Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Things We Don't Blog About..

Last night I started thinking about all of the things that happen in my day to day life that I don't blog about.

Last weekend I got super ticked/upset at work.
There's this guy I had a confrontation with last year. I was mad because I knew I was right about something and he was mad because he thought there was no way I could be right about anything. When he was forced to admit I was indeed correct, he was incredibly rude. Since then we usually just avoided each other and when that was impossible he just attempted to be as rude as humanly possible, which then forced me to be sickly sweet. I love the entire "kill 'em with kindness" concept. Well last weekend there was another situation where I knew I was right and he spoke to me like I was incapable of understanding something that complicated. He spoke to me with zero respect and I let him. Then I marched my happy butt into my boss' office and totally blew up. The situation has since been handled, but I was in a tizzy all night at work.

A few weeks ago my sister and I got into a fairly heated argument over the phone. Honestly, I think we were both wrong. For every similarity we have, we also have a difference and that's just the way it is. We ended up not speaking for a 6 days. That's a really, really long time for us. Regardless who's fault the original argument was, the not speaking was pure stubbornness on both of our parts. Being the big sister sucks sometimes. SUUUUCKS.

I went to my parents house on Monday night after work. My stepdad was out of town and my mom made lasagna and she wanted to send me home with some. High five for moms! It was about 9:20pm. On the way there I had to slam on my breaks 2 separate times because there were deer in the road. By the time I got to my parents' house I was ready to march inside and complain to my mom about the complete disrespect from deer. Then I pulled into their driveway and had to slam on my brakes again! At first I thought it was another deer, but nope. It was my parents' deer sized dog. Miss Pound Puppy had managed to get out of her pen (where she was in timeout) and was roaming around unsupervised. So after I almost ran her over, I took her inside and let's just say Miss Pound Puppy was in trouble before she was put into timeout and boy was she in trouble for letting herself out. Sigh, I remember those days. #IfMommaAintHappy #AintNobodyHappy

What I'm getting at is that a lot of things happen behind the scenes of this blog.
A lot of things happen behind the scenes of EVERYONE'S blog.
A lot of the good stuff gets shared and a lot of the bad stuff doesn't.
A lot of special moments get shared and a lot of random, every day moments don't.

I think maybe we all need to remember that.

Loads of love,
See you tomorrow.


  1. work confrontations suck and it's awkward for everyone. however, i don't stand for that shit. i'm normally a keep to myself person at work but i refuse to let anyone talk down to me or treat me like crap, esp if it's uncalled for. i remember this one guy tried to pull that shit with me by responding in a very snarky manner to a meeting invite and it was incredibly rude which took me by surprise. so i responded right back with "there is absolutely no need to be cheeky or rude. if you don't want to come, then don't. you're always complaining about how you don't get invited to meetings so i was just trying to accommodate your request and if this is how you respond, then don't expect anything further from others on this project!". he actually apologized and has been really nice to me ever since LOL. #iwin

    work arguments are just that - work arguments and people need to get the hell over them because IT'S WORK and that douchebag needs to get over himself.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. :( I really hope this next week is better for you.

  3. I think bad days are easier to handle when you're able to air them out. Maybe not always to the blog, but to people. I do, however, consider my blog like another person so I like to be ranty and angry sometimes. Sometimes.

    It is nice to see bloggers being human though!

  4. ALWAYS a good reminder. And I'm with Kaylee- sometimes you just need to vent it out and get it out there- on the blog sometimes! ;)

  5. BOOM! This reminds us all that we are HUMAN: we are not pinterest perfect, instagram filtered perfection or any of that shizz. We are HUMAN and that's why I love this post.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope work gets better.

  6. Hope work gets better, no need to have to deal with rudeness like that from him. Everyone needs to vent sometimes. We are human, we have our good days and bad days.

  7. ahhh yes, i can be very stubborn too when i think i am right whether it's with a sibling or the bf.

  8. uh YUP. i see so many blogs where i'm like "NOPE your life cannot be this perfect, show me something else"

    i try really hard not to make my life seem better than it is. sometimes we can't help it on our blogs though, we show people what we want them to see and we forget that it's okay not to be picture perfect.

    THANK YOU for this.

  9. I try not to be whiney on my blog but sometimes can't help it. The bad seems to outweigh the good lately in my life but I don't want to be negative. Sigh...

  10. This is perfection! Really! There are so many things that I sometimes am like..."GRRR!!! I wish I could write about this!" but then I realize that no one cares about my petty family drama and what would happen if my mom ever found our blog?! Gah! So many untold stories behind so many blogs and bloggers that we all love! Thank you so much for reminding us of that!


  11. Always a good reminder that nobody knows what is going on in other people's lives and that we should all just be nice to each other, because sometimes life just stinks. :)

    xox Megan

  12. I love that you shared these. They may not be the worst thigns going on but they're definitely not the cheery happiness that we usually see, and for that, I like it! Poor puppy getting scolded!

  13. But that's where you get blog posts! From everyday life! And my sister & I get into those arguments every.single.week.


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