Thursday, September 12, 2013

Songs That Define Me

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Ya know those songs that you hear and you're instantly reminded of a specific time in your life? Those songs. Songs that represent a specific time in your life. Songs that have a memory in between the lyrics. Songs that you'll never forget.

Songs that define you.

So here's a quick Top 10 list of songs that have defined my life and a little blurb telling you why.
Ps. This list could be forever long! But I just picked the first 10 that came to mind because I figure they must've impacted me the most.

This song is old school and reminds me of the boy who introduced it to me. I made tons of bad decisions with this boy and along the way learned a ton of things about myself and about people in general.

This song, specifically the version in the YouTube clip above reminds me of my baby sister for reasons no one other than my family would understand. Also the move Pure Country.

This song was played at a funeral I attended in October of 2009. Everything changed in that one weekend and I'll never forget it. I cry every time I hear this song. 

This song was played during the opening credits of One Tree Hill and come on, you already know how I feel about One Tree Hill. Also, there's a local band who plays this song a lot and every time I'm at their concert I call my sister and sing it to her. Every. Time.

Oh there's so much I could say about this song. But instead I'll leave you with this picture. A boy wrote that and attached it to a rose and gave it to me. And this song sort of became our song. Precious-ness I tell ya.

This song takes me back to my very first real boyfriend in Junior High. This was "our song". HAHAHAH, oh young love.

Pretty much every NSync song has a memory attached for me. But this on in particular. Reminds me of a life defining friendship.
This reminds me of Senior year of high school and these girls and laughing until we couldn't breathe. 

Odd, but I'll probably start to cry if I talk about what this song means to me. The best summer I've ever had, ever.

You probably don't even know this song, but it reminds me of being 21 and 22 and makes me smile every time. Also, this is a hometown boy and I've been to about 95 of his concerts. That's not an exaggeration at all. And 9 times out of 10 we rock the front row. Duh.

So there you go. A little trip down memory lane for me with songs full of memories.
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  1. I started laughing because I Hate Everything About You was also "our song" for my junior high boyfriend and me.

    I have never heard of Clayton Anderson, but really liked the song! Reminds me of my hometown!

  2. Love the new layout! Super cute!

  3. These are such great songs- brought a lot of memories to me too! And I Hate Everything About You is perfect.

  4. Oh my gosh! I never heard of anyone else liking Sammie. I was obsessed back in the late middle school days. LOVE it.

  5. omg yes, your songs are totally awesome. espeically loving cinderella and nsync! these songs bring me back too!

  6. HSM and NSYNC and awesome classic songs?! Dear me, how have we not been friends yet!?

  7. I don't wanna be! Love that song. I discovered it before One Tree Hill premiered so that song is why I decided to give the show a shot. It was a good decision. Obvi.

  8. I almost forgot how much i loved "i dont want to be" until now!

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  9. I love your song list! Numbers 6 and 4 are my favorite!!
    Love it.

  10. I dont want to be is the BEST. Everytime I hear it Im singing along and jammin'! One Tree Hill was the best show. One of these days I'm going to have a marathon and watch them all again. Also good choice with NSYNC :)


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