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Welcome to Blogger Book Club!

At the beginning of every month I will be announcing a new book and at the end of every month I'll be hosting a link-up as a mutual place for everyone to share their reviews on the BBC (Blogger Book Club) book of the month!

I've created a Blogger Book Club page on Good Reads. This is open to anyone and everyone! To access the Blogger Book Club page you'll need to create a free account and then join the Blogger Book Club (here). On this page you can also give suggestions for future book club books. OR you can email me ( with any and all book suggestions and any questions, of course!

Ps. I'm SO happy to have you here!

The Best of Intentions

April 2014
Review Link-up: Wednesday, April 30th!
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Introducing Blogger Book Club


  1. Is there a book being announced for January??

  2. Wheeeee I just bought The Husband's Secret for my Nook, I can't wait to get started!

  3. I just bought The Husband's Secret b/c I've been seeing it EVERYWHERE! Also, is there a book for April? I love book clubs! You're the best.


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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