Monday, September 22, 2014

That Time I…

Last week I put so much work into my blog posts that today I'm not sure what to do today. I feel like this gif.

So, let's just talk today. I feel like I need to catch you guys up on my life because I spent a week just forcing you guys to love my TV shows. Did I mention how much I loved last week though? Seriously, I need to find a way to get paid to watch and review TV shows. I'd have a perma-grin.

That time I was super obnoxious and force fed you old blog posts.
Yea, I'm going to link my blog posts from last week again, because I loved them. I mean, I bookmarked my own blog posts, so I'm either super vain or they're super legit. It's really quite the toss up. Regardless, here they are again:
Monday - Pretty Little Lying Bitches
Tuesday - So many September premieres! Lots happening this week!
Wednesday - October premieres and I'm freaking out waiting on some of these shows!
Thursday - The newbies! Fall's new shows! Lots of potential in the ranks this year.
Friday - NETFLIX BINGE-ABLE SHOWS. Guys, seriously. Some of these are on my actual, real life, list. Because of course I have an actual list of shows I want to watch.

That time I got angry at a small town festival parade.
I went to two different small town fall festivals this weekend. I made chit chat with adults I haven't seen since last year's festivals, I watched high schooler's sing and dance on the same stage I sang and danced on in my day, I avoided as many people that I went to high school with as possible, I smelled a 1,000 homemade candles, I bought a fake Michael Kors wallet, and most importantly, I had a banana and red raspberry snow cone.

But I also went to the parade with my dad and my grandparents, because we're obsessed with people watching. We all wear sunglasses so we can people watch without being too obvious. Honestly, we have the whole situation down to a science. If you've never been to a parade, let's me school you for a second - It is parade etiquette and just down right respectful to stand when the color guard passes at the beginning of the parade with the American flag. AKA - get your ass out of your chair and stand up. My blood pressure soared when I noticed how many people were still sitting. Grrrrr.

That time I missed Vegas.
I watched all of the Ocean movies this weekend. Ocean's Eleven was on TV late Friday night. Ocean's Twelve was on TV on Saturday morning. Ocean's Thirteen was on TV on Sunday afternoon. I watched them all. All of them. I love those movies and I have for a long time, but can I just say that watching them now, after having been to Vegas, I love them so much more. Every time they showed something that I recognized or the hotels I went to, I got excited. I want to go back already. My sister agrees. My parents have created monsters.

That time I woke up at 6am on a Sunday morning.
Not really sure how it happened, but I woke up and oddly couldn't fall back asleep. I stayed in bed for a half hour trying to force myself to fall back asleep, but just couldn't. I ended up going to the couch and watching A Cinderella Story, because I love Chad Michael Murray. Then after it was over, Another Cinderella Story started, with Selena Gomez. I had never seen it, so I kinda just started half watching it and then when it was time for me to get ready, I DVR'd the rest of it so I could watch it later. Turns out, I love teeny bopper movies, a lot. I refuse to become a boring adult.

That time I realized I have too much alcohol in my apartment.
So, after the parade on Saturday, I went to a Harvest Wine Festival. So I actually attended 3 festivals this weekend. Anyway, we did a little wine tasting and listened to some of the live bands, but then we noticed they had bottles on sale. So I bought 2. Then I got home and noticed that huh.. I have a lot of alcohol going on at the moment.

In my defense, a lot of that liquor I have because I had bought it to mix in jello shots or other drinks I've made in the past, so I just haven't finished the bottles. I have a lot of wine, because some of them were gifts, some of them are for last minute gifts, and sometimes I just buy a bottle when I go to the store. Because I live in Indiana and you can't buy alcohol on Sundays, so you stock up the other 6 days a week. Ya dig?

That time I spent hours going through my phone so I could download iOS8.
Listen, it says it needs like 4.6GB to download. I have 1.1GB available. Screw you, iPhone. So I'm deleting approximately 600 photos/videos, deleting all of my music, and deleting all of my apps, so I can download this POS update. Then I'm going to have to take the time to redownload my apps. I'm so annoyed. But I did find lots of things on my phone I had forgotten about. Like a video of the waves from NSB, that I watched 3,239 times yesterday and also these pictures of my sister and I.

Obviously, she's adopted and we look nothing alike and we definitely aren't similar when we're drinking, at all.

That's all I'm going to leave you with today. I'd hate to bombard you with too much on a Monday.
Catch ya on the flip side!


  1. somehow I haven't been selected for the iOS 8 upgrade + I'm not complaining, but my roommate has + her phone won't let her take any pictures [even though she's deleted TONS] because it's already taking up so much memory without her even downloading it. super passive aggressive there, apple guys!

  2. but really, is there ever such a thing as too much alcohol...?

  3. Having the same fun time with iOS 8- I'm 2 gb of deleting from it... and it's the music and photos that really hit you hard!! ugh, I will get there, I will get there!

  4. In reagards to iOS8 - update via iTunes and you shouldn't have to delete anything. It compresses the file before installing it. The reason you need so much room on your phone is because it downloads the big file, compresses, then installs. You need room for that big file. I did mine via iTunes no problems, no deleting.

  5. people watching will always be my favorite sport activity

  6. Mix that whipped pinnacle vodka with Diet Coke. DO IT. Or put it in a mimosa. Your choice.

  7. Woah woah you have to redownload all our apps??? I am not updating!!

  8. It's waaaay too much of a pain to sit there and delete photos. The trick is to just drop them on your computer (or ever better - an external hard drive!) and then your computer will give you the option to "delete all." BAM, clean phone. :)

  9. Ok so I just stumbled upon your blog and I can't help but tell you that your teeth are AMAZING...Random?? I know! But seriously! How on earth are they so straight and pearly white!! I think they deserve a post all of their own! :/ Hahaha ok maybe not a whole post, I think that might be a little weird... Maybe a post about how you keep them so white?? For real though :D
    Simone :)

  10. I didn't have to delete anything. But I downloaded via iTunes on my Mac.


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