Thursday, July 18, 2013

Run, Kay, Run

Is everyone ready? Because I'm about to shove a lot of information at you in a short amount of time.
Buckle up, kids.

First of all, a little #60inSixty update.
Number One - Best thing I ever did for myself, ever.
Number Two - Every run gets easier and easier and I start to like them more and more. I'm surprised and confused by this.
Number Three - I need new running shoes. Shin splints are the worst.

My official #60inSixy mile count:

Working my way there one run at a time. I have taken the last few days off, based on everyone's suggestions, to deal with my shin splints. Because well, OW.. but ice and a couple days of not running has helped tremendously.

Also, I highly recommend C25K. Seriously, whoever created it knew what they were doing. It progresses at just the right pace for me and when it doesn't? I just repeat the last run. Works so perfect for me. Really happy with this app.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Alright, moving along. Do you know Samantha? Well if you don't get familiar with her real quick.
Done? Alright, she's awesome and she's doing something really special.

In March 2012 her 16 year old sister died in a tragic car accident. Without going into any kind of detail, let's just say I understand that pain. To honor her sister Maggie, a foundation was started in her name. The Maggie Bertram Foundation For The Fine Arts. Samantha has decided to help raise money for the foundation by training for and running a half marathon in September.

As a part of raising the money, she started a Running For Maggie movement. She's also created a FREE virtual 5k for anyone to run or walk between August 5th and August 11th. It's free because this virtual 5k is just to honor a beautiful life.
Simply Sami

This is absolutely something I feel very passionate about and so I feel absolutely zero shame in asking MY readers to join me in this virtual 5k. It's a run OR a walk.

If you want to participate, email Samantha at

And if you would like to donate to The Maggie Bertram Foundation For The Fine Arts, please email myself ( or Samantha and ask for details and instructions on how to do so.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Last, but not least..

Does anyone remember my July Goal list? Remember when I added "Do Something Spontaneous" to the list? Well, let's go ahead and check that puppy off the list..

I signed up to run a 5k on September 28th.

It's called Hoosiers Outrun Cancer and a few years ago I walked the 5k in honor of a friend's grandfather, so I get the emails every year still. Well I got it again last week. Then I sent a text to 2 of my best friends. About 3 minutes later I signed up. To run it.

So it's officially official.. I'll be running my first 5k in September.

Other than my 2 friends, I haven't told another soul I did this.. Sooo.. SURPRISE!

And on that note, I'm gonna go run.
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. Yeah, for signing up for the 5k!! You are going to love it! Always more fun when it is for a cause! Glad you are enjoying running more and more with each run!

  2. 12 mile run? You're a beast! I feel accomplished when I run 5! Way to go!

    What exactly is this app? How does it work? I use my Nike Running app to track my runs..

    xo caro

  3. Yayyy-- I'm so excited for you with the running!! Shoes really do make all the difference. If you can, go to a real running store where they'll take a look at your form and feet and find you the perfect shoes. TOTALLY worth the money (and you'll feel a huge difference).

    Happy to see that you signed up for a 5K! Races are great training motivation, and once you start, you'll be hooked :)

  4. Congrats on your running! I hope you get those new shoes soon so you can avoid those shin splints.

    Woohoo! Way to cross something off your July goals list.


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