Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sometimes you need a good laugh..

I've been reading blogs for probably close to 5 years now, but I didn't start reading them religiously until about a year ago and I only just recently (within the last couple months) started actually writing on a blog of my own. When you're just reading blogs you hear these terms thrown around, but you don't really know what they really mean. You just go with it. For instance - "Blogging Community". I had heard it and I guess I knew what it meant, but apparently, I had no idea.

The last couple days have been a rough time for this little Blogging Community. Lots of angry words. Lots of emotional posts. Heavy thoughts. Sami's, Rachel's, Whitney's, Jen's, Becka's, Brin's are a few and I could seriously go on and on..

I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the things Becka said.

Okay, yes, yes I am. I agree with her.

However, I feel like I have nothing to say on the topic that someone else hasn't already said. So instead I decided we all needed a good laugh. The cure all for any of your troubles. Just laugh it out.

So here are 10 things that have made me laugh this month. Enjoy!


All of these AT&T commercials with the kids make me laugh like a buffoon, but this one, this one makes me cry-laugh. I die every time. If you don't at least smile, then we will never be friends. I'm so sorry.


Guys, I know, I KNOW this is supposed to be sweet and probably uplifting or something, but I laugh so freaking hard every time I read it. Because the first time I read it, I misread it. So now all I can think of is something else warm and yellow pouring all over everyone and I laugh, so hard.


Where ya boyfran at? Okay, so this is an old funny video. I think I watched it in high school originally. But it was recently brought back into my life and I find it hysterical. Own that ponytail. Work that up-do.


Have you seen these floating around Pinterest? There are tons of them and they all make me laugh. You had one job. Fail.


Okay, my friends and I have this obsession with Jimmy Tatro. Years ago I found his FIRST video and I loved it and laughed for days and then I got all of my friends hooked on him and now he's popular and shit. I'm a trend setter, I think I mentioned that fact yesterday. Anyway, not everyone finds him funny, but for some reason my friends and I love him and laugh hysterically and quote his videos daily. Seriously, we've had entire convos only using Jimmy Tatro quotes. "What? I'm shocked! Spoiler alert!"


That caption gets me every time.


Yes. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. History of Rap. It's funny. Shout out to Sami for originally posting this clip!


My best friend sent this to me. I laughed for 20 minutes.


I couldn't stop laughing last week when my coworker forced me to watch this. I don't even know what's funny about it. But it's freaking hilarious.


A mash up of three of my favorite things. HAHAHAH

Okay, I'm done for today. I've been sitting at work cracking myself up. And I bet no one else even finds these funny, but I do, sooo..


  1. All of theses things DID make me laugh :) what a great post, especially the mean girls one and the can i have your that up 'do!

  2. Can I have your numba will go down in history as my favorite YouTube video. It can always bring a smile to my face!

  3. The at&t commercials KILL me! Especially the one where the girl raises her hand to ask a question and the guy gives her a high five!


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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