Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Results Are In..

Hello friends!

Yesterday on The Best of Intentions we played a little game. I told you 2 truths and one lie and you had to guess the lie. Results? EVERYONE LOST.

Seriously not one person guessed the lie. I'm so tricky! But now I better fill you all in..

1. I've had 17 total teeth pulled.. TRUE

  • 3 of those were wisdom teeth, 1 was a permanent tooth that I just didn't have room for in my mouth and 13 (thirteen!) were baby teeth. What the what, you say? When I was younger (and actually still to this day) I hated the scrapping sound that a baby tooth made on the permanent tooth that was growing up underneath it. So unlike most kids, when I had a loose tooth, I wouldn't wiggle it and I wouldn't tell anyone. So my permanent teeth were growing in next to my baby teeth! This resulted in multiple trips to the dentist and multiple numbing shots and lots of pulling by the doc. Once everyone realized what was happening, I think they just stopped waiting for my permanent teeth to grow in first, they just started pulling baby teeth left and right. Yay me!
 photo selfiecollage_zps973953e9.jpg
I swear I still have plenty of teeth, exhibit A

2. I broke my foot stepping off of a curb.. TRUE

  • I had zero broken bones until I was 18. It was the fall of my freshman year in college. I had been living in the dorm for a month, tops. A friend had come to pick me up and I was stepping off of the curb to get into the car and well.. I ended up just sitting on that curb instead. The story is hilarious now and to hear my friend and my mom talk about it makes me laugh a little. It was a mess. I ended up breaking 3 bones in my left foot, right on the parts of the bones where the ligaments attach. Of course. Insert walking boot for 2 months.
  • Ps. Walking around campus in a walking boot as a freshman? Not fun. Sleeping on the top bunk with a broken foot? Even worse. Having a bitch roommate? Priceless. For everything else there's MasterCard.
 photo walkingboot_zps0c46d0de.jpg
Reese makes this look way cuter than it is..

 3. I know all of the words to Baby Got Back.. LIE

  • I actually don't know all of the words to this song! Apparently that's really weird, but I only know the first part that everyone sings, all the time. 

So this is where I should say congrats to everyone who correctly guessed the lie.. But that was no one. So hah! And to everyone who guessed that the 17 teeth fact was a lie.. I don't blame you. I wish I was lying.

Love, love you sweet people though!

 photo xokay_zpsf8e62ec8.jpg


  1. I don't know all the words to that song either!

  2. So, my boyfriend and I are in a LDR and every time I drive to see him I put on a mix tape he made me and Baby Got Back just happens to be on it. Totally have all the words memorized now!

  3. At least people have a lot of faith in your musical abilities! I am your newest follower - from Allie's giveaway!

  4. I wish I had been here yesterday! I hate the song baby got back, so I also don't know the lyrics. I also have had am insane amount of teeth removed, so clearly we are soul mates.

  5. HA! Ouch about the 17 teeth - bet you wished you told them about your loose baby teeth when you had to pull them all out!
    And sucks about the broken foot. A friend of mine decided that because we got 40 inches of snow this winter, she was going to jump out the window and into the blanket of snow. Too bad she forgot there was a table under that blanket of snow, and broken was her foot!
    P.S. Does anyone really know all the words to Baby Got Back?

    xo caro |

  6. stop it. that makes my mouth hurt SO bad. I would literally wiggle my baby teeth out to where my gums would be bruised. If it moved the tiniest bit, it was coming out. I wanted the tooth fairy money!

  7. haha i love this idea.
    I pretend I know all the lyrics to that "500 miles" song but I really only know the chorus and all the "da da da da da's"

  8. I was one of those people that thought having 17 teeth pulled was a lie. But you're right, you do have some beautiful teeth despite all the pulling. Fingers crossed I've only had 1 baby tooth pulled and that's all the teeth that will be pulled out of my mouth.


I love you people! Let's be friends.

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