Friday, September 20, 2013

I Have A Problem..

Hi, my name is Kay and I have a candle problem.

The first step is admitting you have a problem and boy do I have a problem.

I got an email from Bath & Body works yesterday. 2 for $22 candles. Boom.
I tweeted it out to everyone and then went on my lunch break to pick some up.

Then I came home.. and I had no where to put my two new pretty candles because I had so many. So I did a quick count..

Forty-Seven. FORTY-SEVEN candles in my apartment.

I rarely leave Target without a candle.
I avoid the Yankee Candle store like the plague.
It's a real problem.

And now I have 47.

And do you wanna know something? I'm not gonna stop. Ever.
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  1. I LOVEEEE candles. My weakness is the TJMaxx candle section. The deals are so good!!

  2. Ha ha ha, love this. I will condone your addiction though...because at least candles are useful, right? ;)

    Your apartment looks so organized! I'm a sucker for organization.

  3. It must smell awesome at your place

  4. Have you ever heard of Diamond Candles? The idea of a ring being hidden in your candle makes candle owning even more exciting.

  5. I need to get to Bath and Body Works. I have candle envy.

  6. I love candles too! I'm afraid to count them, so I won't. I feel like I don't burn them much in the summer, but come fall and winter I'm lighting those babies every night! I picked up the Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle this weekend too and it smells sooo yummy!

  7. Well, if you actually use them you can never have too many! And eventually you'll use them up and have to replace them... more candle buying!

  8. Me too! You should just make it a nice round number and go for 50. Or 60. Or 100. You can never really have too many.

  9. You should buy candles on Etsy! That way you indulge your habit AND support handmade business too. ;)

  10. 47 candles?!?!?! That is too funny!!! I have an obsession too, it's not a 47 candles obsession, but I did spend around a hundo dollars at Bath and Body just on fall scents!!! :) Enjoy your good smellin' home!!! :)

  11. your obsession with candles = me with mascara!

  12. I love candles too. I also love scentsy as well. I went to bath and body just yesterday and got the pumpkin caramel latte and Leaves. I didn't smell Sweater weather can you describe the scent? I also got Pumpkin cupcake and spiced cider. I love when they have that sale.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Tula Shamhart

  13. The Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle is SO GOOD, though! (And c'mon, do you seriously not have the pumpkin pecan waffle one?)

  14. The only true "candle problem" is not having enough of them -- oh, and cleaning and saving all the jars. Yeah, I do that. It's bad. There's like a billion of them laying around...


  15. ummmm... sweater weather is a candle???? I must get that NOW. I have a candle problem too. My husband caught me with over 30 in our closet waiting to be burned, so now we've cleared those out and I can't have more than 3 in the house at a time. I just finished one, so I'll be rushing to B&BW to get that candle.

  16. The more I read the more I think we are destined to be BFFs. I am the same way. You HAVE to buy some of the Glade fall scents. The caramel one is amazingggg!


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