Thursday, November 7, 2013

CMA Awards 2013 - Highlights!

Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, give patrick and spongebob my best) you know that the CMA Awards were on last night.

If you missed them, NO WORRIES.. I'm gonna give you some highlights!

Brad & Carrie
Can we just agree to let them host all the time? Brad talked about sexting his wife.. Except he accidentally sent it to Keith Urban. They made some hilarious jokes about twerking and then Carrie made a joke about Obamacare. Then they both sang a little song about it. They fake feuded and handed out feuding cards. Some of that part was funny, some not so much. They even invited Duck Dynasty on stage with them. I'm a big fan of the 2 of them together and I think they're just cheesy enough to make it work.

The Legs
Carrie's legs to be exact. She had a whole little part where she blended a bunch of her hits together and it was really good. It really was. However, I almost didn't even notice it because I was too busy obsessing over her freaking killer legs. I mean, there are no words. I need them.. LOOK..

Oh Taylor. I dislike you. I really do and I'll never pretend otherwise. Do I sometimes get your songs stuck in my head? Do I have some of your songs on my iTunes? Do I respect you for writing all of your songs? Do I respect you for all of the charity work you do? Yes to all. But I just don't like ya, TSwift. This video was easily my favorite thing you ever did. You are terrible live. I'm pretty sure my ears bleed (i never exaggerate) every time. Then you had to go and win the Pinnacle Award and it was actually a really cool little segment.. I mean, until you started talking..

Am I doing a good job hiding my dislike for Swifty? No? I'll try harder.. No I won't.

Puff Daddy
Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) presented an award. I know, what?! I'm pretty sure he was drunk.. Or maybe high. He was just way too excited to be there. Seriously, it freaked me out a little.

George Jones
Alan Jackson and George Strait sang an old George Jones (who passed away in April) song "He Stopped Loving Her Today". If you don't know it, don't tell me you like country music. It was a beautiful rendition, but the highlight of that whole segment was when George Jones' widow Nancy Jones led the crowd in a standing ovation. It was beautiful and she's a rockstar.

Power Couple
Miranda and Blake won Female and Male Vocalist of the Year.. Again.. For the 4th year in a row. Miranda thanked her husband for putting up with her crap and then Blake thanked his publicist for cleaning up after him. Oh, spoiler alert.. There's a 98% chance that they were both well on their way to drunk while accepting these awards too. I know, I was shocked too.
Cat Fight
As I mentioned, Miranda Lambert won Female Vocalist of the Year, again. What I didn't mention was that in her speech you took the time to acknowledge everyone else in the category that she beat out. It was sweet and all of the other nominees were smiling back up at her.. Except for Kacey Musgraves. She looked pissed and did not look at and definitely did not smile at Miranda. It amused me, especially since I didn't know there was tension there. Here's the little bit of background I was able to dig up this morning. No clue if it's true. Don't shoot the messenger.

George Strait won Entertainer of the Year and his acceptance speech was adorable. He seemed genuinely shocked and was holding in tears the whole time and it was the cutest little thing ever and I LOVE GEORGE!


  1. AMEN TO ALL OF THE TAYLOR SWIFT STUFF YOU JUST MENTIONED. The girl needs to stop. It has gone too far.


  3. Got to love me some George Strait! He became my king all those years ago when I saw Pure Country. Classic country love. :)

    Carrie's legs definitely stole the show!

  4. Carrie's legs make me depressed about my life as a whole.

  5. YES TO ALL OF TAYLOR SWIFT. I just can't even handle her any more. No more Taylor- no one can even consider her country any more. Ugh.

    And YES to Blake and Miranda. They are perfect and adorable and I love them oh so much.

  6. Did you happen to catch the look on Taylor's face after the Obamacare song? Everyone they showed was laughing except for her. She didn't look mad, but she did look confused like she didn't understand it at all.
    I'm not happy about missing the George Jones tribute. I bet it was beautiful!

  7. I missed the CMA's so thank you for this post…I was super sad I was going to miss it, but now I am fully caught up! I am cracking up at your TSwift paragraph….so over her too!!! :)

  8. You hit the nail on the head with this recap! T Swift needs to go live under a rock because I'm so over her.

    "If you don't know it, don't tell me you like country music." <---- A-freaking-men!!!

  9. I love George Strait so, so much. And Swifty...go awayyyyy!

  10. For some reason I was studying instead of watching the CMA's so thanks for the recap! And I hate Carrie's legs. Because I can't have them. #jealouslyisabitch

  11. I just saw this post.... totally agree with everything you said about Taylor Swift. I'm not a fan of hers but can respect her. I actually got choked up when they were talking about her and presenting her the award and then she got on stage and started talking and I wanted to punch her. Does that make me a bad person? hahah I loved Carrie and Brad hosting together, the tribute to George Jones and GEORGE STRAIT. Ahhhh overall it was a great show!!!! I just love country music!!!! :)


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