Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My 1st Blate!

Things are looking different around here, right?! Don't you love it?! Whitney is amazing and a genius and she made shit happen. If I hadn't already loved her to freakin pieces, her pretty new blog design for me would have just sealed the deal! Ahhh, I just can't handle the happiness!

Oh and bonus, she can design your blog too! Clicky click click here and then you can be smiling as big as I am currently!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In other news.. As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend I went on my very first blate! (blogger date)

I had been trading emails, and then texting, and then snapchatting Jenny from Bad Luck Jenn for a little while now and on Sunday we finally met in person!

Oh and get this, we're probably the worst bloggers in the world and didn't take a picture of together. We were too busy chatting and then I had to leave in a hurry! So these are pictures we each took that day. Pretend it's actually us sitting together.

We planned this blate because we're actually only about a hour away from each other! Too close not to actually meet!

I meet strangers almost every single day for both of my jobs, so I wasn't actually nervous at all! She's only in Indiana for grad school and she doesn't really know a lot of people and everyone is a stranger to her! So she didn't seem nervous either! It made for an easy and fun brunch!

First of all, Jenny is actually from Alabama and yes, she has a southern accent. Aka my most favorite thing ever! It was the first thing I noticed about her as we yelled at each other across the street!

We had brunch as Le Peep cafe in downtown Indianapolis. It was delicious.

We spent a few hours talking about school, crazy house-selling problems, sports, scarves, and of course, bloggy things! Can 2 bloggers get together and NOT talk about blogging? No. I'm pretty much saying right now that it'd be an impossibility.

Overall, I'm so glad we did it! And I'm glad we're making plans for more!

AND I can cross the 1st thing off of my 30 Before 30 list! First blate, CHECK! Now who wants to be my 2nd?! :)


  1. Your design looks great! And glad you had fun on your first blate. If I ever come to Indiana, count me in!

  2. Yeah for your blate!! Those are the best! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. The new design looks ah-mazing!! And me? Have a southern accent?? Nooo.... Hahaha! Love it! I cant wait to write my post! (soon, i promise!!) you're being a bad influence and distracting me from studying as we speak!

  4. Fun!! I want to blate! I have no clue who's near me!

  5. LOVE the new blog design!! And glad you had fun on your first blate :)

  6. Sounds like fun! I want to blate too! Canadian bloggers are few and far between it seems. Love the new blog design!

  7. a) love the new design b) glad you enjoyed your date!

  8. I adore the new design girl!!!! You know I'm always up for a blare!!!


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