Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Right Now I'm…

Reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Actually, I finished my #HPsummerReRead last night, but I'm going to read the last few chapters again. I love the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort! I'll never tire of reading this series.

Cooking a broccoli stir fry that I'm now obsessed with adding water chestnuts into. Those little things are delicious! I love their little crunch! Also, stir fry is the quickest dinner ever because it requires very little effort and hardly any prep work. Easy and quick are my 2 best friends right now.

Wishing I could watch Sportscenter at the gym in the mornings while I'm hating my life on the treadmill without having to see Johnny Manziel. You would think that he is the ONLY football player in America right now. Although, I have been referring to him as "Johnny JamBoogie" now and that amuses me.

Announcing that I'm back on my #100ouncesAday water intake! I totally slacked off on this all summer long and I can absolutely tell. I think drinking a shit ton more water will fix some of my other issues at the moment. Water is like a cure-all, I tell ya.

Gossiping about my neighbor. I spent some significant time being a total creeper on Sunday night because I had my window open and I could hear arguing and crying outside. It was like an episode of The Real World outside of my apartment and I watched the whole thing play out. On one hand I feel like a creep because I stood at my window for 25 minutes, but on the other hand I feel like maybe you shouldn't have had a loud argument outside of my apartment window if you wanted to keep it private?

Giving a 50% off discount for my sponsorships right now through the end of the week! CELEBRATION50 is the code you'll need! Read here for more details! Also, if you've sponsored me before, shoot me an email, you get something extra special!

Wondering if anyone wanted to do Fantasy Football league with me? I know Sarah had set a bunch up for bloggers, but there were limited spaces (obviously) and I just so happened to not be on the internet that day, so I missed out on blogger Fantasy Football fun! I'm kind of wondering if anyone else missed out too? And if anyone wanted to do like a $10 buy-in, winner take all league. We could draft this week, I'm leaning towards Wednesday? COMMENT if you want to!


  1. Love that Harry potter image. Love love love. And hello mr. Gosling forever and ever. Your neighbors were basically asking for an audience.

  2. Oh gosh apartment living!! We'd practically sit with popcorn every night waiting for the insanity to ensue when we lived in GA! It's so annoying and yet SO entertaining all at once :)

  3. I looooove water chestnuts too, they seriously add the PERFECT crunch to a meal! :) NOM!! And I'm so with you on stupid Manziel too... I hate the media's obsession with a guy who hasn't played a single second of real NFL yet! MY GOSH!!

  4. I would totally join a fantasy draft - all depending on the time of the draft, since I'm an old lady who's in bed by 8:30pm :)

  5. Can't lie I would be a total creeper too and do the same thing.

    Also, need this stir fry recipe!

  6. I think if people want to let their arguments be heard by outsiders than they need to know we are entitled to conveniently be aware of their lives... lmao

  7. I want in on the draft!! I missed out too :( Also if we need more people my boyfriend would happily join :) Let me know.

  8. I want to!! How? What do I need to do??


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