Monday, October 14, 2013

Does Anyone Really Care? {My Weekend}

Okay let's get right on to it.

I mean, let's be honest. No one cares about most of my weekend recap posts except maybe my mom and my aunt. I'm not even 100% sure my mom gives a flying flip either. But her precious youngest child makes an appearance today and he's the favorite, so I'm sure that'll interest her.

Clockwise from left:
-Hot new guy at work parked next to me. We're basically engaged now.
-Went to an Amish restaurant for dinner. Because that's our heritage (not lying) and we love it so much.
-Prettiest Indiana sunset on the way home from Amish country!
-My little sisters are adorbs. (no, not adorable. adorbs.)

 Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch/corn maze/apple orchard/Fall extravaganza!

My "adopted" sister, Little Liz pulled the empty cart on the way and then my baby brother pulled the cart once it was full of 65lbs of pumpkins. He definitely got the short end of the stick, but he's a rock star.

Also, not to brag on the kid or anything, but this kid! He originally wasn't going to come with us, but my parents were gone for the weekend and my sister and I didn't want him to be at home by himself for the whole weekend. So we drug him to Apple Works with us. Thank goodness we did, because he helped us get our pumpkins off of the vines, carried them to the cart for us, drug the wagon around, put up with us being prissy when our hands got covered in mud, and then carried my basket of apples all around for me. He secretly loved hanging out with his sisters all day, I just know it. THEN I drug him to the farmers market with me and he was such a little gentleman! Helping me pick out veggies and being adorable and shit. It's so weird that this little kid who used to just be "my baby brother" is actually like a real person now.

 Baby brother leading us through the corn maze. Reppin the Cardinals, of course.

My sister's contribution to this blog post. She sent me this.

Clockwise from left:
-Cookies. Betty Crocker, who?
-A little Sunday front porch sittin' with my grandparents, sister, and daddy.
-The most spoiled dog you'll ever meet, ever.
-The most ridiculous outfit ever, but I rocked it.

Happy Monday, friends!
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  1. I am with you on the little brother front- hooooow did my precious baby brother turn into an almost adult who can DRIVE?! Growing up is weird.

    P.S. LOVE all the fall-ness you had this weekend. So pretty!

  2. Hey, even if just a few people see your post, doesn't it make you feel wildly organized and happily reminiscent to have a weekend post up already??? :) (mine will probably make an appearance Wednesday or so, HA!)

  3. My baby brother just turned 16 so I'm all where the hell did time go!?

  4. Let me just say that I DO read your blog - and weekend updates - and I AM interested in them. If I didn't read them, I'd have to wait until your laundry piled up before I'd hear what's been going on. (Not a judgment - I know you're a busy girl!!). And, for the last time (although we all know it won't really be the last time), your baby brother is NOT the favorite. He's in the Top 5 Favorites - just as YOU are.

  5. Whenever you guys get married, the picture of the cars under the tree needs to be the save the dates. It's perfect ;)

    I understand the little brother thing. Mine is 7 years younger than me and will be 17 next month. He started his first job this summer and has a girlfriend and is driving and it's all SO WEIRD.

  6. Such a perfect fall weekend! Congrats on your almost engagement...haha Brothers definitely are the helpers helpers. :)

  7. I want to go to a pumpkin patch sooo bad!!!

  8. It's so crazy to think that our little brothers grow up into big people and are actually pretty awesome to be around. The best is when my brother and I join forces against my mom and then she calls us out on it. :)


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