Wednesday, September 17, 2014

October 2014 TV Premieres

Hi. TV Week, Day 3! I'm still excited about this week, guys, I gotta tell ya! Again, if you aren't into TV, then please just scroll down and answer the poll at the end of this post!

For everyone else, TV time again! A little repeat of yesterday's intro - I spent some time gathering all of the October premieres that I could find and felt were relevant, except for any NEW Fall 2014 TV shows, because those will be on the blog tomorrow. I obviously don't watch every show airing right now, so for the shows I do watch, I gave you my thoughts on the previous season(s) and my thoughts for the upcoming season. For the shows I don't watch I either asked my friends who watch the show or I spent some time (a lot of time, let's be honest) browsing the internet for information.

Listed below in alphabetical order at the October premieres with their air date, time, and network. Boom.

2 Broke Girls
Monday, Oct 27th - 8:00pm EST - CBS
I used to really love this show and I honestly don't have a real reason for quitting it other than I have to keep track of too many shows and this one got lost in the shuffle. It always used to make me laugh and the idea behind the show amused me, because I can relate, because I'm also broke. Most of the articles I've read have average things to say about the show. It's not going to win any Emmy's, but it's a good watch.

American Horror Story: Freak Show
Wednesday, Oct 8th - 10:00pm EST - FX

The whole concept of AHS makes me ridiculously happy. I completely love that every season is a different "horror story" and I love Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. I loved Murder House and I loved Asylum, but I only liked Coven. I don't know what it was missing, but it felt like it was missing something and I couldn't love it the way I loved the others.
I'm really excited about this season though, because from all of the things I've read, it's totally going to freak me out, which is the point. I've also read that there might be some Nazi things going on and a few other social issues and that sounds a little like AHS is going back to its roots like Murder House and Asylum. Since I preferred those seasons, I'm definitely ready for this one. Also, I'm not afraid of clowns, but I saw a preview for AHS: Freak Show with a clown and it freaked me out.

Wednesday, Oct 8th - 8:00pm EST - The CW

I actually watched the first season of this show and loved it. First of all, Stephen Amell. Holy wow. The 2nd season was halfway over when I finished the 1st season, so I've been waiting for it to get on Netflix so I could binge watch it before the new season. The show has a good concept, which shouldn't be surprising since it was a popular comic. I also follow Colton Haynes on Instagram, because hottie, and he joins the cast in season 2 and at the moment that's reason enough for me to catch up quickly and hope on the official Arrow bandwagon.

Criminal Minds
Wednesday, Oct 1st - 9:00pm EST - CBS

I want to start by saying that I LOVE this show. But, Season 9 as a whole was kind of boring. Which is not a word you should be using to describe a show about serial killers and murderers. Season 8 ended with kind of a dud episode, so I figured they had plans to start Season 9 off with a bang. Then they attempted a 2 episode storyline that was not that surprising or exciting. That pattern pretty much continued all season. There were a few bright and shiny moments - The Garcia centered episode with her ex-boyfriend from her past (The Black Queen, episode 12), the 200th episode with a good storyline for JJ and Prentiss returned which was just the best ever (200, episode 14), and the episode with 2 feuding West Virgina families and the super creepy "villain" WHO IS STILL ALIVE (Blood Relations, episode 20). That was definitely my favorite episode of this season. It was super, super creepy, it was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (who stars in the show as Dr. Reid), and at the end of the episode the team thinks the case is solved, but the audience knows that the "villain" is still alive. So yea, I really thought this was going to come back for the finale and I was really excited.
The finale disappointed me though. Not only because they didn't bring back that particular villain, but also because it felt a lot like last season's finale. In that it just sort of ended. There isn't a cliffhanger for the next season or anything. They sort of, I think, attempted to write off a character, but sadly it was a character that I just didn't care that much about, mostly because she was Prentiss' replacement and this was only her 2nd season on the show, so I didn't really feel "moved" by the ending. Honestly I just miss Prentiss.
Next season we will be adding Jennifer Love Hewitt to the team. I have very mixed feelings about this, most of them bad. I can only picture her as J. Love in The Ghost Whisperer and I'm not sure she is right for Criminal Minds. I'll try to keep an open mind. I've also read they will be adding another team member and that we will be having a bad guy who lasts throughout most of the season. We haven't really had a good storyline like that for a while, could be good.

Thursday, Oct 30th - 10:00pm EST - CBS
I don't watch this show, but I hear good things. In fact, as I was searching articles on this show it was the "Editor's Pick" on multiple websites. That sounds pretty damn good to me.

