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TV's New Shows - Fall 2014

Holy moly, it is TV Week, Day FOUR. Again, if you don't care, there's a poll at the end of this post that I'd really appreciate everyone who hasn't answered to answer.

Let's recap the week so far:
Monday I talked about Pretty Little Liars and my search for some "A"nswers.
Tuesday I talked all about the returning shows that will premiere this September.
Yesterday I talked all about the returning shows that will premiere this October.
And today, we're going to be talking about all of these NEW Fall 2014 shows! There are actually a lot more than I realized, so I might have skipped one or two on accident. If I skipped one that you're excited about, just let me know so I can add it to the list!

For this list, since I obviously haven't seen any of these shows, I found "show summaries" (mostly from and I added them below. I included some opinions and other things I'd read as well, just to keep things colorful!

A to Z
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:30pm EST - NBC
"A student of the How I Met Your Mother school of television, A to Z is a romantic comedy that chronicles a romantic relationship from beginning to end, à la 500 Days of Summer. Mad Men's Ben Feldman stars as Andrew, a true believer in destiny and romance, while HIMYM's ever-charming Cristin Milioti plays the object of his affection, Zelda. (A to Z, GET IT?) Lenora Crichlow, Henry Zebrowski, and Christina Kirk round out the cast."
This is an Editor's Pick and it's gotten decent reviews. Although, in every single review it compares this show to How I Met Your Mother. I don't know how much I like that, so I'm probably going to wait and see how this plays out. If in December it's still getting good reviews, I might try to catch up.

Bad Judge
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - NBC

"This single-camera comedy stars Kate Walsh (Private Practice, Fargo) Rebecca Wright, one of L.A.'s most respected criminal court judges. But here's (overused and kind-of-boring) catch: While Rebecca totally and completely has it together in her work life, her personal life is the exact definition of a hot mess. She's flaky, she sleeps around without a care in the world, and she parties like she's still in college (so we're guessing she has the world's worst hangovers). She does drive has a sweet van, though! John Ducey, Tone Bell, and Theodore Barnes also star."
I really like Kate Walsh and I really kinda think she could do better than this. Remember that movie "Bad Teacher" and remember how so not good it was? Yea, this reminds me of that.

Wednesday, Sept 24th - 9:30pm EST - ABC
"Created by and starring comedian Anthony Anderson, Black-ish explores one man's efforts to establish a cultural identity for his family after he discovers his children haven't got one. Anderson stars as man-of-the-house Dre, and Tracee Ellis Ross plays his biracial wife Rainbow; they've got their hands full working and raising kids Zoey, Andre (who prefers to be called Andy and really, really wants a bar mitzvah despite the fact they're not Jewish), and twins Jack and Diane. Hannibal's Laurence Fishburne appears as Dre's father, Pops, and wears velour tracksuits because he's Laurence freaking Fishburne."
I don't have an opinion on this show, good or bad. I honestly don't know much about it and the reviews are few and far between, so I didn't read any of them.

Friday, Oct 24th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"One of this season's many new comics-based shows, Constantine is based on the DC Comics series Hellblazer. Welsh actor Matt Ryan stars as the titular John Constantine, a seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult who abandoned his campaign against evil after failing to save a young girl's soul from hell. However, he's pulled back into the fight when the balance between good and evil somehow winds up on the line and an angel named Manny (Lost's Harold Perrineau) tells him to man up and get his act together. True Detective's Charles Halford also stars."
Not sure why this show is on Friday nights, because I've heard it's getting a lot of attention and already building a fan base. I'm not exactly sure what NBC is trying to do, unless they're trying to build off of Grimm's audience on Friday nights, but from what I gather, the shows are completely different. I guess that's neither here nor there. I'm not going to be watching this show, but like I said, apparently a ton of people will be. So let me know!

