Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Goals

I loved October.
Gosh, it's not even funny how wonderful October was for me. I'm more than a little sad to see it go.
Now I'm just hoping November will be just as wonderful!

Now let's talk goals.
This is my favorite thing I started doing when I started blogging. I love having these lists to keep me on track and I usually throw some random stuff on there just because I can and I always love it. I can not sing the praises of my Monthly Goal lists enough! I highly, highly recommend doing it!

Now that I've said that.. October was wonderful and very, very good to me.. But I totally forgot about my monthly goal list. I mean totally forgot about it. I usually print it out and post it somewhere in my apartment, but I didn't and I filled October with so many other things that I just forgot all about it until last week.

Somehow, though, I think I managed to cross a few things from my October Goal List. Let's look..

  • Hang bedroom wall decor. Nope. This was a carry over from September and I still haven't done it.. I suck.
  • #paytiforward This might be my first time I haven't done this.. So sad..
  • Do something spontaneous. Done.
  • Purge the extra "stuff" in my apartment. Done!! I mean, I could always do MORE.. But I've purged tons of stuff already!
  • Organize my DIY/craft supplies. Done! 3 hours of organizing!
  • Corn Maze! Done.
  • Go to a Festival. Oops, not done.
  • Walk more/Run more outside before the weather won't let me. A little walking, but I'm calling this not done.
  •  Sell the 3 things on Ebay that I've been meaning to sell for 2 months. Nope, hah.
  • Blog all 5 days a week all month long! Almost! But no..
  • Do things the minute I think about doing them. Procrastination is my enemy. HAHAHAH
  • Bedtime before midnight, every night! (excluding bar nights and work event nights) HAHAHAH
  • Be a better sister. Eh, probably gonna call this not done, because I didn't do anything extra, just what I usually do. (i think i'm a damn good sister most of the time if we're being honest)
  • No "grunge" days. (aka do my hair and wear something besides sweatpants and a tshirt) Halfsies.. I did really well with this most of the time, but not as good as I could have done.
  • 64oz of water a DAY! HAHAHAH

FINAL TALLY: 4.5/15.. Uh.. OOPS!

How awful is it that I can't stop laughing at what a fail October was as far as goals goes? I'm cracking up. It was such a GREAT month though, so I'm not even a little bit upset. Now I'm just excited for November!

Speaking of..

  • #payitforward
  • Be Spontaneous! (my favorite thing ever every single month)
  • Lose 6lbs! (i have a new accountability partner and a new little plan with her and i'm so freakin excited)
  • Sell my Ebay stuff! (i need it out of my apartment and out of my life!)
  • Work on my procrastination "issue". (i'd hate to call it a problem just yet, but if the shoe fits..)
  • NaNoWriMo (with my awesome writing buddy Meagan!)
  • Go to bed with no dirty dishes every, single night. (i loathe doing dishes, so this is huge)
  • No "grunge" days. (aka do my hair and wear something besides yoga pants and a sweatshirt)
  • 64oz of water a day! 
  • Family time, family time, family time!!!

I know the list is much smaller than usual, but I really want to focus on only those things this month. It's usually when I try to do too much at once that I fail. I'm sick of failing.

So Happy November! Now who's joining me and making monthly goals? Tell me, tell me!! 


  1. I made mine too, just not as many. I should try the no dirty dishes and no grunge days. Those would probably make a huge difference for me.

  2. good luck with the fitness goal! i always support those kind of goals :)

  3. Ahhh another Nano girl :) How are you getting on so far?
    Here's to more success on the goals this month as long as you're enjoying things too though it's all about the fun :)

  4. Glad that you had such a great October! Hope November is just as good or better cause you get to mark off more stuff on the list. :)

  5. Ooh, I can't wait to hear how your NaNoWriMo goes. I've never done it, but always wished I had!

  6. I'll be cheering you on to accomplish all of your November goals. I set 5 for myself but haven't gotten around to posting them on the blog yet.

  7. I have no idea what NaNoWriMo is but I'm intrigued. And good luck with those dishes!!

  8. I had to take a hiatus on my goals...i was never doing too well with them. lol but good luck this month!!!



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