Monday, October 28, 2013

Mistakes, IUBB, and Spontaneity!

This has to be a QUICK weekend recap. I'll explain why at the end.

I have no pictures because I don't want to remember. I had the best intentions for Friday. I was going to stay home, work on some blog posts, etc. etc.
Instead, I got talked into going out to the bars, where I met up with some old high school friends. That's where the night just turned weird. It became incredibly obvious why most of us aren't close friends anymore. So then I went home.
End Friday.

I spent most of the morning watching documentaries, because I'm an old lady now.
Then my sister and I went to the first IU Men's Basketball game of the season!

It was a special game because it was her college vs. my college. (mine won) #iubb
I also got to sit next to the cutest little boy and we chatted it up all night, then he didn't give me his number.. So now I'm heartbroken.

After the game we got some Taco Bell and I got to see my little brother's new room.
That Cardinals poster is basically the size of his entire wall, it's just hard to tell from this picture.
Clearly we hate the Cardinals in our family... Except that was me being sarcastic. In case you didn't catch that.

Then my sister and I went to our Aunt's and watched The Conjuring.

My favorite kind of horror movie! It scared me, it didn't make me want to vomit.
I just think the point of a horror movie is to scare someone, not to gross them out.

Okay so Sunday morning I got into my car and DROVE THE 4 HRS TO ST. LOUIS!!


I just decided that I had to be here while the Cardinals were playing in the World Series. Had to.

And so I came.
I stayed with my best friend, who you may remember from the last time I came to St. Louis (here and here)

We went to Paddy O's to watch the game. Along with half of the rest of St. Louis.

 Paddy O's is awesome because it's next door to Busch Stadium.

So once again, I'm in my happy place.
I also won't be leaving this happy place until tomorrow morning!
Game 5 in STL is tonight!!!

Co Cards!


  1. yay for spontaneous roadtrips!!! I'm a total control freak so they're usually not my thing but when they do happen, they're always amazing!

  2. i can't believe midnight madness has already come and gone. college basketball season is my favorite. also. you will never get me to watch that movie

  3. but seriously when did taco bell start getting so deep on their hot sauce?

  4. so fun that you're in St Louis! haha those hot sauce packages.


    My roommate and I were freaked out the entire time. PLUS ITS A TRUE STORY! I RESEARCHED IT!!!

  6. I am totally with you on the scary movie thing. I want to be scared not sick. Looks like it was another great weekend!

  7. I love a good spontaneous road trip they are always the most awesome!
    Haha at the Friday night out I have done that with old friends and you get that point and think oh now I get why we don't see each other anymore I have to go now!
    That little guy is the cutest thing bless him!

  8. That certainly was spontaneous! When I saw (on Twitter?) that you were going to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play I for sure thought you some how scored tickets. But watching the game across the street from the stadium while drinking (hopefully much cheaper) beer with your best friend sounds just as good to me. I hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

  9. I'm a Red Sox fan but I admire your spontaneity!


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