Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So today I have something exciting to share with you guys!

It all started last week when Darci posted this on Instagram..

 photo Darci60inSixty_zps23dd167a.png

It took me approximately 15 seconds to decide to add my email to the list.

At the beginning of June I mentioned that I want to run a 5k. I really do and I want it bad. While we were on vacation I ran a few times and since we've gotten back, I haven't gotten out of that routine.

What? You say you haven't seen me tweet it, instagram it, or blog about it? Well that's because I haven't. I really trying and really working on doing things for myself. It's a bit of a personal journey I'm on right now. I needed to know if I could keep myself motivated on my own, this is not a new concept for me.

However, I need a mini-challenge. Working towards running a 5k is great. It's a challenge I want and one I'm working towards. But, uh.. that could be a long way off. Or maybe not, I don't really know. I do know that having another challenge to work on while I'm working on the big challenge could never be a bad thing.

So insert #60inSixty.

Basically the goal is to run, walk, or jog 60 miles in 60 days. July 5th-September 2nd.

Darci is keeping track of all of the participants progress by using Instagram. We will be posting pictures of whatever we use to keep track of our miles and using the hashtag #60inSixty.

If you want to join the challenge, email Darci at darcispear@yahoo.com!

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to join the challenge! I think it's going to be really fun and definitely something for me to work towards! And it won't hurt to build a community of people working towards the same thing as you!

 photo IMG_2829_zps8a6602c9.jpg
 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. I want to try this. I'm going to join you.

  2. I'm going to join you too!! I started running [consistently!] earlier this year, and just started training for my first half marathon in September. Running a 5K is such a good goal!! I did my first one (The Color Run) last October and it was SO much fun. If you need help getting started, I HIGHLY recommend C25K as a great training plan, that's easy to adjust based on your level of ability. Good luck-- you can definitely do this!!

  3. Some day I want to run a 5K...but I'm afraid I would need someone to do it with me. Why are you in Indiana again? LOL

    This looks like a great challenge! Get it girl!

  4. I should try this, a 5K is on my list, maybe next fall! I found your blog through Venus Trapped in Mars giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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