Friday, November 8, 2013

I Watch Too Much TV

It's Friday.

Also, I'm in a damn good mood.
I have been all week and I'm starting to wonder if that means something bad is about to happen..

Anyway, because I'm in such a good mood I decided I wanted to talk about something that makes me happy today.
Ya'll know I love books (Blogger Book Club for the win), but I love TV shows just as much.

Back in August before most of my TV shows started I wrote a post about the upcoming seasons. Then I wrote a post about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode and it's new spin-off Ravenswood.

So today, let's revisit some of my shows and talk about a few others.
PS. I watch too much TV.

As I mentioned above, today I'm talking about TV shows. So there might be some spoilers in here if you aren't caught up. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE GOING TO GET MAD BECAUSE I RUINED A PLOT LINE FOR YOU. I don't want to hear it.

The Originals
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. I was always excited for it, but this show has far exceeded my expectations. Especially now that Elijah is undaggered! I'm completely loving and adoring the plot twists and I love that the writers are really diving headfirst into this whole "family is number one" theme. I'm a big, big fan. I also like how they spent several episodes making you hate a character (Marcel and Divina) only to turn around and make you question your hatred. Brilliantly done. Also, have I mentioned how much I love that Elijah is back?

Guys, I used to be in love and obsessed with this show. It had started to go a little down hill in Season 9, I think, but Season 10 (last season) I got excited all over again! It had really started to pick up and they had laid the groundwork for a lot of promising story lines! Then.. Season 11 happened. I know it's not their fault that Cote De Pablo (Ziva) decided to leave the show. I get that it threw them for a loop and they had to quickly re-write a lot of things. However, I haven't loved anything about this season. In fact, the last couple episodes I've had to force myself to watch. They just haven't been good. Also the whole way the did Ziva's departure from the show.. Just didn't feel final. Which annoys me because it should've felt that way, because it IS final.

Grey's Anatomy
Let's go through this quickly.. Avery, still unbelievably hot, still dating the wrong girl. Arizona, what the fuck are you doing?! Callie, don't leave, don't leave, don't leave. Bailey, your story line has me all kinds of confused. Webber, I sort of wish you had died. Meredith and Yang.. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This storyline has me so upset! Meredith, she is your person. Christina, she is your person. You two need to get it together, right now.

The Walking Dead
All I'm saying is if they kill off Glenn, then I'm boycotting this show for the rest of forever. Don't mess with me.

The Vampire Daires
Because this show was just on last night, I'm going to not give away too many spoilers, but holy cannoli! So if we take out last nights episode, here are my thoughts.. Elena, don't be a whiny, little, self-sacrificing bitch. No one likes it, so knock it off. Stefan, everyone loves you without your memories, except me. I find you annoying. To be fair, I find you kind of annoying with your memories too, so I guess it's a toss up. Damon, you keep doing you. Jeremy, keep doing those pushups, bro. I like it. Tyler, don't you break Caroline's heart again! I can't handle seeing both of you in tears every other episode. I also am loving the storylines the TVD writers are setting up right now and there are SO MANY! Although with every episode you find out that more and more of the storylines are connected in such good and interesting ways!

American Horror Story: Coven
You are so disgusting and freaky and weird and I love you so much! So far I haven't been absolutely and totally blown away by any of your plot twists yet this season, but I know it'll happen. I'm actually an episode behind and my mother tells me that shocking things happened in the episode I missed, so I have faith that you'll still surprise me!

And with that, HAPPY FRIDAY! Anyone have anything to add? Or maybe you wanna talk about the other 50 TV shows I watch?
Have I mentioned I watch too much TV? I do.


  1. Totally agree with Glen and Walking Dead. And what about Carol?!?! Who would have thought she would have even survived the first season?? Darryl's gonna be pissed!!

  2. I have really been wanting to jump on the American Horror Story bandwagon, which is kind of weird because I'm easily scared, but I'm so intrigued by it...especially with it being created by Ryan Murphy. So, honest opinions on it? Is it worth not being able to sleep at night? Is it too disturbing? Lol

  3. I'm totally okay with you watching too much TV because I totally watch too much TV too! But you need to add NASHVILLE to this list RIGHT MEOW!

  4. well shit there are spoilers in here and i haven't watched any of this week's shows. looks like i will have to just pretend i read all of this post

  5. I am not impressed with Grey's right now. I don't really like any of the new people, including Avery's gal pal. And I totally love Callie, so I hope she stays. I think the show went downhill went they killed off Mark and Lexi, which were totally my favorite couple!

  6. SO with you if Glenn dies!!!! And I honestly thought Rick was going to kill Carol last time, but that would've been just as bad as what she did.. But I'm anxious to see what happens with her & of course all the sickies in the prison. GAH such a good show!!!!!!!

  7. I am totally with you on The Originals. I was excited for it to start too and it hasn't far extended any expectations I had for it. Love me some Elijah! I haven't seen The Walking Dead but I have been curious lately. I think I might have to head over to Netflix and check it out.

  8. So I started off the season watching most of these but I've def missed the past few weeks...DEF need to catch up. Also, AHS Coven is absolutely ridiculous!

  9. I'm sad to hear you say NCIS isn't thrilling you this season. I've only watched one episode so far because I record them and am waiting for my mom to be able to watch with me since she doesn't know how to operate the DVR.

    But yay for The Originals and TVD!

  10. i'm a big scaredy cat. will american horror story scare the bejesus out of me?

    Vodka and Soda


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