Monday, Sept 22nd - 10:00pm EST - ABC
"Loan Gruffudd stars as New York City medical examiner Henry Morgan, who harbors an unusual secret—he can't die. Working alongside his new partner, Det. Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza), Morgan studies the dead in an effort to discover the mystery of his own immortality. Also, the ladies in the crowd might want to take note: When Morgan dies (and he dies semi-often for some reason), he always comes back naked. Judd Hirsch, Donnie Keshawarz, and Joel David Moore also star."
Just a heads up, this show is going to air it's first episode on Monday, Sept 22nd, BUT after that it's regular time slot will be on Tuesday. So it's 2nd episode of the season will be airing Tuesday, Sept 23rd. I don't really know the reasoning behind that, so don't ask. ABC actually makes no sense to me this season. Not 100% sure I'm sold on this show either and with it airing on Tuesdays it puts itself up against a lot of my favorite shows. So there's a 99% chance that I won't be watching this show, but feel free to let me know if it turns out to be amazing! Netflix is a beautiful thing!

Monday, Sept 22nd - 8:00pm EST - Fox

"Described as the origin story of future Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon, Gotham is Fox's effort to get in on TV's comic-book craze. Southland and The O.C. alum Ben McKenzie stars as Gordon, the latest in a long line of roles that requires him to punch people. When the series begins, Gordon is just a fresh-faced police detective—but his life begins to change when he and his partner, the brash Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), start investigating the murder of the parents of none other than a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). However, the noir crime drama isn't just about Gordon's rise through the ranks of Gotham City's PD; it also promises to tell the origin stories of several DC Comics' villains, including Catwoman, the Penguin, the Riddler, and more."
Batman's life before he was Batman. I have to say, the concept of this show sounds amazing and I can definitely see it's appeal with the same crowd that loves the Marvel/DC comic shows and movies out right now. However, I've read the review on the first episode (one that a critic was able to watch ahead of time) and it didn't sound like it was living up to it's name. BUT, I think it could get better, because honestly, the concept sounds great.

Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - Fox
"Based on the British series Broadchurch, this 10-episode event series stars Doctor Who's David Tennant and Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn as a pair of cops investigating the death of a young boy in a small seaside town. When the case deemed a homicide, a media frenzy ensues, throwing the boy’s family into even more turmoil and upending the lives of all of the town’s residents. Nick Nolte, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver, and Kevin Rankin also star."
I've decided I'm definitely watching this one. First of all, it's only 10 episodes and that's something I feel like I can commit to. Also, it was a popular British show that got amazing reviews. Well, it wasn't exactly the same show, but basically. We'll see. But I'll probably watch all 10 episodes regardless of how good or bad it ends up being.

How To Get Away With Murder
Thursday, Sept 25th - 10:00pm EST - ABC

"Shonda Rhimes continues her push toward world domination with this legal thriller, which stars Viola Davis as a serious-as-the-death-penalty law-school professor whose attractive students vie for her approval and a desk at her prestigious law firm. But their biggest lessons are learned outside the classroom, when they get caught up in a murder plot and presumably must figure out how to get away with it. Expect Scandal-sized twists and Grey's-like drama!"
I mean, obviously I'm going to watch this show. 1, it's going to probably be the new "it" show. 2, it has a Harry Potter character in it. 3, Shonda Rhimes. 4, Murder.

Jane The Virgin
Monday, Oct 13th - 9:00pm EST - The CW
"Come on, it's all right there in the title: Jane the Virgin is about a young woman named Jane (Gina Rodriguez), and Jane is a virgin! What more is there to know? Well, okay, there is the fact that she's pregnant because she was accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist? Whoops! And to make matters even more complicated, Jane has to decide whether or not to keep the baby after discovering the sperm specimen belonged to cancer survivor Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who's not only a former crush of Jane's, but also her new boss."
I've gotta tell ya, when I first heard the title and summary of the show, back in June or July when it was announced, I was less than impressed. In fact I think I said "I'll never watch that show". But then I read a beautiful speech by the main star, Gina Rodriguez and it was hard not to just fall in love with her. Then I also read so many great reviews on the first episode. So I think the title scared me off, but that this show might be a diamond in the rough! I'm not going to lie, I kind of want to add this to my list..

Madam Secretary
Sunday, Sept 21st - 8:00pm EST - CBS
"It explores the life of Elizabeth, the shrewd, calculating, and extremely determined newly appointed Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy, battles office politics, and circumvents and ignores protocol as she negotiates worldwide issues, She is also a college professor and a brilliant former CIA analyst who left the agency for ethical and personal reasons. After the suspicious death of her predecessor. Elizabeth returns to public life at the President's behest. The President values her apolitical leanings, deep knowledge of the Middle East, flair for languages, and ability to not just think outside the box, but to not even acknowledge there is a box." -
I feel like this show is trying to be Homeland and pick up Homeland's faithful and apparently large audience. Good luck, but I'm not all in.