Friday, Oct 24th - 9:00pm EST - NBC

This show is flying under the radar and that is such a shame! I love this show! You've heard of Grimm's Fairy Tales, right? Well this show uses the Grimm brothers and their fairy tales and puts their own spin on it. I honestly think this show is so underrated! I think the concept is good, the acting is mostly good, and the story lines have been good! It's heading into it's 4th season right now. The 1st season was really, really good, the 2nd season had some big bumps, but the 3rd season really worked to fix those bumps and I was very impressed. I'm very, very much looking forward to the new season and I really recommend checking this show out. Also, it's set in Portland and they film it there too and it looks absolutely amazing!

Sunday, Oct 5th - 9:00pm EST - Showtime
I don't watch this show, but it is apparently the "it" show right now. Every review I read spoke incredibly highly of the show and from what I've seen people are really anticipating the new season. I almost feel like I need to watch it now so I can be a part of the "in crowd".

Thursday, Oct 2nd - 9:00pm EST - The CW
I don't watch this show either and I honestly don't think it is a show I would like. Having said that, it's heading into its 2nd season and it was an "Editor's Pick" on, so that must mean something good. It is a period piece, set in the 1550's, which is why it's not really my thing, but if you like historical shows then I'm getting the impression that you'd love this one.

Tuesday, Oct 7th - 9:00pm EST - The CW

I feel like I can talk pretty freely about this show because most of my readers don't watch it. I understand, it's definitely a "cult" type show and I wouldn't have ever watched it if my aunt hadn't practically forced me to a little over a year ago. I started on Netflix and by Season 1 Episode 2, I was totally and completely hooked. I love it. It's about SO. MUCH. MORE than demons and angels and supernatural things. Needless to say, I have a lot of opinions about this show. So let's talk Season 9 as a whole and then the finale.
Season 9 had its far share of ups and downs. Some storylines that worked out (mark of cain) and some that definitely didn't (abbadon). While I was watching the season I personally hated so much of where they were taking the characters, because this is a show where you get very, very attached to the characters, but when we got down to the last few episodes of the season, I had time to reflect and change my opinion. Mostly because it turns out that unlike most of my tv shows, the writers had a plan. So from episode 1 of this season there was a plan and they started laying groundwork for the plan. Even better, the plan involved the previous 8 seasons. I love that, so much. It is so nice and refreshing to watch a tv show where I can trust the writers not to screw their own show up. Turns out, the Supernatural writers actually like their show, a lot, and write accordingly. Yay you!
Let's talk the finale.. Supernatural finally went there. The finale was everything I wanted it to be. The places they could take this storyline have got me so, SO excited and I seriously can't wait for Season 10. I've watched several interviews with the main actors recently and you can just tell that they are so excited about this season and that makes the viewer excited! I feel like maybe someone has blown a breathe of fresh air into the show and for a show about to hit its 200th episode, that's huge!

The Originals
Monday, Oct 6th - 8:00pm EST - The CW
Man, this Vampire Diaries spinoff has gone above and beyond my expectations. It really took a poor backdoor episode and made it into something great. It had it's occasional bumps, but unlike TVD lately, it corrected its bumps quickly. This show did good things and the acting in this show is just fantastic. The writers really got lucky to have such great actors on this show. I'm also loving all of the flashbacks we get. The Originals as a family have so dang much history, obviously, and I feel like we've still just begun to touch on some of it and it's awesome. I also love the relationships between the different characters, particularly Klaus and Marcel. It's so complicated and juicy and so good for storytelling. Also Haley and Elijah for life. But most importantly Klaus and Elijah for always and forever.
The finale was a fabulous cap on a great season. Bringing Rebekah back was just.. everything. Even though I suspected that it was going to happen, it didn't ruin that moment for me at all. The baby was finally born after an entire season revolving around the darn thing. I like how that was wrapped up. I also LOVE the small cliffhanger they left us with. Such potential! I'm excited for the new season and according to the internet, I'm not alone!

