Thursday, October 10, 2013


There are a lot of topics that seem to be considered taboo in Bloglandia (who coined that term? i love it so much).

But they usually (aka not always) end up being some of my FAVORITE posts.

I'm about to say something crazy, so prepare yourself..





Are you prepared? Well guess what..


I know, I know. Stop it, Kay. You're talking crazy!

Maybe I am crazy! Maybe it's how I was raised or maybe it's something I picked up along the way. Who honestly knows. I do however think that I can still like you as a person, as a blogger, as a friend and simultaneously disagree with you.

I think one of the best things about the human race is that we all have different opinions. We're all so different and I love that. Of course there are times that I think you're wrong, but it's YOUR opinion. I don't need you to agree with every single thing I say for us to be friends. In fact, that'd drive me nuts.

Last week Ty posted her opinions on the Government Shutdown. Politics? A super taboo topic. But I loved it. Every word of it. Not because I necessarily agreed with every word, but because she had an opinion and because she believed in her opinion. It allowed me to further formulate my own opinions and think. It made me think. What a crazy concept..

Back in May, Erin wrote a post about religion or actually, her lack of religion. Again, I loved it. And again, not because I necessarily agree with her. For the record, I am a Christian and I do believe in God. I loved it because she was honest. Because she lacks belief in something that many, many do not. She is a minority, especially around Bloglandia. However, she stated her opinion, had reasons for her opinion, and backed up her opinion. Do I hate her now? No! In fact, it made me love her about 10 times more!

Way on back in 2012 Raven wrote a controversial post about fashion. Raven claims she dresses for men. She makes her fashion choices based on what a man (according to her) likes to see on a woman. While I don't actually agree with this or her post, I don't hate her either! You do you, Raven. And I'll keep doing me.

On Monday Kate wrote a post about marriage. Specifically about not taking her new husband's last name. If I already didn't love the "Florkens" I'd have just fallen in love with that post. I can't say for sure, because I'm not engaged or anything, but I will probably take my husband's last name. That being said, I in no way, shape, or form think Kate is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person because she chose to keep her own. Good for you, Kate! And a big slap on the back to Adam for not pitching a fit about it! Atta boy! #realman

I guess all I'm trying to say is that you need to believe in something, believe in it with all your heart, and then stand by your belief, but when push comes to shove, respect someone else who is doing the same.

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  1. The last line of this post is the best line I've ever read in a blog. It's so true!

  2. You said it girl. People have such a difficult time respecting's sad! Thanks for sharing your opinion on this. Now I'm going to run off and read all of the posts you just linked.

  3. I'll definitely read a post when a blogger is brave enough to take a stand on an issue that's important to them! In reality, the vast majority of people in the world aren't going to agree on every topic, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn more about others' views on a topic!

  4. This post gets all the awards!! I respect bloggers so much more when they write about topics they truly believe in and don't back down just because some people might disagree. Great examples too!

  5. Very well said! It is nearly impossible for everyone to have the same opinion. It is what makes us unique.

  6. Huge thumbs up to this post AND your gif choice :D

  7. i am all for a difference of opinions, i just hate when people are so closed minded they refuse to listen to the other side. drives me nuts!

  8. A effing men girl. That's exactly what I said in my religious post. Do whatever you do and believe whatever you believe but don't you dare think you have the right to talk down on someone because they don't believe the same thing you do. Well put.

  9. Girl. Thank you :) it helps to be a loudmouth, haha

  10. This post is awesome! I may not agree with someone but I wouldn't think less of them for their opinion. If we ask believed the same thing we'd be pretty damn boring!

  11. Love this and its so true! Who cares what people's opinions are as long as they present them in a respectful and thought out way. Everyone is entitled to think what they want!

  12. As someone who has been accused of being too controversial, I love the shit out of this post. You NAILED it. Be respectful... or in other words, don't be an asshole.

  13. This post is so true - I have best friends who's opinions and beliefs are completely different to mine, some bordering on the ridiculous in my opinion but they are entitled to believe what they do and I respect that even though I might not share it.

    I had someone not speak to me again after I voiced my opinion on abortion - it was someone who was religious and on her grounds I was wrong which is fine, I never once judged her opinion but told her it was my right to an opinion just as it was hers and she didn't have to believe what I did but she should respect my right to have a different opinion to hers.


  14. The last sentence is on point!! Love it

  15. Lol you brought up THAAAATTTT post!!! Actually I'm pretty proud of it and I still stand by it (and HATE CARDIGANS to this day).

    loved your post. Thanks for including me and everything you said is SO TRUE!

  16. Great post! Controversial posts are done if my favorite because they are honest real. And because they create discussion. They're thought provoking.

  17. I love this post. Controversial posts are some if my favorite because they are honest and real. They create discussion and they're thought provoking

  18. I love the fact that you wrote that. It's important to remember that EVERYONE has opinion and just because it may not be your opinion, it doesn't mean that it's wrong! Way to go!!

  19. R-E-S-P-E-C-T I love this post. You win my awesome award this week :)


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