Manhattan Love Story
Tuesday, Sept 30th - 8:30pm EST - ABC
"This new comedy uses the power of voiceover to broadcast the internal monologues of a New York City dude (Jake McDorman) and a Midwestern transplant chick (Analeigh Tipton) as they navigate an awkward first date and subsequent budding romance. What you'll learn early on from the voices in their heads is that guys like sex and women like purses; but as the series—and their relationship—progresses, we expect things will get a bit more complicated than that."
I don't really have any desire to watch this show, especially since it's on Tuesday, and again, ABC is putting a new show against some of my favorites, so it loses.

Marry Me
Tuesday, Oct 14th - 9:00pm EST - NBC
"Happy Endings' David Caspe is the writer behind this rom-com about a couple (played by Ken Marino and Caspe's real-life wife Casey Wilson) who are well on their way to tyring the knot. There's just one problem: They can't get the marriage proposal right! Is it a sign that they aren't supposed to be together? Or do they need to just stop screwing up their overly inventive attempts to get engaged? Sarah Wright and John Gemberling also star."
I gotta say, the show doesn't sound that appealing to me. But it got on "Editor's Pick" and it's getting good reviews. I'll probably wait to see how it plays out and see if it's worth my time. But again, TUESDAY.

NCIS: New Orleans
Tuesday, Sept 23rd - 9:00pm EST - CBS

For this one, let me just say, I'll of course be watching it. I love NCIS and I love NCIS:LA even more, so I'm positive I'm going to like this one too. Especially since they had 2 backdoor episodes for this show during NCIS' season last year and I loved them. No, seriously, they were the 2 best episodes of NCIS' season. I'm actually really excited for this show!

Red Band Society
Wednesday, Sept 17th - 9:00pm EST - Fox

"Set in the children's ward of a Los Angeles hospital (and narrated by a kid who's in a coma), Red Band Society is a coming-of-age drama that follows a Breakfast Club-esque group of patients as they face life-changing (and life-threatening) challenges like cancer and heart defects. Griffin Gluck, Zoe Levin, Charlie Rowe, Astro, Ciara Bravo, and Nolan Sotillo star as the young protagonists, while Dave Annable, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Octavia Spencer take on the adult roles of the doctors and nurses who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence."
I really, really want to watch this one. It is getting so many amazing reviews! Plus, Octavia Spencer is amazing! Yea, this one is definitely on my list and I can't wait!

Tuesday, Sept 30th - 8:00pm EST - ABC
"Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) drops her adorable Scottish accent to star in this modern spin on Pygmalion that takes place in today's social media-driven world. Gillan's Eliza Dooley is obsessed with becoming Internet famous, but her constant Instagramming and Facebooking has left her devoid of any real friends—not to mention the social skills required to make any. Desperate for a fix, Eliza hires marketer Henry Higenbottam (John Cho) to help her rebuild her image and put down her damn phone for once."
Honestly, I don't want to watch this show. I happen to like the Pygmalion story and I really don't need it destroyed by someone trying to modernize it with the word "selfie". I could be really wrong and this could turn out to be the hit of the year, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Wednesday, Oct 1st - 10:00pm EST - CBS
"This violent and shocking thriller from The Following's Kevin Williamson has already drawn plenty of pre-air criticism, and with good reason. It follows a division of the LAPD that deals with stalkers, voyeurs, and love-obsessed weirdos who target mostly women, often with deadly results. Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott star as our law enforcement heroes who may be more complicated than they seem."
I really like Kevin Williamson, so a big part of me wants to give this show a try. I also like Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott a lot! Also, I'm a big Criminal Minds fan and this sounds just enough like it to peak interest.

State Of Affairs
Monday, Nov 17th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"Former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is making her grand return to television, whether you want her to or not. In this political drama, she plays a top CIA analyst who's tasked with one heck of a job: Put together a briefing for the president (Alfre Woodard) to assess the greatest threats to national security. And just in case that doesn't sound stressful enough, she spends what little free time she has hunting down the terrorists who killed her fiance, who also happened to be the president's son."
I almost didn't add this, because it isn't airing until November, but what the hell, why not! I'm one of the few who actually likes Katherine Heigl, but I'm not sure she's the right person for this role. We'll have to see, but I'm not sure I'm going to love this show. Sounds like another show trying to appeal to Homeland's audience.

