Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Goals

Okay, so Part 2 of my St. Louis adventure will be coming tomorrow! I didn't want the beginning of October to get away from me before I started discussing my October Goal List!!

I'm really excited for this one! I'm really excited for October! #1, because it's a lot slower at work for me than September and it's a nice break before I get crazy busy in November! #2, because it's October! Who doesn't just love October? Anne does.

Anyway, let's review September. Ps, so thankful that September is over!

  • #payitforward Done! This is turning into my favorite prompt.
  • Do something spontaneous. Done. Done. Done. Yes, times 3. I did a good job this month!
  • Sweatember (here for details) Uh, half done? I didn't run as much as I should've or do as much Jillian, but I did lose 4.5lbs and I did walk a lot. So I think that counts.
  • Finish bedroom wall decor. 90% finished! But I haven't hung anything yet, because I need my Daddy's help for one thing.
  • Living room wall decor. Done. Well I thought I was done, but now I want to add 2 more little things.
  • Meet with an adviser. Done! But I need to meet with her again next week to discuss an issue I might have. #FinancialAidBlows
  • Schedule the appointment my mom has been nagging me about. Not done, which means I'll be doing it TODAY.
  • Organize my new planner. Done! I purchased an Erin Condren and I love it so much!
  • Don't use my dang Snooze Button! Fail, always. I'm not sure I'll ever do a good job with this one!
  • Get caught up and completely up to date at the CPA office. I'd say I'm about 75% totally up to date! Which is HUGE.
  • Be a better best friend. I'm callin it done. I went the extra mile in September to be there for my friends, even though I was busy.
  • Be a better blogger. Again, I'm callin it done!
  • Set weekly goals to help myself accomplish my monthly goals. Halfsies. I didn't actually do this until the last 2 weeks of September, but MAN what a difference it makes!
  • Simplify my life. I've tried. So I think that counts.
  • Purge the extra "stuff" in my apartment. Nope.
  • Organize my DIY/craft supplies. Nope.

Final Tally: 11/16. Not bad.. 69%.. Yea, I chuckled. 

Moving right along before things get so not PG..

  • Hang bedroom wall decor.
  • #paytiforward
  • Do something spontaneous.
  • Purge the extra "stuff" in my apartment.
  • Organize my DIY/craft supplies.
  • Corn Maze!
  • Go to a Festival. 
  • Walk more/Run more outside before the weather won't let me.
  •  Sell the 3 things on Ebay that I've been meaning to sell for 2 months.
  • Blog all 5 days a week all month long!
  • Do things the minute I think about doing them. Procrastination is my enemy.
  • Bedtime before midnight, every night! (excluding bar nights and work event nights)
  • Be a better sister.
  • No "grunge" days. (aka do my hair and wear something besides sweatpants and a tshirt)
  • 64oz of water a DAY!

Okay, so I really thought that list would be different, but when I started writing, this just sort of came out. I like it.

I also like that last month I worked on being a better friend and this month I'm going to work on being a better sister.

I'm excited! Who is making goals with me? Do it, do it! And then tell them to me!

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  1. I would say you did pretty darn good on your September goals!

    I may have to borrow the pay it forward idea!

  2. You better show us all of your new decor once it's hung! And good job on all of your September goals!

  3. congrats on getting moving in september! cheers to more progress in october :)

  4. Those are great goals all around! October is my favorite and going to the corn maze is my favorite tradition :)

  5. I also made a list of my October Goals. I decided to keep mine simple... since it was my first time setting goals for myself. Good luck!!


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