Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I Recycle

So today I wanted to address a few questions I get a lot all regarding the same thing.

Let's just get this out there first - I recycle.


Recycling. I currently recycle cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, batteries, and plastic grocery bags. Not inconvenient.

I'm still using the same system I put in place in April. Huge plastic bins stored in a spare closet (i think it was supposed to be a coat closet for my back door) in my kitchen. Not inconvenient.

My apartment doesn't have a separate recycling bin, so I have to take my recycling to the recycling center.  The recycling center is on the way to my parents house, so I usually just load up my car with the bins and drop them off when I'm on my way to their house. Easy. Not inconvenient.

My bins are big enough now that I usually only go once a month to the recycling center. I only take batteries about once a year. Not inconvenient.

Because I think this is the only planet we have and we should take care of it.
Because it is something my parents always did.
Because it is something my grandparents have always done.
Because I've seen one too many documentaries about what happens to our trash.
Because trash bags can be annoyingly expensive.
Because I'm all about saving the turtles.
Because the idea of a landfill grosses me out.
Because I can use my recycling for crafts.
Because it doesn't add that much time to my daily routine.
Because it's not inconvenient.
Because I think I can make a difference.

But the absolute #1 reason I recycle? Because I can't think of a good reason not to do it.

To find a recycling center near you, click here.

Not inconvenient. 
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  1. The apartments we lived in last year gave us a recycling bin when we moved in and it was mandatory, but the ones we live in now only have one for cardboard boxes. The ONLY thing stopping me is trying to figure out where we'd put bins, but since we rarely use our trash can (we usually just fill up grocery store bags because they're easier to carry) I might be able to just get rid of (recycle?) our trash can and use the cabinet we have for that. Thanks for inspiring me, I've gotten really lazy about it.

  2. go you! portland is super pro recycling and composting. luckily our apt has recycling options!

  3. I recycle, too, or at least I try. I do best with paper, because I always have an envelope around I can stuff full and then recycle. Having separate bins would be inconvenient for me - I don't have enough space for my clothes and I purge my closet regularly, so yeah. But this is a good post.

  4. Awesome post! Recycling is so important.


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