Monday, September 9, 2013

Mom's Birthday, Athletic Events, & A Beautiful Sunset

Happy Monday? I. Am. Tired.

A long weekend of athletic events (aka work) has me totally wiped out today. And sore. I'm really, really sore. But I have exciting plans with my bestest friend tonight, so I just need to get through this work day. This long work day. Sigh.

So here's how my weekend looked!

First of all, how awesome are my parents? I don't have a washer and dryer at my apartment, so I still take my clothes to their house to do them. I had planned on finishing my laundry the next morning, but my mom said she might go ahead and do it that night. And she did. And then my stepdad folded it for me too. Holy heck, they rock.

And also, I find it so damn cute that my stepdad called my mom "his sweetie".. Freaking precious.

We went out Friday night for my mom's birthday dinner. Yep, we went to a bar and had pizza and strombolis (possibly strombolies, not sure about the "e") and drinks. We got to sit outside. The IU pep band and IU cheerleaders marched up and down the street playing and chanting for the football game the next day. And we spent the evening quoting Dazed and Confused, Pitch Perfect, and NCIS as a family. Welcome to our life.

Then I went home, drank wine, and watched Now You See Me and 21&Over. You NEED to see Now You See Me. You just do. Loved every damn second of it! Also, Dave Franco? Hello. And Skylar Astin is in 21&Over and that's the only reason I need to give you to see that. It was a decent movie too.


Saturday was my Momma's birthday! Yes, that's the same woman in all of those pictures.. with different hairstyles. Her hair has been every color, every length, straight, permed, etc. And she's looked stinkin amazing with all of them! I have the most gorgeous mom around and I know it! Happy Birthday, Mom!

I didn't get to celebrate my Mom's birthday, however. Because I was here. IU Football. All day. Period. And then we lost.. so there's that.


Sunday morning was rough. I was not having a good morning and I was at work with people who were testing my patience with every breath they took. So I texted one of my coworkers that I might have to injure someone. This was our conversation. I love her. (yes, she's Daughter in my phone and i'm Mum in her's)

After my rough morning I wasn't in the mood to work a 2nd soccer game that day, but I did and I'm so glad because this happened. There's no filter, no editing on this photo. Straight from my Camera+ app on my phone. That's it.

Beautiful night..
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. you have fab parents! =D So sweet they help you with your laundry. It's the little things I swear! =D And happy belated birthday to your mom!


  2. soccer games get much better with a pretty sunset like that :)

  3. Despite the heavy workload, looks like you managed to have an awesome weekend. On some levels, I'm jealous you get to see your parents so often! Mine live 750 miles away (well, I moved away, in all fairness), so I only get to see them a few times a year. Blessing and a curse... though I miss my mom for laundry :)

  4. That sky looks amazing! Happy Birthday to your Mom! I saw Now You See Me a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

  5. Sounds like an altogether great weekend! You have awesome parents. That photo of the football field is stunning!

  6. Seems like an awesome weekend and that food looks SO GOOD.


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