Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals..

Happy April 2nd! I hope April Fool's Day was nice to you yesterday!

Lots of exciting things always happen in April for me, so I'm super excited for this month to be here! I've also decided to try something new! Yay for new-ness!

Over time I think we learn things about ourselves. Honestly, I hope you all do, because self-awareness is something I think people lack, a lot. However, I usually don't notice things about myself as they're happening, I usually notice as I'm looking back. I've recently learned that I perform much better under pressure, with a strict deadline and someone holding me accountable. I'm sort of wondering if this is something I've always known about myself and I just refused to acknowledge it or if this is something that's happened as I've gotten older and busier? I think it's the first one. Actually, yepp. Pretty sure it's the first one.

I would LOVE to be one of those people that are self-driven and capable of holding themselves accountable, but I apparently am not. Huge bummer.

During the month of March I mentioned that I made some lists and I had some specific goals that I was working on. Creating these lists have made a huge difference. Posting about them made the 2nd huge difference. I accidentally created a deadline for myself and had someone (you guys) holding me accountable. Happy accident!

Now I'm going to make another list! I love lists, guys! Ahh, I'm a freak. A little April goals list!

*insert drum roll here*

April Goals

  • Survive tax season. (i work in a cpa office, this is a tough one and my ultimate goal for April. if i accomplish nothing but this, i'll be happy)
  • Cook 4 new meals/dishes/food item this month
  • Complete 2 things on my Apartment To Do checklist
  • Complete weeks 2-5 of my Exercise Plan

  • Limit my ridiculous social media use at least 3 times a week to 2 hours a day. (tough one, but i think so necessary) 
  • Read and finish 1 book. (i've been seriously neglecting my nook, it's sad)

I think that's a pretty good list for April. It's fairly small, with small tasks because I really just need to get through tax season right now. My stress level is crazy high.

Oh, also, you may have noticed in the picture that I'm going on vacation in June! It's a family vacation, but one of my best friends is able to join us, so I'm excited! The plan is for me to complete the 9 Week Couch 2 5K program before then, so we can go running together while we're in Florida. More on this tomorrow, promise!

On May 1st I'll revisit this list and let you guys know how much I accomplished! Anyone else making an April goal list? If you do, post it! I'll hold you accountable, if you hold me accountable! Deal? Deal!

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