Friday, March 1, 2013

Pits and.. Pits

I haven't done this in a while, so let's link up with Allie and Brin for Pit and Peak of the week! Ps. I follow Allie and Brin on Twitter and I highly recommend following them. Like highly. I've found so many other blogs and people through them, that it's unreal. Follow, follow, follow.

No back to business..


I'm going to keep this short since I rambled on and on about nothing in my last blog post.

  • I've spent most of the week really stressed, which has caused me to eat some form of chocolate almost every day. I know, excuses, excuses.
  • It's been raining/snowing/sleeting all week, so I haven't gone on another run. So I'll have to restart C25K this weekend. Awesome.
  • Instead of doing some other form of exercise since I couldn't run, I just.. didn't. I did Jillian one night, that's it.
  • I haven't killed anyone this week.
  • I've met my DietBet goal.

Those are about the only Peaks I have. Which seems really Debbie Downer-ish of me, but I think not killing any of my coworkers is a major peak for this week. I've been extra tired lately, for no reason, so I've been extra grouchy. I'm worried I'm starting to get sick, which will make me even more grouchy than I already am. I also have the pleasure of working Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

So this week I've really been working on taking deep breaths and counting up to 10 and then back down again. Shoot, that rhymed. I didn't mean to go all Dr. Seuss on you guys. Even though, Dr. Seuss is my main man. Love that guy.

Anyway, how did we get so off topic? I know what you're thinking.. I said I was going to keep this short and instead I rambled on again. And now I'm still rambling.. Good Lord, I'm a hot mess.


  1. I haven't worked out all week because I ordered and elliptical (which is arriving today) and wanted to wait for that to work out. haha. I can come up with some good excuses!

    Dark chocolate is a stress reliever!!! Eat it!! lol

  2. Um, I'm pretty sure not killing anyone is one of the best peaks ever ;)


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