Monday, July 21, 2014

If Target Is The Devil, Then I'm Going To Hell

Way back in April when I wrote 36 of the best blog post ideas ever, I was in a blogging rut. I was drowning in tax season and it wasn't quite Spring yet, so I was suffering some serious winter blues. A lot of those post ideas were ideas I actually wanted to use. I was writing them for myself and just sharing them with you guys. Then I suddenly got inspired or something and didn't use any of those prompts and kind of let all of those good ideas go to waste.

But on Friday I wrote a shopping list before I went to Target.

Because honestly, who leaves Target with only the things they intended to get? It's hard as shit (ew, gross visual) and I was determined to not spend extra money. So.. List.

You'll never believe it, but I left Target on Friday with only things on my list. Actually, I ended up NOT getting several things on my list because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and I'm being a tightwad with my dolla dolla bills right now.

When I got home I remembered that one of my blog prompts was to "find your last Target receipt and post what you bought". Boom.
And in a weird turn of events, this post ended up telling you guys a lot about me. So.. You're welcome?

>> Toilet paper. Here's something weird - I only buy this brand of toilet paper. Back in 2009 I had to buy this once and I decided it's my favorite kind and I've only ever bought it since. So if you're ever at my apartment? This is what you'll be wiping your butt with. Holla.
>> St. Ives spray lotion in Coconut Milk & Orchid (the best kind, ever). So, I saw a sponsored blog post about this a while back and I'm the sucker who decided to try it. Yep, hooked. I love this stuff and I especially, ESPECIALLY love this scent. It's the I will say though, that it doesn't seem to last very long, but that could also be because I use it more often than I use regular lotion. It's hard to tell.

>> Razor blades. Usually I'm more of a disposable razor kind of girl, but I got one of these razors free with something else I bought before I went to Florida and wow, loved it. So again, I'm a huge sucker and they hooked me and now I'm buying the replacement razor blades. Ugh, marketing geniuses.
>> New toothbrushes. Listen, I change my toothbrush every other month or any time it's been traveling, it's time for a new one. Way on back in 2008 I saw a TV show that explained how freaking disgusting our bathrooms and toothbrushes are and I've been horrified ever since. I change my toothbrush very, very frequently. Mouths are dirty, bathrooms are dirty, it just makes sense.

>> Rusty Nailed. This is the follow up book to Wallbanger that we read as Blogger Book Club, remember? I loved that book. I didn't even know there was going to be a sequel until I saw it on Goodreads last week. Obviously I needed to purchase it immediately. Even though I'm not going to read it right now because I'm still doing #HPsummerReRead and I'm currently working my way through Book 4 - Goblet Of Fire, which is lengthly. Fabulous, but lengthly (37 chapters, 734 pages, bia bia).
>> I really needed new scissors since my favorite pair bit the dust right before I went to Vegas and Target has the school supplies out now, which is practically my heaven. So did I technically need these particular scissors? No. But aren't they adorable? They were only like $3, so I'm sure they'll break soon and I'll need new ones, but I don't care at the moment.

And that is that.
Here's the receipt for proof!!

Happy Monday, ya fools.


  1. I for one love this post! (Prob makes me a creeper, but oh well!)
    How is this toilet paper? As in - how does it compare to Charmin? I always want to try it but am afraid it is cheap and thin one-ply (even though it says 2!) that will hurt my bottom, ha :P
    I also need to download that book! I'd forgotten it came out recently!!

  2. I started reading wallbangers a while back and never finished it, I need to start and finish it again!

  3. *slow clap* how you walked into target and didnt get sucked into it's blackhole of "buy all the things" i'll never know...

  4. What I love, is that even though you stuck to your list and you didn't really buy anything that was a "huge" purchase, you still spent almost $50. Like I think they should rename it to "You'll Always Spend $50 or more Here" because I've NEVER not spent at least $50. Never.

  5. You are my hero for sticking to your list at Target. HOW.

  6. Yea, that dang Target for always roping us weaker folks in. Way to stay strong, girl! :)

  7. 1. Razor blades are ridiculously expensive
    2. I applaud you for this. I can't leave Target without going at least $200 over budget. In my defense I do only get to Target about once a month though!
    3. How did I not know there was a sequel to Wallbanger?!

  8. You saved $1.19 so you're doing pretty well :) Also the school supply lover in me is all over those scissors!

  9. I used to go to target without a list - bad idea! I go there for groceries some times but I have to tell myself to avoid the clothes or I will spend hours trying things on. Also, I'm the same with toothbrushes, I change them about every other month as well. Ughh gross little things, if they weren't so expensive I'd have a new one every week lol


  10. Gotta get yourself the red card and save some money!!! I might have to try that toilet paper out. We've used Charmin, but it's not mixing well with the toilets in our new place :(

  11. Good Job on sticking to your list!! This is as good as that time I only spent like $6.

  12. Rusty Nailed is on my list of books to read. You'll have to let us (me) know what you think of it once you're done.


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