Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Today's post is brought to you by yesterday's Breaking News.

ABC Family released their 25 Days of Christmas schedule.
You can view it here.

I may or may not have printed it out. I may or may not have added red and green to it. May or may not.

I know every blogger is going to tell you that they love the holidays and that they get really into Christmas. I believe them, I really do. I just also think that I get into it more than they do.

Exhibit A:
Oh high school..

So even though I'm knee deep in Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, I thought I'd give you guys my Top 5 Christmas Movies. In reverse order, to make it more exciting.

It's A Wonderful Life
Classic black and white Christmas film full of happy good feelings. I saw it for the first time in jr high at a friends house and I've watched it every year since. It's one of my favorite black and white movies! Because I'm sort of into that kind of thing. And musicals.. I'm totally into musicals.


Home Alone
I mean, you knew this was gonna make the list, right? While I love the original, I also used to get really into Home Alone 3. Not as well known, but I used to watch it ALL. THE. TIME.


A Christmas Story
My top 3 are all movies I watch repeatedly. I mean, 10+ times during December. Since.. forever, TBS shows A Christmas Story non-stop on Christmas Eve and all day Christmas Day. My family and I ALWAYS watch it. At least 4 times. I'm actually not exaggerating at all. My brother once stayed up all night long on Christmas Eve watching this.


The Year Without A Santa Claus
Apparently this isn't a well known movie? But it's my mom's favorite Christmas movie and so I've seen it thousands of times. I remember very vividly when I was in Elementary school and sleeping in my red bunk bed watching the VHS of this movie on repeat every single night before bed in December. Heat Miser and Snow Miser are just.. the best. If you haven't seen this movie, it is a MUST see.

*drumroll please*
My number ONE Christmas Movie is..
The Grinch
It could be Dr. Seuss' animated How The Grinch Stole Christmas OR Jim Carrey's version. Love and adore them both. My parents have been divorced almost my entire life, so Christmas Eve has always been my Dad's night. I don't remember a Christmas Eve ever where we didn't watch one or both of these movies. I remember sitting at my Dad's house before the Jim Carrey version came out and watching the commercials for it and my dad saying "The.. The.. The... THE GRINCH!" just like the commercial did! My Aunt brings the VHS copy of the animated version every year and we always, always watch it. My sister and I can quote the entire movie, word for word.

My family only has 2 real Christmas traditions (the grinch on christmas eve with dad and breakfast casserole christmas morning with mom), so I hold onto them with every little fiber in my body and I would seriously break down in a crying fit if we ever didn't do them.

So mark your calendars and make sure you watch some quality Christmas movies this year! I have MANY, MANY more that I always watch that didn't make the list. I could easily do a Top 30 and still not be done.. 
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  1. Love that Grinch mug! I need it for my Dad! haha

  2. OMG!! I love that they post their schedule!! I also watch Fa-la-la-la Lifetime for their Christmas movies. Totally love it!

  3. I LOOOOVE the 25 Days of Christmas :)

  4. brb while I go print this out! Disney has the Halloweentown movies airing this week so I'm totally in fall/winter holiday mode. SO excited for these!

  5. I love this!! A Christmas Story is my absolute favorite (we watched it at LEAST once during the 24-hour marathon on TBS every year). Can't wait for mint chocolate everything and putting up the christmas tree!

  6. LOVE this! A Christmas Story is my absolute favorite, and we watch it as a family at LEAST once during the 24-hour marathon on TBS every year. Can't wait for mint chocolate everything and putting up the Christmas tree! :)

  7. all great choices, plus you have fun ones like Love Actually, The Holiday, Elf! SO MANY CHOICES

  8. YES to it all! My mom loves the old school Christmas Carol and my dad has to watch Christmas Vacation. Lots of movie marathons in our family.

  9. To be honest,I dont know which I like more.....ABC Christmas or Lifetime Made for TV Christmas movies. oh wait, and there is the Hallmark ones...dang it! I love them all!!!


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