might be some spoilers in here if you aren't caught up. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE GOING TO GET MAD BECAUSE I RUINED A PLOT LINE FOR YOU. I don't want to hear it.

The Originals
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. I was always excited for it, but this show has far exceeded my expectations. Especially now that Elijah is undaggered! I'm completely loving and adoring the plot twists and I love that the writers are really diving headfirst into this whole "family is number one" theme. I'm a big, big fan. I also like how they spent several episodes making you hate a character (Marcel and Divina) only to turn around and make you question your hatred. Brilliantly done. Also, have I mentioned how much I love that Elijah is back?

Guys, I used to be in love and obsessed with this show. It had started to go a little down hill in Season 9, I think, but Season 10 (last season) I got excited all over again! It had really started to pick up and they had laid the groundwork for a lot of promising story lines! Then.. Season 11 happened. I know it's not their fault that Cote De Pablo (Ziva) decided to leave the show. I get that it threw them for a loop and they had to quickly re-write a lot of things. However, I haven't loved anything about this season. In fact, the last couple episodes I've had to force myself to watch. They just haven't been good. Also the whole way the did Ziva's departure from the show.. Just didn't feel final. Which annoys me because it should've felt that way, because it IS final.

Grey's Anatomy
Let's go through this quickly.. Avery, still unbelievably hot, still dating the wrong girl. Arizona, what the fuck are you doing?! Callie, don't leave, don't leave, don't leave. Bailey, your story line has me all kinds of confused. Webber, I sort of wish you had died. Meredith and Yang.. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This storyline has me so upset! Meredith, she is your person. Christina, she is your person. You two need to get it together, right now.

The Walking Dead
All I'm saying is if they kill off Glenn, then I'm boycotting this show for the rest of forever. Don't mess with me.

The Vampire Daires
Because this show was just on last night, I'm going to not give away too many spoilers, but holy cannoli! So if we take out last nights episode, here are my thoughts.. Elena, don't be a whiny, little, self-sacrificing bitch. No one likes it, so knock it off. Stefan, everyone loves you without your memories, except me. I find you annoying. To be fair, I find you kind of annoying with your memories too, so I guess it's a toss up. Damon, you keep doing you. Jeremy, keep doing those pushups, bro. I like it. Tyler, don't you break Caroline's heart again! I can't handle seeing both of you in tears every other episode. I also am loving the storylines the TVD writers are setting up right now and there are SO MANY! Although with every episode you find out that more and more of the storylines are connected in such good and interesting ways!

American Horror Story: Coven
You are so disgusting and freaky and weird and I love you so much! So far I haven't been absolutely and totally blown away by any of your plot twists yet this season, but I know it'll happen. I'm actually an episode behind and my mother tells me that shocking things happened in the episode I missed, so I have faith that you'll still surprise me!

And with that, HAPPY FRIDAY! Anyone have anything to add? Or maybe you wanna talk about the other 50 TV shows I watch?
Have I mentioned I watch too much TV? I do.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

CMA Awards 2013 - Highlights!

Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, give patrick and spongebob my best) you know that the CMA Awards were on last night.

If you missed them, NO WORRIES.. I'm gonna give you some highlights!

Brad & Carrie
Can we just agree to let them host all the time? Brad talked about sexting his wife.. Except he accidentally sent it to Keith Urban. They made some hilarious jokes about twerking and then Carrie made a joke about Obamacare. Then they both sang a little song about it. They fake feuded and handed out feuding cards. Some of that part was funny, some not so much. They even invited Duck Dynasty on stage with them. I'm a big fan of the 2 of them together and I think they're just cheesy enough to make it work.

The Legs
Carrie's legs to be exact. She had a whole little part where she blended a bunch of her hits together and it was really good. It really was. However, I almost didn't even notice it because I was too busy obsessing over her freaking killer legs. I mean, there are no words. I need them.. LOOK..

Oh Taylor. I dislike you. I really do and I'll never pretend otherwise. Do I sometimes get your songs stuck in my head? Do I have some of your songs on my iTunes? Do I respect you for writing all of your songs? Do I respect you for all of the charity work you do? Yes to all. But I just don't like ya, TSwift. This video was easily my favorite thing you ever did. You are terrible live. I'm pretty sure my ears bleed (i never exaggerate) every time. Then you had to go and win the Pinnacle Award and it was actually a really cool little segment.. I mean, until you started talking..

Am I doing a good job hiding my dislike for Swifty? No? I'll try harder.. No I won't.

Puff Daddy
Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) presented an award. I know, what?! I'm pretty sure he was drunk.. Or maybe high. He was just way too excited to be there. Seriously, it freaked me out a little.

George Jones
Alan Jackson and George Strait sang an old George Jones (who passed away in April) song "He Stopped Loving Her Today". If you don't know it, don't tell me you like country music. It was a beautiful rendition, but the highlight of that whole segment was when George Jones' widow Nancy Jones led the crowd in a standing ovation. It was beautiful and she's a rockstar.

Power Couple
Miranda and Blake won Female and Male Vocalist of the Year.. Again.. For the 4th year in a row. Miranda thanked her husband for putting up with her crap and then Blake thanked his publicist for cleaning up after him. Oh, spoiler alert.. There's a 98% chance that they were both well on their way to drunk while accepting these awards too. I know, I was shocked too.
Cat Fight
As I mentioned, Miranda Lambert won Female Vocalist of the Year, again. What I didn't mention was that in her speech you took the time to acknowledge everyone else in the category that she beat out. It was sweet and all of the other nominees were smiling back up at her.. Except for Kacey Musgraves. She looked pissed and did not look at and definitely did not smile at Miranda. It amused me, especially since I didn't know there was tension there. Here's the little bit of background I was able to dig up this morning. No clue if it's true. Don't shoot the messenger.

George Strait won Entertainer of the Year and his acceptance speech was adorable. He seemed genuinely shocked and was holding in tears the whole time and it was the cutest little thing ever and I LOVE GEORGE!

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