Monday, October 21, 2013

Family, CARDINALS, & A Blate!

TOP: My brother, sister-in-law, and our youngest cousins on the 4 wheelers!
1- The youngest cousin was obsessed with my brother and SIL's cat! "Oreo likes me" over and over again!
2- Brother and Sister-in-law's house with our family from Kansas. Happiness in a picture.
1- Cardinals played that night, so you know my fam was reppin.
2- Full moon!

Watched the Cardinals game at my parents house and got to see the pound puppy. Love that little brat. Also, picture 2.. that's how she sleeps. She's seriously such a freak.

Did I mention the Cardinals won? And they're going to the World Series? Oh I did? Well let me remind you again.. THE CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!

Saturday I did as little as possible. I slept until 10:30am and it was amazing. I watched the IU vs. Michigan game. IU lost but I think this Michigan fan lost more..

And I made homemade ketchup. This is my 3rd time in 3 weeks making it.. I'm in love. It's freaking fabulous. I'll never buy ketchup again.

I was grumpy because I had to work all night, BUT before that, I went on my first Blate with Jenny.

Yea, it happened. More on that tomorrow!
See you then!
Autobots, roll out.
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  1. I just checked out the ingredients in the homemade ketcup. Sounds so easy! On my list to make for next weekend.

  2. sounds like a great weekend, I want that breakfast! and I need this ketchup recipe!!!

  3. so when are you going to put a post up on how to make said homemade ketchup?


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