The Affair
Sunday, Oct 12th - 10:00pm EST - Showtime
"This more-compelling-than-it-sounds drama examines the emotional and psychological effects of an affair (obviously) on two different marriages. Set in the Hamptons, the series stars Dominic West (The Wire), Ruth Wilson (Luther), Maura Tierney (ER), and Joshua Jackson (Fringe) as the cheaters and cheatees. Bonus: Bunheads' Julia Goldani Telles appears as the teenage daughter of one of the two couples, adding to an already excellent cast."
I do like Joshua Jackson, but I'm not sure how into this show I'd be. It's not on my list, but if it starts getting amazing reviews, I wouldn't mind adding it.

The Flash
Tuesday, Oct 7th - 8:00pm EST - The CW

"The CW's highly anticipated Arrow spin-off stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, a.k.a. the fastest man alive who was first introduced during Arrow's second season, when an explosion at the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator left him in a coma and he woke up with superhuman speed. More lighthearted than its parent series, The Flash is set in Central City, where Barry works as a forensic investigator and uses his special power to help fight crime. He's aided in that endeavor by Det. Joe West (Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin), a cop who also serves as Barry's surrogate father; Barry's real father (TV's original Barry Allen, and Dawson Leery's dad, John Wesley Shipp) is in prison for allegedly murdering Barry's mother. Rounding out the cast are Candice Patton as Iris, Joe's daughter and Barry's BFF; Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes as S.T.A.R. Labs scientists Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon; Rick Cosnett as Det. Eddie Thawne; and Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells."
Uh yea, I very much want to watch this. First of all, I love Grant Gustin. He was in Glee, anybody remember that? Love the guy. Also, since I'm starting to get into Arrow, I feel like this is the obvious next step.

The Mysteries Of Laura
Wednesday, Sept 17th - 10:00pm EST - NBC
"Things at NBC are about to get Messing again! This lighthearted drama brings Will & Grace and Smash actress Debra Messing back to the small screen as Laura Diamond, an NYPD homicide detective who spends her days cleaning up the streets and the rest of her time cleaning up after her rambunctious twin sons and soon-to-be ex-husband. Josh Lucas and Laz Alonso also star."
Okay, so this show premiered last night at 10:00pm EST, HOWEVER - It will now be moving to it's regular time slot of Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST starting on Sept 24th. I missed the premiere last night because I had to work, #CollegeAthletics, so I don't know what to say about this show. It sounds okay, and I mean that, it just sounds okay. I like Debra Messing though, so I might give it a try. We'll see.

Whew, that was a long one.
Thanks for sticking with me, guys. Tomorrow is the final day of TV Week!

Do you put noodles in your chili?
Where are you from?

Thanks guys, you're the greatest of the great!


  1. I really hope Bad Judge and The Mysteries of Laura don't disappoint. I miss those 2 redheads during primetime, especially Debra Messing.

  2. The Red Band Society sounds great (and I hadn't even heard of it until 2 minutes ago)! Also, another NCIS?!? That sounds awesome!

  3. Dean Thomas and the sexy guard from Orange is the New Black AND Viola Davis. This show could literally do no wrong already so let's hope the writing is good.

  4. 1. Thank you for listing these out. I've been trying to figure out what new shows I should try this year.
    2. I'm from MN, live in NJ and I've never seen anyone put noodles in chili...

  5. I had no idea Selfie was a modern day Pygmalion. That makes me more intrigued, and also less so, at the same time. No noodles in my chili, but I do add some quinoa in for some extra heartiness. And I'm from Indiana but living in North Dakota now!

  6. Wasn't there an episode of NCIS where they went to New Orleans..................Google tells me, it was Bones. Move along nothing to see here. I don't like chili of any kind, and I was born in Hawaii, but I've lived in Oklahoma most of my life. So, Oklahoma. Final answer Regis.

  7. I'm kind of really excited for Gotham. I love Batman so I hope this show is good.

  8. I am so happy or have a friend who loves tv as much as me!! Be sure to check out Mondays post on my blog it will be one!!


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