Monday, August 5, 2013

Ice Cream, Baseball, & Awkward Selfies


On Friday this happened..
 photo weekend8-4-13-2_zpsb9e5e9cf.jpg

I'd been wanting ice cream all week, so I finally caved. Ugh. Good news though: I don't have to worry about finishing the whole tub of ice cream, because guess who left it out on the counter all night long?

 photo weekend8-4-13-1_zpsa4431d37.jpg

There was a showcase tournament at IU this weekend that I volunteered to work. I regretted it when I got physically sick by the smell of those hot dogs. Vom. Also, it was hot and so we took turns standing (and sitting) in front of the open coolers. I watched a LOT of baseball this weekend and I stinkin loved every stinkin second of it. I'm such a freak.

 photo weekend8-4-13-4_zps4240e2d9.jpg

My little homemade breakfast burrito to eat on the go to work this weekend! So absolutely delicious!

And then I got this Snapchat from a friend in Chicago.. I heart Chicago.

 photo weekend8-4-13-3_zpsdff51098.jpg

Ok, attempt to ignore how awkward I look in these, especially the 2nd photo. I was attempting to show my friends (and my momma, duh) my middle part. Thinking of trying it out more regularly? But I need to figure out new teasing techniques.. that last all day..

And BONUS for everyone who read the post about my coworker and her potential serial killer boyfriend, here's a clip of our convo:
 photo 005_zps4ba2f53e.jpeg

She's living in a bit of denial. We had a real talk about it this weekend at work and I don't know if she's listening to anything I say, but at least I've said it. I also talked to her sister about it, and her sister feels the same way I do. Crazyness.

Be friends with Sami. Boom.

That's all folks. Catch ya on the flip side.
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. That breakfast burrito looks so yummy! Love the curls and the middle part. That Words with friends story just kills me. She is in serious denial. :(

  2. come make me that brekkie burrito!!! nomnomnom

  3. Love your hair parted in the middle, super cute! And that breakfast burrito looks delicious...recipe? :)

  4. You're too cute and I am glad you had a chat with your friend...even thou I love me some words with frans!! :) And gimme that bresfes burrito please!

  5. It sounds like she is kind of coming to her senses... Maybe a little? And I have done the same thing with the ice cream! Oops.

  6. Ice cream and hot dogs! Sounds like this pregnant ladies dream :)

  7. Looks like a great weekend to me! You're friend's BF sounds a bit creepy to me, but what if he is the sweetest person you ever know..? haha

    new follower!

  8. Oh girl, how could you not want a delicious hot dog while at a baseball game?! It's the American way! HA! The sundae looks delicious (drooling) and your hair looks stunning in the bottom pics. Looks like a fun weekend.

  9. Girl, your hair always looks so fabulous. Adore this post! If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo

  10. Just read this whole train wreck. MARY MOTHER OF GOD, NO!


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