Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Goals

Remember back in the day when I used to make monthly goal lists at the beginning of the month? Yea, I don't remember either.

The last time I made a list was in June and in that post I said I was going to try a few different things and basically change the way I complete (or don't complete) my monthly goal lists. All good in theory. The problem was that I had a lot going on this summer and I didn't keep up with my goal lists. Also, other things.

In June I talked about not making attainable goals. For instance, I'm in a very committed relationship with my snooze button and it is something I know I really, really need to work on. However, one month I made one of my goals to not use my snooze button at all for the entire month. That was never going to happen. I failed before I even started. This same situation happened a lot with my workout goals too. I'm losing and gaining the same 5-10lbs over and over and over again.

To be honest with you, I haven't figured out how I'm going to keep myself motivated this month yet. Add that to my goal list - Figure out how to keep myself motivated. Anyway, I did make a September goal list on Monday and here it is!

Be Spontaneous
Pay it forward
Organize email inbox - a constant work in progress
Practice my calligraphy at least twice this month
Fall cleaning of my apartment - priority
Make it to the gym at least 3x a week - aim low
Go on a long walk at least once a week - aim low
No pressing snooze longer than 20 min.
Read 1 book - minimum.
Prepare for Part 1
Schedule Part 1
Clean my car
Get my hair cut - and my eyebrows, oh man my eyebrows are rough!

That's all for now! Anyone else making goals? I saw a ton of goal posts yesterday! I love it!


  1. Great goals! I read "snooze" as "sneeze" at first and was like...whaaaaa?

  2. haha! My goal is to keep trying at making goals....! apparently I am awesome at that goal :) i love your honesty...'aim low' haha that cracked me up! my snooze button and i are such good friends - would be a shame to part i say :D
    you have some lovely goals on there though! you can do it!

  3. "No pressing snooze longer than 20 min." <--- I need to make that a goal as well! haha!


  4. fall cleaning of everything! I'm right there with ya. You can do it!!

  5. These are some great goals & ones that could easily be reached. I too need to stop hitting the snooze button & get my butt outta bed. I should probably start taking my youngest to the bus stop so have no choice but to get my butt outta bed. Ha!

    Mandie ~

  6. I love goals lists! Even if I fail at every single one, most of the time I TRIED at every single one, ya know?! :) Our house needs a good fall cleaning as well- that'll be included in my goals post tomorrow!!


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