The Vampire Diaries
Thursday, Oct 2nd - 8:00pm EST - The CW

I have very few good things to say about most Season 5. From the beginning, it was a disaster and just barely corrected itself. First we had Silas as the villain, which I've already mentioned I hated, then we had the Whitmore College situation, which totally bombed, then we had Katherine as the villain again and that was short-lived and really obnoxious for the 89th time, oh and then we had the Travelers. The travelers, much like the rest of the villains this season had a LOT of potential to be great, but now they're gone too? Honestly, that's my biggest problem with the show - SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but they just don't quite get there. There were a few highlights, specifically when the gang was sitting around taking shots talking about how awful Katherine is while she was on her deathbed. Also when Katherine went around the room and told everyone in the gang how she "made their life better". Classic moments and I loved them. Also, I totally ship the Stefan and Caroline romance, so hard. Also, the show needs more of Matt and more of Jeremy. Stat.
The finale was pretty much like the rest of the season for me. I'll admit that I didn't even watch the finale live because I was several episodes behind because I was not into TVD this season. So when I did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nina Dobrev rocks my socks off. When she had her goodbye scene with Damon (sorta) and was sobbing.. I almost started sobbing too. Beautiful acting, as usual.
Honestly, I feel like the finale did a lot of things that the rest of the season couldn't do. I really didn't think I'd be excited for the new season but it turns out, I kind of am. They made some HUGE changes in the last episode and left some pretty big questions unanswered, I hope they can make something of all of that.

The Walking Dead
Sunday, Oct 12th - 9:00pm EST - AMC
Again, I had a love/hate thing going on with The Walking Dead last season. I didn't love that we spent 2 whole episodes on the Governor, especially since in the end we still decided he was a douche, so what was the point? Also, and I know I'm not alone in this, the whole 2nd half of the season when we followed only a few characters each episode because they were all split up. I definitely liked getting a little more background on some of the characters and I liked the concept of splitting up the group, however, it made for several mostly boring episodes in a row. I'm willing to forgive and forget though, because the gangs all back together now! Well, minus Darrell, which is a big no-no, but I have a lot of faith that the fan-favorite is going to find his way back into the show very soon.

Two and a Half Men
Thursday, Oct 30th - 9:00pm EST - CBS
Honestly, this show needs to be cancelled now. And that's how I feel about that.

There you have it! The October premieres! Here are the September premieres, in case you missed them yesterday!
Tomorrow I'll be talking about the NEW shows coming this September and October! - POSTED HERE!

Do you put noodles in you chili?
Also, let me know where you're from!
Thank you to everyone who has already answered! I've noticed some of you have some very strong opinions on this question! ;)


  1. Yes to The Originals! Honestly I love it more than TVD. Vampire Diaries just the finale just left me empty...I need answers!

  2. I love Grimm!!! It is one of my favorite shows to watch and I agree, it is so underrated!!!

    The Originals and Vampire Diaries are both shows I love as well, and feel the same way you do about working out some of the bumps. The Originals is outshining TVD I think!

  3. I can't wait for the shows I watch to start! American Horror story has to be my favorite with The Originals a super close second. The Vampire Diaries used to be a favorite of mine but I agree with you about last season. It just sucked but I refuse to give up on it. Reign and Supernatural are some of my faves too. I guess I watch a lot of CW shows. Is that bad? I'm a little sad Two and a Half Men will be ending after this season it used to be such a great show and now it's going out on a low note. I'll still watch it though.

  4. AHS, yasssss. Also Criminal Minds *heart eyed emoji*

  5. I love LOVE love every Criminal Minds episode that Gubler directs. I really just love him + his character to bits.

  6. I wish I could watch Supernatural with you!!! I have nobody to watch it with here :(

    Also, could I start watching AHS: Freak Show without having seen any of the other seasons? Are they all separate or am I going to be confused? Because this one looks super interesting, but I'm willing to watch the other ones first if I have to.

  7. I love those Criminal Minds cast photos- it makes me so happy when actors are actually friends! Also, agreed season 9 was boring and Jennifer Love Hewitt is not my top choice I hope this isn't the beginning of the end! Maybe it's becoming a little tired like Grey's?!?!? Though, that would be so sad I'm ready to let go of Grey's but not Criminal Minds!

  8. I love The Originals! It's so much better than the TVD series right now. And I'm hoping that the TVD series either gets it together or finishes this year. Last year was just shameful!

  9. I am SO excited for AHS. Murder House is still my favorite but I think that Freak Show may give it a run for it's money especially since there will be creepy clowns in it - I hate clowns too! Eeek!

    Mandie ~

  10. I 100% agree about Grimm. It's WAY underrated. It's easily one of my most favorite shows on TV now. I'm ridiculously excited for it to come back! Oh, and I just found out that a blogger (Chelsea from the New Wifestyle) lives in the same building as one of the Grimm producers. Crazy!!


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